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Neurons rely on their own electrical signals to keep track of normal

first_img Source: Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)May 10 2019Nerve cells, or neurons — specifically the “workhorse cells” involved in walking, breathing and chewing — can adjust to changes in the body, but they never stop working unless there is an fatal injury. What exactly signals neurons to keep acting and operating normally has not been known until now. In a new study, scientists at the University of Missouri have discovered that a neuron’s own electrical signal, or voltage, can indicate whether the neuron is functioning normally. If that voltage is absent, scientists say everything is “out of whack.””Our bodies have no central control system to tell individual neurons they are functioning normally, and so the neurons rely on their own electrical signals to keep track,” said David Schulz, a professor of biological sciences in the MU College of Arts and Science. “Without that electrical signal, the cell can’t tell if it is on the right track, and this can lead to changes that ultimately cause problems such as spasms and seizures. For people that have various neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and spinal cord injuries, this discovery could affect how they are treated to help reduce or eliminate such symptoms.”Related StoriesNon-invasive vagus nerve stimulation improves disease symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritisEndogenous retrovirus type W found to be a major contributor to nerve damage in MSIntegrator complex proteins are crucial for healthy brain development in fruit flies, study findsThe study built on previous research by Schulz’s lab and involved examining neurons in crabs. Researchers completely shut down a crab’s nervous system and isolated neurons from their normal connections, activity and chemical environment. Then, they artificially augmented the neurons’ reality.”We fooled these isolated neurons into thinking they were acting normally by using a computer driven process to produce their normal electrical signal,” Schulz said. “When we did this, there were very few changes in these cells, demonstrating that the cells thought it was ‘business as usual.’ It’s like providing an artificial generator when the power goes out while you are waiting for the power to be restored.”The findings could inform future studies in people with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. While there is no cure yet for spinal cord injuries, researchers say this discovery could provide doctors with a way to trick neurons into thinking the body is still functioning normally. This would allow some level of normal nerve function to occur following the injury, and the affected nerves could re-join the healthy nerves above the injury.last_img read more

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International Menstrual hygiene day observed on 28th May 2019

