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[The Source Podcast] VMworld 2017 State of the Union with Chad

first_imgVMworld 2017 Keynote Day 2 was loaded with “Pivotal” announcements, from Pivotal Container Services (PKS) to VMware on Amazon Web Services. What does it all mean? I spent some time with “Chad” @Sakacc following his annual, and much anticipated, State of the Union Breakout Session.Like last year, this episode is a bit longer than normal. It includes Chad’s full breakout session “State of the Union:Everything multi-cloud, converged, hyper-converged and more!”The Source Podcast: Episode #100: VMworld 2017: State of the Union with ChadAudio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.If you’re looking for more detail, look no further than the Virtual Geek Blog. Here are some direct links to VMworld 2017 content – Thanks for listening.VMworld 2017 XtremIO-X2 The Best Clean Sheet AFA Gets BetterVMworld 2017 Re-inventing Data Protection for VMwareVMworld 2017 Pivotal Container Services PKSVMworld 2017 Continued Advances in hybrid cloud NHCVMworld 2017 Continued Advances in hybrid cloud EHCVMworld 2017 Continued Advances in hybrid clouds lessons learntVMworld 2017 Thoughts on VMware cloud on AWSVMworld 2017 Making DIY HCI Easier vSan READY NodesVMworld 2017 Vxrack SDDC 2.0 and VMware Cloud FoundationVMworld 2017 Vxrail The Best HCI Appliance for VMware gets even betterDon’t miss “Dell EMC The Source” app in the App Store. Be sure to subscribe to Dell EMC The Source Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play and visit the official blog at thesourceblog.emc.comDell EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted by Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)last_img read more

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Unlocking Data Insights with PowerEdge and Microsoft SQL Server

first_imgUnderstanding how to uncover insights and drive value from data can give your organization a distinct competitive advantage. This can be complicated since the IT landscape is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to data management and analytics. In a recently published report, ESG surveyed IT decision makers and “nearly two-thirds (64%) said they believe IT is more complex now compared with two years ago; and another 17% said it is significantly more complex.”Organizations can navigate these complexities by focusing on unlocking data insights and bolstering their security posture to protect data.Unlocking Data Insights One of the biggest advancements in database technology came with the introduction of SQL Server 2019 and its new data analytics capabilities. Using R and Python, SQL’s Machine Learning Services can analyze data across multiple disparate data sources, not just the data contained within the SQL database. SQL is no longer just a database, it is the engine that will collect and analyze data – wherever that data lives and in whatever form – structured or unstructured. This eliminates the time and expense associated with data ingestion providing quicker insights to inform business decisions.Also key is SQL 2019’s platform compatibility. For the first time, there is full feature parity with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Kubernetes. A Linux shop can get the full benefit of SQL without having to refactor to Windows.The reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services, along with the included Power BI Report Server, produce powerful reports that take ones and zeros and provide real information. The translation of data into knowledge gives business an edge.In order to make the most of these cutting-edge capabilities, it is worth taking a look at the hardware that houses the data estate. When time is of the essence, it is important to be able to process this data efficiently, with little to no latency. That is one of the ways PowerEdge servers with Intel® Optane™ persistent memory can add value to the SQL server environment. Optane persistent memory enables transactions to be performed directly on the memory bus, eliminating the extra time needed for data to transfer between the storage module to the processor. In simpler terms, having the option of storage available in a memory slot gives data quick access to the “brains” of the server. Consider this, a Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd server using Intel® Optane™ persistent memory delivered 2.2 times the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 performance of a two-NVMe drive configuration and improved performance even more significantly over SATA SSDs—delivering 11.3 times the transactions per minute.¹SQL is Synonymous with SecurityProtecting the data that is the foundation of business is top of mind. In fact, ESG reports that organizations are fighting the battle on two fronts: “40% of respondents identified the need to strengthen their cyber security position, but nearly half (44%) also cite chronic skill shortages in the area of cybersecurity.”Fortunately, SQL is widely recognized as a secure data platform. It is designed with a number of security and compliance features, including the ability to encrypt sensitive data. It is important to know that security patches for SQL 2008 ended in July 2019 and SQL 2012 mainstream service life ended October 2018. Given these recent end of support dates and benefits, now is the optimal time to consider migrating to SQL Server 2019.Protecting data infrastructure starts at the hardware level. PowerEdge servers are built with integrated security features such as the “always-on” iDRAC, which can provide system monitoring and alerts. Security features are built directly into the firmware to help block malicious attacks, detect deviant activity, and restore critical operations when necessary.Additionally, Dell Technologies OpenManage systems management solutions can help simplify, automate, and optimize IT operations. For example, OpenManage Integrations for Microsoft System Center and Windows Admin Center enables visibility and control of hardware infrastructure, operating system, virtual machines, and containers.Simplifying the Data Management LandscapeDell Technologies and Microsoft have partnered for over 35 years. During that time, Dell has received numerous global competencies and over 50 Microsoft “Partner of the Year” awards. This long-standing relationship makes Dell Technologies the ideal infrastructure partner as we offer a broad suite of products to support Microsoft platforms.Choosing to implement new software does not have to be complicated. Eliminate the need to manage multiple purchase orders or vendors with a PowerEdge and SQL 2019 OEM solution. Customers who choose to purchase SQL with their PowerEdge servers will be able to easily install the software on their PowerEdge platform.Learn more about how PowerEdge servers can be the foundation for an all-in-one database solution with SQL 2019. Read the full ESG study, or join the conversation @DellEMCServers._______________________¹Based on Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell EMC, “Watch your transactional database performance climb with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory. Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd servers with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory handled more transactions per minute than configurations with NAND flash NVMe drives or SATA SSDs,” November 2019, comparing a Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd with Optane™ DC Memory to the same system with SSDs and NVMe drives. Actual result will vary.last_img read more