first_imgThe WHO has developed the Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) as a global platform that can bring together governments, private sectors and not-for-profit organizations and charities to promote the concept of “Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)”. The main aim of this movement is to bring forth the voices of the women and girls and build awareness regarding good menstrual hygiene practice. The WHO says on its website, “MH Day also creates opportunities for advocacy for the integration of MHM into global, national and local policies, programmes and projects.” Last year the theme for MH day was “#NoMoreLimits – Empowering Women and Girls Through Good Menstrual Hygiene”.The WHO website speaks about the girls belonging to low and middle income countries saying that their knowledge, attitude and behaviours regarding menstruation is inadequate. Their review produced 3 key outcomes. These were that “Substantial numbers of girls in many countries have knowledge gaps and misconceptions about menstruation. This leaves them unprepared when they reach menarche and causes fear and anxiety.” In addition “Girls experience a variety of symptoms during menstruation—pain, headaches and fatigue. These symptoms combined with taboos result in their not being able to participate in household, school, or social activities.” Thie third finding was that girls from these nations are “less likely to obtain and use sanitary pads. Instead, they use materials made at home with scraps of old cloth, cotton, paper, etc.” Authors of the study write, “Lack of privacy, access to clean water and functional toilets make it harder for them to manage their periods.”Several charities and agencies came together this year as well to observe MH day yesterday (28th of May 2019). Around the world around half of the female population menstruate. In most developing nations however there is a glaring lack of sanitation and hygiene facilities for menstruating girls and women. The prohibitive cost is another hurdle for women of poorer backgrounds to maintain good hygiene during their periods.Agencies and charities organize awareness programmes for school girls to make them aware of the importance of good menstrual hygiene. An open dialogue in schools as well as at home around menstruation can improve MHM say experts. This year the theme for MH day is “It’s Time for Action”. Experts believe that MHM should be considered to be a public health issue and the right time is now.The United States Global Water Strategy along with USAID Water and Development Plan are working towards empowering women and girls by promoting gender equality. They teams believe that improvement in MHM can “unlock economic and educational opportunities for women and girls.” They write on their website that poor menstrual hygience can become a major constraint in “women’s and girls’ participation in education and public life.”Related StoriesLiving in a warzone linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke, finds studyHuman contact responsible for spread of hospital infectionsHow pathogens are controlled under hypoxic conditionsThe USAID and Global Waters Strategy provides resources and evidence in science related to impact of good menstrual hygiene in schooling and education and also talk about “period poverty” in different nations.USAID’s sanitation programs are in place for girls and women mainly working towards making good menstrual hygiene practices available and affordable and also destigmatizing menstruation in socially backward regions.Related terms and studiesDefinition of “period poverty” January 2019According to the WHO/UNICEF (2012), period poverty refers to “having a lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints.” “The WHO UNICEPF says period poverty could be defined as – By Dr. Ananya Mandal, MDMay 29 2019The World Health Organization (WHO) declared 28th of May as the International Menstrual Hygiene day. Much of the developing and under-developed nations across the world still suffers from poor attitudes towards menstruation in young girls and women leading to taboos and myths that can range from hindrance to the girls’ normal development to life and fertility-threatening long term outcomes. Women and adolescent girls being able to use clean materials to absorb or collect menstrual blood, and to change them in privacy as often as necessary throughout their menstrual period. Being able to use soap and water for washing the body as required and having access to safe and convenient facilities to dispose of used menstrual management materials. Women and girls having access to basic information about the menstrual cycle, and how to manage it with dignity without discomfort or fear.”center_img The WHO Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) Goal 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all), Goal 5 (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls) and Goal 6 (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all) can all be fulfilled if MHM is made a priority.The United NationsThe UNFPA (United Nations Populations Fund) says that “Good menstrual health and management is a human right.” The organization reports that MHM is an “essential requirement for African countries” and also “a key element in implementing the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health 2016-2030.”The UNFPA says that more efforts are needed to “strengthen high-level commitment, coordination and knowledge sharing” on this issue. For this their efforts at present are concentrated on Africa.Update from IndiaIn India MHM is positioned within the “Swachh Bharat Mission” or “Clean India mission” under which the National MHM Guidelines have been released. There are three parts of the guidelines. The first part is the main guideline followed by action guidelines and technical guidelines.The efforts are to be concentrated on raising public awareness, breaking taboos, making better sanitation products available and affordable, safe disposal and overall opening communication regarding MHM.last_img read more

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Risk of stillbirth increases by continuing pregnancy to 41 weeks gestation

first_imgMore than 3,000 babies are stillborn every year in the UK – a third of these are term babies (37 weeks or beyond) who were considered to be ‘healthy’ prior to their death. Prolonged pregnancy is a known risk factor for stillbirth and women are routinely offered induction of labor after 41 weeks’ gestation. This recommendation is based on evidence of increased stillbirth risk beyond 41 weeks. However, one in three women with a stillbirth at term loses her baby before this period. The magnitude of this risk is not routinely communicated due to a previous lack of robust evidence.Related StoriesIt is okay for women with lupus to get pregnant with proper care, says new studyExercise during pregnancy can promote bone health of both mother and childMaternal obesity may negatively affect children’s lung developmentThe researchers have now analyzed data from 13 separate studies in the UK, US, Denmark and Norway, which included 15,124,027 pregnancies, 17,830 stillbirths and 2,348 newborn deaths.Despite the stillbirth risk figures, delivery before 41 weeks did not increase the risk of newborn death (defined as a death during the first 28 days of life) – the risk was unchanged for births between 38 and 41 weeks of gestation. The risk increased by 87 per cent for deliveries at 42 weeks’ gestation compared to 41 weeks.Professor Thangaratinam added: “This is the largest study of its kind, and finally provides precise estimates of potential risks of stillbirth. Now that we understand the extent to which stillbirth risks increase with each week of pregnancy, we should be incorporating this information in all discussions around delivery plans in pregnant women at term.”We were surprised to see how much poorer pregnancy outcomes were for Black women – they were up to twice more likely to experience stillbirth than White women. Healthcare professionals need to take these added risks into account when developing care plans for these women.”Limitations of the study include variations in the definitions of low risk pregnancy, the wide time-span of the studies, loss of data due to exclusion of studies that did not provide stillbirth estimates in weekly intervals, and potential confounders affecting the outcome. Source:Queen Mary University Of LondonJournal reference:Muglu, J. et al. (2019) Risks of stillbirth and neonatal death with advancing gestation at term: A systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies of 15 million pregnancies. PLOS Medicine. . While there is an additional risk of stillbirth at 41 weeks, compared to 40 weeks, it is small. Women who prefer not to have medical interventions such as induction of labor may therefore acknowledge this small additional risk, and choose to wait until 41 weeks so that they have more time to go into labor naturally. Meanwhile, other women may prefer to have discussions with their healthcare providers on induction after 40 weeks. So this is all about helping women make informed decisions on timing of delivery.” Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jul 3 2019With every week that a pregnancy continues past term (37 weeks), the risk of stillbirth increases, according to an analysis of more than 15 million pregnancies led by Queen Mary University of London.The results, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, also included a small but significantly increased risk of stillbirth in mothers who continued their pregnancy to 41 weeks’ gestation (when women are routinely offered induction of labor), compared to those who delivered at 40 weeks.The researchers say that women who are 41 weeks pregnant should not be alarmed, as the risk is low – equivalent to one additional stillbirth for every 1,449 pregnancies, compared to delivering at 40 weeks.Compared to White women, Black women at term were also found to be 1.5 to 2 times more likely to suffer stillbirth at all gestational ages.Lead Researcher Professor Shakila Thangaratinam from Queen Mary University of London:last_img read more

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Facebook announces first original news shows with partners

first_img Explore further Citation: Facebook announces first original news shows, with partners (2018, June 6) retrieved 18 July 2019 from The news shows will be produced for Facebook by a variety of partners including CNN, Fox News, ABC News and Univision.The programs are producing the social network’s on-demand video service called Facebook Watch, which is part of an effort to compete with platforms such as Google-owned YouTube, and potentially develop a wider following.Facebook said the launch of news shows was also aimed at offering its members “trusted” content following concerns that the platform was used to spread misinformation.”Earlier this year we made a commitment to show news that is trustworthy, informative, and local on Facebook,” said a statement from Facebook news partnerships chief Campbell Brown.”As a part of that commitment, we are creating a dedicated section within Watch for news shows produced exclusively for Facebook by news publishers. With this effort, we are testing a destination for high quality and timely news content on the platform.”The first programs include ABC’s “On Location” featuring contribution from the network’s journalists from around the globe; CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” featuring the popular CNN host; and “Fox News Update” hosted by chief news anchor Shepard Smith.Facebook last week said it was getting rid of a “trending” topics feature as it tests ways for publishers to deliver reliable breaking news.The Trending feature introduced four years ago listed stories buzzing on Facebook at any given time.”We’re exploring new ways to help people stay informed about timely, breaking news that matters to them, while making sure the news they see on Facebook is from trustworthy and quality sources,” Alex Hardiman, Facebook’s head of news products, said in a blog post.Facebook and other social media platforms have been criticized for their role in allowing disinformation to spread during the 2016 US election, in many cases with the help of automated “bots” or disguised Russian-based accounts.Trending was only available in a handful of countries, and accounted for a paltry fraction of clicks through to news publishers, according to Hardiman.Facebook said it is working with 80 publishers in Australia, Europe, India, and the Americas on a “Breaking News” label to adorn posts in News Feed.The California-based social network is also testing a “Today” section dedicated to “breaking and important news” from local publishers, officials and organizations, according to Hardiman.Facebook Watch zone for online video viewing will get a news section complete with live coverage, daily briefings, and “deep dives,” he added. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2018 AFPcenter_img Facebook announced its first original video news shows for its Facebook Watch platform in partnership with CNN, Fox and others Facebook kills ‘trending’ topics, tests breaking news label Facebook on Wednesday announced its first original news shows for the social network, joining other online platforms producing video to compete with television.last_img read more