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With quarantines almost over, tennis set to start Down Under

first_imgA coronavirus-enforced quarantine period is coming to end for the world’s elite tennis players. That will mean most will go from two of the quietest weeks of their lives in Australia to three of the busiest. It was a controversial start to the government-mandated quarantine ahead of the Australian Open. Some players complained bitterly after being forced into hard lockdown because passengers on their charter flights to Melbourne tested positive for the virus. A letter from Novak Djokovic to tournament officials seeking leniency for those players sparked a public backlash. The 14-day quarantine for most players will end late this week.last_img read more

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Indonesia, Malaysia urge ASEAN to hold talks on Myanmar coup

first_imgJAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — The leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia have expressed concern about Myanmar’s military coup and asked the foreign ministers of Southeast Asia countries to hold a special meeting to discuss the issue to maintain political stability in the region. Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says the coup was a step backward in Myanmar’s democratic transition and could cause regional instability. He and Indonesian President Joko Widodo said after meeting in Jakarta that they are also concerned about ethnic Rohingya Muslims who have fled from Buddhist-majority Myanmar to Bangladesh.last_img read more

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Museum unveils Knute Rockne exhibit

first_imgFans of Notre Dame football may be surprised to learn legendary coach Knute Rockne’s professional life extended well beyond the game he helped define. The South Bend Studebaker Museum recently opened the exhibit “Knute Rockne: The Rest of the Story,” detailing Rockne’s involvement with the automobile manufacturer Studebaker from 1928 until his death in 1931. Museum archivist Andrew Beckman said the exhibit highlights Rockne’s role as a motivational speaker and celebrity spokesman for Studebaker, working during the football offseason so as not to interfere with his coaching duties. Beckman said the exhibit celebrates the 125th anniversary of Notre Dame football by acquainting people with an interesting, yet lesser-known aspect of the University’s past. “We thought this would be a great opportunity to reintroduce people to a part of Studebaker and Notre Dame history they may not have been aware of before,” he said.   Rockne was Studebaker’s prized spokesman, he said, using him in advertising campaigns and as a representative at sales and industry meetings across the country. The exhibit features old photographs from these sales meetings, as well as other advertising memorabilia. “Studebaker would use Rockne in their promotions, in [public relations] photos, so we have a number of those from the late ’20s, including ones showing Rockne with his players hunched around a Studebaker,” Beckman said. The exhibit also contains one of the “Rockne” line of automobiles Studebaker produced for two years after Rockne’s death in 1931. “Very few people are aware there was an automobile named after the coach, so we have an actual 1933 Rockne five-window coupe as part of the exhibit,” Beckman said. Based on past success with Rockne-themed exhibits, Beckman said he expects a tremendous response for the museum’s current offering.  He said most of this successncould be attributed to widespread curiosity about Knute Rockne’s life. “Every time we do something regarding Rockne, the response is usually surprise followed by fascination,” Beckman said. “That’s what we have traditionally observed.” Beckman said he hopes people visiting South Bend for Notre Dame football weekends will continue their support of the Studebaker Museum. “We try and get as many people down here before the football game starts as we can,” Beckman said. “We’ve traditionally been very busy on game Saturdays, so we anticipate that carrying through this year.” Contact Dan Brombach at dbrombac@nd.edulast_img read more