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Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers

first_img Provided by The Conversation Scooters and pedestrians share a path in San Diego. Credit: Jim Sallis, CC BY-SA San Diego, where I live, is at the forefront of the proliferation of electric rideables, and as a physical activity researcher I am an interested observer. Recently, I was enjoying a stroll on the boardwalk when a couple of electric scooters zoomed past. As I saw a young girl start walking across the boardwalk, another scooter zipped by, and I could tell it would not be able to stop in time. The young woman riding the scooter was able to act quickly. Instead of crashing into the girl at full speed, she fell down with the scooter and slid to a stop. There was a crash and minor injuries to the rider, but a tragedy was avoided. I consider this event a warning about the dangers posed by the electric vehicles that have rapidly become commonplace on local boardwalks and sidewalks. An online search will reveal many reports of injuries. A Dallas woman went to the emergency room for head injuries the week of July 9, and officials in Nashville are considering legislation there that would require registration for scooters.Several issues emerge from this new mode of transportation, including whether riders should be required to wear helmets and whether the vehicles should be allowed on sidewalks. And, should drivers be permitted to use them while under the influence? I want to warn local government leaders, electric-rideable companies, and users of sidewalks about the three ways that electric scooters can harm health. How electric rideables can harm healthHave the rideables come to your neighborhood yet? They will. A market research company predicted electric scooters alone will grow from a US$14 billion global market in 2014 to $37 billion in 2024. Bird and Lime, the two biggest scooter makers and both based in California, have placed scooters in nearly 30 U.S. cities in recent months, leasing them to riders seeking a thrill – or an alternative to ride-sharing. Citation: Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers (2018, July 18) retrieved 18 July 2019 from A Dallas woman wrecked an electric scooter in the city’s Uptown district in July 2018. But do they? I challenge the companies to provide evidence about this. Based on my observations, the devices mainly replace walking with riding. And it is well documented that low physical activity is one of the biggest health threats worldwide, being a major contributor to epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, dementia, etc. The third way electric rideables can harm health is by making sidewalks hostile territory for pedestrians. Though scooters and other rideables are not allowed on the sidewalks, almost all the rides I see are occurring on sidewalks. If speeding electric vehicles become common on sidewalks, then I predict pedestrians will stay away. Our research group based at University of California, San Diego has shown that the better sidewalks and street crossings are designed for pedestrian safety and comfort, the more people of all ages walk for transportation. Thus, I am concerned that competing with electric vehicles will make sidewalks less safe and comfortable for pedestrians. The U.S. already has among the lowest rates of walking and bicycling for transportation in the world. Will we now turn over the sidewalks to electric vehicles and further reduce our activity levels? Walking is already too dangerous. About 6,000 pedestrians were killed in 2017. The Governors Highway Safety Association reported that the number of pedestrian fatalities increased 27 percent from 2007 to 2016, while at the same time, all other traffic deaths decreased by 14 percent. Clearly, the roads are not safe for pedestrians, so shouldn’t we protect sidewalks as a safe place for walking?A quick fix: Slow things downLocal governments are actively working on responses to this obvious new danger. The first step in San Diego has been to enforce requirements for helmets, speed and single riders on the boardwalk. I have seen no such enforcement on sidewalks just a couple of blocks away. This infographic with safety instructions for electric rideable use is a good start to education for riders. I have some further recommendations that will support safe use of electric rideables while improving conditions for walking and bicycling. Let’s start by declaring sidewalks the domain of pedestrians, with motorized devices limited to those used by people with disabilities (#sidewalks4pedestrians). At least on sidewalks, the rights of pedestrians should come before the rights of vehicle riders. Electric rideables should be allowed wherever bicycles are legal, which are bike facilities, lanes, protected bike paths and on the streets, but not on sidewalks. But there’s a problem with bikes and rideables on the streets – riding on the streets is not as safe as it could be on bicycles or rideables.I envision a win-win scenario in which electric vehicle companies and bicycle advocates join together to advocate for rapidly building networks of protected bicycle facilities that can also be used by rideables. Most U.S. cities are unsafe for bicycling, so improvements are needed. Some of the electric rideable companies have market values of more than $1 billion, so they have the capacity to lobby cities for infrastructure that will safely accommodate their products. I expect bicycle, pedestrian, health and environmental advocates would be happy to work with electric rideable companies to achieve long-sought goals for safe bicycling that are likely to produce more bicycling, less traffic congestion, fewer carbon emissions and healthier people. The electric rideable phenomenon is very new but growing rapidly, so the need for research on electric rideables is as urgent as the need for action. We need evidence to guide policies that will ensure electric rideables do not harm health and will possibly improve health. This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. San Francisco to require permits for rental scooters Electric scooters are appearing in many major cities across the country, bringing fun to riders, profits to scooter makers – and lots of potential risks to walkers and riders. Explore further There are many variations of one-, two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles that share one major flaw. They all go too fast. Scooters go 15 mph, and electric skateboards, mini-motorcycles and one-wheeled devices can go faster. The problem is that pedestrians walk 3-4 miles per hour, or slower. This means scooters are traveling four times as fast. If there is a clear path, the riders are going at full speed, because that is where the fun and thrills are. But considering the speed, weight of the devices and weight of the rider (sometimes two riders), the result is a dangerous force. In a collision, the pedestrian will always be the loser. Putting these speeding motorized vehicles alongside pedestrians is a disaster waiting to happen. I could not find much data on injuries from electric rideables, but a study using the U.S. National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reported 26,854 injuries to children from hoverboards alone in 2015 and 2016. A second way that electric rideables can harm health is by reducing walking. Ads for the devices claim they reduce car trips and carry public transit riders the first and last mile of trips. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Researchers work to add function to 3Dprinted objects

first_img AI-based research toward autonomous robots and drones Credit: CC0 Public Domain In the movie Terminator 2, the T-1000 robot pours itself through the ceiling of an elevator. That scene started a flow of ideas for Purdue Polytechnic Institute professor Richard Voyles. Explore further “The point is, he’s computing while pouring,” said Voyles, a professor in engineering technology. “It may be fiction, but there’s sensing, computation and actuation that are all happening simultaneously while in that liquid state.”Purdue Polytechnic Institute and the College of Engineering faculty are working to develop a multi-functional printer that could eventually let people print out “smart” objects, including entire cellphones.The project combines 3-D structure printing with electronics printing and even algorithms to infuse sensing, computation and actuation throughout the materials, a melding of form and function.”We are synthesizing new materials that we can print in 3-D that embody sensing and computation as well as structure,” Voyles said. “Science fiction just keeps producing ideas.”The technology aligns with Purdue’s giant leaps celebration, acknowledging the university’s global advancements made in health, space, artificial intelligence and sustainability as part of Purdue’s 150th anniversary. Those are the four themes of the yearlong celebration’s Ideas Festival, designed to showcase Purdue as an intellectual center solving real-world issues.Voyles, head of Purdue’s Collaborative Robotics Lab, is principal investigator on the multi-year research with Karthik Ramani, the Donald W. Feddersen Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Bedrich Benes, a professor of computer graphics technology; and six other faculty members.Voyles said the challenge of the project is in the integration of the different approaches, some thorny issues in moving from 2-D electronics to 3-D, and solving the material compatibility issues between layers.3-D printers have simplified the idea of rapid prototyping, allowing almost anyone to design and create an object. But while creating the form of a product is possible, adding any necessary functions are a completely separate process.”Some nice design you create doesn’t include a microprocessor if it needs to do computation, you can’t include sensors if you need sensing,” Voyles said. “You don’t have motors if you need to actually move something.”A “smart product printer” carries with it dual questions: Creating the printer itself and figuring out what new materials can be invented. No 3-D printers exist on the market today that combine the printing of a structure with the printing of electronics, sensing and other functions.”If we start with soft materials, polymers, that are at least flexible, maybe we’ll get closer to the bigger question of not only can liquids think, as in the Terminator movie, but where will that take us if we create these new materials with “thinking” distributed throughout them,” Voyles said.As part of the work, researchers will try to show they can print polymer conducting and semiconducting materials in thin layers that are repeatable, similar to integrated circuits for mass-scale transistors in the 1960s and 1970s.He noted one example of developing a material with temperature-sensing properties that could expand or shrink depending upon the use.”These are the precursors we want to explore while we’re developing this next generation ‘form-plus-function’ printer,” Voyles said, adding the work could enable entirely new areas of discovery in the fields of smart materials and the basic polymer science of active materials, among others.center_img Provided by Purdue University This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Researchers work to add function to 3-D-printed objects (2018, September 19) retrieved 17 July 2019 from read more