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Championship lottery opens to students

first_imgThe Notre Dame Athletic Ticket Office sent an email to the student body Sunday night detailing the process for entering the ticket lottery for the Notre Dame vs. Alabama BCS National Championship Bowl Game in Miami, Fla., scheduled for Jan. 7. 2,500 tickets will be randomly allocated to eligible full-time undergraduate, graduate and professional students at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College, according to the webpage linked in the email. Students may enter the ticket lottery for a single ticket and must pay the $150 student price as well as a $20 service fee upon entry. Unsuccessful applicants will be reimbursed the ticket price but will not be refunded the service fee. This student ticket rate comes at a steep discount to regular tickets with a face value of $300. The email attributed the lowered price to an anonymous donation. “Due to the overwhelming generosity of a concerned alumnus, student tickets for the BCS Championship will be half-price, $150 each,” the email stated. Unlike other away game student ticket lotteries, tickets will only be redeemable by the winning students and may not be used by others, including other Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s students. “Tickets are non-transferrable and may only be used by the winning student,” the email stated. “The winning student must present their valid ND/SMC student ID at the pickup location beginning approximately 36 hours prior to kickoff.” There is no grouping process available and seating will be assigned at random. Unlike the faculty and alumni lotteries, there is no weighting in the student lottery and all entrants stand an equal chance of attaining tickets.last_img read more

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ND alumni included in ‘Best American Essays’

first_imgThe editors of the 2013 “Best American Essays” collection, an annual anthology showcasing exceptional essays by American authors, recognized works by three contributors to “Notre Dame Magazine” in this year’s installment. “His Last Game,” by Brian Doyle, editor of the University of Portland’s “Portland Magazine” and a 1978 Notre Dame alumnus, will appear in the newest volume of “The Best American Essays.” “Wintry Rooms of Love,” by Mel Livatino, a longtime writer, and “My Life in Clothes,” by Kerry Temple, editor of “Notre Dame Magazine” and a 1974 alumnus, will be included in the “Notable Essays” list. Doyle said “His Last Game” depicts two brothers playing a game of pickup basketball and going on a drive through familiar neighborhoods. “[The essay was written] to connect, to tell a story that sings of my brother and all brothers and grace and courage and hoops and pain and laughter and attentiveness and love and loss,” Doyle said. Doyle said he was shocked the selection committee chose his essay for the collection. “You want to be read, you want to connect, you want to startle hearts, and I think the essay is the coolest most direct, naked and honest form, the one closest to the speaking voice, closest to how we think inside,” Doyle said. As a student at Notre Dame, Doyle said he studied English and enjoyed hearing and sharing stories.”I had to read lots of voices and sorts and styles of tale-telling and not just reportage,” Doyle said. “I also loved history and theater as forms of storytelling. English is a great major in that it is really story-catching and story-sharing.” Doyle said he was not surprised two additional essays from “Notre Dame Magazine” were recognized in “The Best American Essays.” “‘Notre Dame Magazine’ is not only one of the 10 best in the nation every year, but it has superb writing,” Doyle said. “Kerry Temple is a very fine editor, indeed. I sometimes wonder if Notre Dame appreciates him as much as the rest of the world does.” Temple said for more than 30 years, he has been deeply involved in the creative process of “Notre Dame Magazine,” reading, writing and reviewing the work of artistic, contemplative and brilliant minds concerning subjects from spirituality to scientific breakthroughs. “Our subject matter is as wide-ranging as the conversations found on a college campus, at a university that cares about the great questions of the day,” Temple said. “That’s one of the best aspects of ‘Notre Dame Magazine,’ of working here. And when we take on those questions, we reflect Notre Dame’s guiding lights – the moral, ethical, spiritual dimensions of all issues.” Temple said his essay, “My Life in Clothes,” explores how clothing can define people, for better or for worse. He said knowing a reader has appreciated his work is comforting. “It’s always great to get the affirmation, especially in that venue,” Temple said. “It’s the 10th time something I’ve done has been cited among the ‘Notable Essays,’ and this was especially fun because it was an offbeat topic.” Livatino said he is also happy to have his essays recognized, as he views each essay as an adventure with an unknown payoff, not the least of which is the writing process itself. Livatino’s essay, “Wintry Rooms of Love” explores the hard-hitting tragedy of losing parents and other loved ones to death while embracing the love that brings ‘summer’ to counteract the cold feelings of ‘winter.’ It was Livatino’s first essay to be included in “Notre Dame Magazine,” he said. Livatino said the process of writing is  steeped in emotion and centered in communicating life’s important messages. “I don’t really set goals when I write,” he said. “I catch a sight of something out of the corner of my eye, something that intrigues me and that I really want to see fully, and then I begin writing. That initial shiver of emotion pulls me in.” Doyle said stories have a powerful, communal dimensiot. “The best stories are not about you. They are about us,” he said. “Ask people about their joys and pain and grace and listen carefully to their stories. Stories are food. Stories are holy.” Contact Charlie Ducey at cducey@nd.edulast_img read more