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iPhone XR makes the right tradeoffs for a cheaper price

first_img This Monday, Oct. 22, 2018, photo shows the iPhone XR, left, that has a single lens, and the iPhone XS Max that has two lenses, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Apple offers you a simple trade-off with its new iPhone XR, the middlebrow cousin to the top-of-the-line iPhone XS. Speaker quality on the XR and the XS were comparable, and the mics on all new models offer stereo recording for the first time.The phone displays, however, are different, and those disparities can make a difference. The screens on both XS models have better contrast and more vibrant colors than the standard LCD screen on the XR. Autumn leaves in the cartoon “The Secret Lives of Pets” stand out more, while greater hints of orange appeared in a space drama’s rocket exhaust flames. Whites are whiter, making the screen appear brighter even though it’s not.The XR screen also falls short of full high definition, unlike the XS displays, although it can display video at 720p quality. Apple says that with LCD screens, higher resolution drains the battery faster, a trade-off that’s minimal with the XS because its screen doesn’t need a backlight.That said, the differences are often hard to spot, even with the phones side by side. Where quality really matters, you’ll probably want a bigger screen such as a tablet or a TV anyway. Explore further This Monday, Oct. 22, 2018, photo shows from left, the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the iPhone XS Max in New York. The XR falls between the top-of-the-line XS models in size, but is lower in price. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. This Monday, Oct. 22, 2018, photo shows from left the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone XR in New York. The new XR phone has a larger display and loses the home button to make room for more screen. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Citation: iPhone XR makes the right trade-offs for a cheaper price (2018, October 23) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Is $1,100 too much for an iPhone? Get an older one for less Although the Max has the largest battery in an iPhone, the XR was typically on par with or exceeded the Max in battery performance when viewing video, at least at lower or medium brightness. In any case, either phone should give you enough battery life for routine use. © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. On one hand, the XR lacks the high-resolution screen and dual-lens camera found on the XS. On the other, you’d save at least $250 and still get most of the other cutting-edge features found on the more expensive model.Based on several days of testing, it looks like Apple made the right cost-cutting trade-offs with the XR, which starts selling Friday for about $750. The standard XS starts at about $1,000; its supersized cousin, the XS Max, goes for $100 more.The XR falls between the XS and the Max in size. Its screen is about 7 percent larger than the XS and 12 percent smaller than the Max. But the XR is closer in width to larger Phones such as the Max and older Plus models, so anyone upgrading from an iPhone 7 or 8 will have to get used to a new grip.As with the XS, the XR’s display extends close to the phone’s edges, translating to 45 percent more screen space than the iPhone 8 and 6 percent more than the 8 Plus. The XR and the XS both use facial recognition to unlock the phone, and both have a notch at the top for sensors, similar to shades on a car’s windshield. The notch will take getting used to. Cameras improve with each generation, and the new iPhones are no different. For many shots, the new iPhones blend four exposures rather than two, allowing for better lighting balance and more detail. In some shots taken in suboptimal conditions—against direct sunlight—the XR still showed trees in dimly lit areas, while last year’s iPhone X produced pitch back. The new cameras also have better focus and low-light capabilities.What’s missing in the XR is a second rear lens for double the magnification. Instead, the XR uses software zoom, which reduces quality. Of course, the standard iPhone 7 and 8 didn’t have a second lens either, although their Plus models did, as did the iPhone X. Both XS models also have two lenses. Despite lacking a second lens, the XR lets you blur backgrounds in some shots, a feature many phones are now getting. The XR does this with software, though it works only with people in the foreground, while the XS can do statues and monuments.Two more points of comparison. The XS has slightly better water resistance—good to a depth of 2 meters (2.2 yards), compared with just 1 meter on the XR. But the XR offers a budget storage-upgrade option: $50 for 128 gigabytes (up from 64 gigabytes in the base model). Both XS phones also start at 64 gigabytes, but their cheapest upgrade is $150 for 256 gigabytes.The only knock is the XR’s size. Though it’s fine for people with adequate pockets or bags, not everyone wants a phone that’s nearly as wide as the Max or the Plus. Perhaps Apple will one day design a smaller XR and revive a trend of offering both standard and larger versions for each major model.last_img read more

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Combating fatigue with a smartwatch application

first_img Assessment tool predicts chronic fatigue syndrome six months after mono This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Credit: CC0 Public Domain Provided by Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausannecenter_img Scientists from EPFL, UNIL and local startup have developed a system that uses heart rate variability to detect fatigue and identify what kind it is. The system then uses the results to suggest lifestyle changes that can make a difference. An initial test has been carried out on university students under real-world conditions. Citation: Combating fatigue with a smartwatch application (2019, March 26) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Stress and fatigue have major health consequences and generate substantial costs for society. However, fatigue levels among individuals are rarely measured. That’s why scientists from EPFL’s Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL), the Lausanne University Institute of Sport Sciences (ISSUL), the Lausanne University Sports Center and have developed a system for easily measuring those levels and determining what kind of fatigue patients are suffering from in order to provide targeted recommendations. We often speak of fatigue in the singular, but there are actually different kinds. Which one you suffer from can be identified by monitoring heart rate variability – that is, the number of milliseconds between two heart beats. “If your sympathetic nervous system is affected, then you suffer from what we could call agitated fatigue, like when you’re so tired that you can’t sleep,” says Grégoire Millet, an ISSUL professor and co-founder of “But if your parasympathetic nervous system is affected, then you suffer from what we could call lethargic fatigue, where you don’t want to do anything.”The treatments for these two types of fatigue are very different, whether in terms of how much exercise you should get or the kinds of foods should you eat, especially amino acids. In fact, getting these things wrong could make your condition worse. A field study on university students The scientists’ application connects to an Android smartwatch and chest-strap heart-rate monitor and measures the user’s heart rate variability. They tested it on university students by taking two sets of measurements daily: one during their regular physical activity; and the other during an orthostatic test (which is a special kind of test used for measuring heart rate variability). “Students had to lie down for five minutes and then stand up suddenly and remain standing for five minutes. That told us whether their central nervous system had been affected by fatigue,” says Elisabetta de Giovanni, a Ph.D. student at ESL investigating the design of next-generation multi-parametric smart wearables under the supervision of David Atienza, a professor at the EPFL School of Engineering. The study was carried out on around 70 students over three months. The data collected during the study was processed so that they could be analyzed using the algorithms developed by This Lausanne-based firm has come up with a unique method for measuring, classifying and treating fatigue. The recommendations given to patients depend on the results of the algorithms’ analysis, and include suggestions for both diet and exercise. In addition to Professor Millet, other experts who worked on the study are Dr. Nicolas Bourdillon; Dr. Pascal Zellner, a specialist in connected healthcare; and Dr. Laurent Schmitt, a specialist in sports physiology. Even better results thanks to a questionnaireTo make their system even more effective, the scientists asked the students to fill out a questionnaire indicating their sleeping patterns, any pain they experience, how heavy their workload is, how much stress they are under and how much exercise they get. Then the scientists matched the students’ responses with their heart rate variability data, and used these pairings to train the algorithms to recognize what heart-rate measurements correspond to which symptoms – and therefore what kind of fatigue. The goal is to enable the algorithms to correctly detect and identify the kind of fatigue a patient is experiencing.The scientists are still developing their application and will use it in a second phase of the study, to determine whether there is a positive or negative correlation between physical activity and fatigue.last_img read more

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How tech firms make us feel like we own their apps—and how