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Saint Mary’s appoints vice president for strategy and finance

first_imgInterim College President Nancy Nekvasil announced Dana Strait as the new vice president for strategy and finance in a press release Tuesday. Strait will assume her position March 4.“Strait is dedicated to our mission of empowering women through an education of the mind and the heart,” Nekvasil said in the release. “I am excited to have her join Saint Mary’s and know that her expertise will help us bolster and broaden our investments in our students and campus with compassion, strength and purpose.”Currently the principal of corporate strategy and new product development at the Education Advisory Board, Strait has researched the “affordability and enrollment trends at U.S. colleges and universities, including sustainable strategies for revenue growth,” as stated in the release.She has utilized this knowledge to provide guidance “for advancing college access, financial sustainability and student success” at hundreds of universities throughout the U.S., the release said.“I could not be more grateful to be welcomed into the Saint Mary’s College community, to work together with President Nekvasil and her cabinet to meet and exceed the many goals before us,” Strait said in the release. “It only took a few minutes on campus to discover that this is a very special place, with an outstanding faculty, a robust history and deeply invested students and graduates. Together, I have no doubt that we will see increased growth and opportunity for both the college and for the mission it serves.”Strait attended Whitworth University, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Music, and later attended Northwestern University to receive a Ph.D. in neuroscience.Tags: Dana Strait, Nancy Nekvasil, Vice president for strategy and financelast_img read more

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‘Non-consensual sexual contact’ incident reported on Eddy Street

first_imgThe Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD) announced in an email to the campus community Wednesday a report of “non-consensual sexual contact.” The alleged incident took place on Eddy Street Commons outside of Brothers Bar & Grill early Sunday morning, according to the email.The reported incident involved a male, who has not yet been identified, “inappropriately and non-consensually touching” a female student. The male is thought to be of student age and was described as “a white male with sandy blonde hair, no facial hair, blue eyes, 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a slender build,” according to the email.The email said the victim reported the assailant had an Australian accent, but it is not clear if it was genuine. He also reportedly approached several other women in the area around the time of the incident.The NDPD has been in touch with the Saint Joseph County Special Victims Unit regarding the incident. Any individuals with information are encouraged to report it to the Saint Joseph County Special Victims Unit.Information about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault are available online from NDPD and the Title IX office.Tags: Eddy Street Commons, NDPD, Non-consensual sexual contact, St. Joseph County Police Department, Title IXlast_img read more

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Off-Broadway’s Making an Offer You Can’t Refuse! Tickets Now Available for Philosophy for Gangsters

first_img The most wanted cast features Courtney Romano, Tom White, David Demato, Tally Sessions, Bruno Iannone, Shabazz Green, Kyle Robert Carter and Leajato Amara Robinson. Mafia heiress Callie Rizzoli has a lot on her plate. A street gang is fighting to take over her territory. She wants to make someone pay for her parents’ deaths. To top it off, she and the philosopher she’s kidnapped are lifted to top slot on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Philosophy for Gangsters is a clever, provocative comedy about ideas and messy deaths. Philosophy For Gangsters Related Shows View Comments Think ABC’s Revenge meets The Godfather, with a splash of comedy! Tickets are now on sale for the off-Broadway mobster comedy Philosophy for Gangsters. Written and directed by Barry and Reparta Peak, performances begin January 31 and the show will play through March 1. Opening night is set for February 4. Show Closed This production ended its run on March 1, 2014last_img read more