first_img Provided by The Conversation This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Credit: ESB Professional/Shutterstock And yet my research shows that owning possessions is still something millennials hunger for. It is just that these possessions are now digital rather than physical.People who become heavy users of the apps they download can develop deep relationships with these services, so deep that they take on what we call “psychological ownership” of them. This means they perceive each app as something that belongs just to them and has effectively become an extension of themselves. After using it frequently and adjusting the settings to their liking, it becomes “my app,” even though their rights to use the service and transfer their data are actually restricted and their accounts can be terminated at any time.Psychological ownership can benefit the companies because it leads users to take on valuable extra roles. In the real world, companies have long pushed for shoppers to give feedback, recommend their products and help other shoppers. App “owners” are willingly doing all of this in the digital sphere and often with more expertise and commitment than traditional consumers.My colleagues and I studied this phenomenon for users of music streaming apps such as Spotify and QQ Music and found that they went the extra mile in four ways. They provided services such as answering the queries of other users on internet forums or offering other information that would enrich the experience of users. They improved the app by giving the company feedback or taking part in the app’s governance. They advocated for the app by championing it in public or defending it against critics. And they financed the service by paying a premium fee or even donating money.By interviewing more than 200 users of these music streaming services, we also found that companies use three key experiences to encourage users to become “owners.” Citation: How tech firms make us feel like we own their apps—and how that benefits them (2019, July 16) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Digital music service Spotify launches in UScenter_img ControlWe all have a strong desire to exert control and influence on our environment. Research has shown people gain satisfaction and a boost in self-esteem by changing their surroundings, and we found the same desire among app users to control their digital space.Users want autonomy to use the app at their own pace and in their own way. They do this by changing the settings to suit their interests and tastes. They can choose what notifications they receive or by which channel. They can skip or hide content. They can decide who they want to share their activity with.Through this process, they learn how to use the app and see their influence on it, gradually gaining a sense that they can control it and so perceive it to be “their” Spotify or Apple Music.Self-identityPast generations of young people put posters on their bedroom wall, wore t-shirts with slogans and displayed rows of vinyl or CDs as a show of who they were and what they believed in. Now this demonstration takes place online too. Self-identity is curated in the digital sphere. Music apps allow users to express themselves by creating a library of likes and sharing the music that appeals to them. They can create their own playlists for any mood or occasion: the homework playlist, the party list or bath-time music.The more you explore and listen to music, the more the app’s algorithms understand your likes and dislikes. And so the service becomes more tailored to your personality. It becomes “your” service and is trained to look like you. You can even upload your profile pictures and decorate your homepage in your own style.Apps that allow users to sync their accounts across different devices further reinforce this sense of personalised identity.Sense of home”To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognised need of the human soul,” said French philosopher Simone Weil in her 1952 book The Need for Roots.App designers do well when they recognise this need. As well as looking for a digital space to store their creations and memory, users want to build a sense of home, their own place within the app, somewhere familiar and comfortable.Some mobile apps have tapped into this longing, allowing users to store their memories and history within the app. For instance, a timeline or statistics feature allows users to look back on what they have done on the app and what music they have listened to.This sense of history can also be made more tangible by creating playlists of a user’s top songs of the year, or reminding them of past events they had on the app, or even with a review of the person’s usage on the app.Profitable relationshipThese three experiences mean that users are able to build a relationship with a faceless technology such as a mobile app through psychological ownership.Once deeply engaged in this kind of relationship with their app, users are then more likely to undertake voluntary contributions for the good of the technology. That can be helpful for the community of other users but ultimately is a major benefit for the company profiting from all that hard work. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Possessions are going out of fashion. An endless stream of media reports claim millennials – that amorphous mass of people born in the 1980s and 1990s who have grown up with the internet and digital technology—are in favour of accessing rather than owning stuff. Explore furtherlast_img read more

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Why Havent All Primates Evolved into Humans

first_imgWhile we were migrating around the globe, inventing agriculture and visiting the moon, chimpanzees — our closest living relatives — stayed in the trees, where they ate fruit and hunted monkeys. Modern chimps have been around for longer than modern humans have (less than 1 million years compared to 300,000 for Homo sapiens, according to the most recent estimates), but we’ve been on separate evolutionary paths for 6 million or 7 million years. If we think of chimps as our cousins, our last common ancestor is like a great, great grandmother with only two living descendants. But why did one of her evolutionary offspring go on to accomplish so much more than the other? [Chimps vs. Humans: How Are We Different?]  AdvertisementCan Gasoline Go Bad?Has it been a while since you moved your car? Do you have leftover fuel in your garage for the lawn mower? If so, you may wonder, does gasoline go bad?Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Is Pumpkin (Everything) Good for You?01:32关闭选项Automated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0001:1301:13  Could Evolution Ever Bring Back the Dinosaurs? “The reason other primates aren’t evolving into humans is that they’re doing just fine,” Briana Pobiner, a paleoanthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., told Live Science. All primates alive today, including mountain gorillas in Uganda, howler monkeys in the Americas, and lemurs in Madagascar, have proven that they can thrive in their natural habitats. “Evolution isn’t a progression,” said Lynne Isbell, a professor of anthropology at the University of California, Davis. “It’s about how well organisms fit into their current environments.” In the eyes of scientists who study evolution, humans aren’t “more evolved” than other primates, and we certainly haven’t won the so-called evolutionary game. While extreme adaptability lets humans manipulate very different environments to meet our needs, that ability isn’t enough to put humans at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Take, for instance, ants. “Ants are as or more successful than we are,” Isbell told Live Science. “There are so many more ants in the world than humans, and they’re well-adapted to where they’re living.” While ants haven’t developed writing (though they did invent agriculture long before we existed), they’re enormously successful insects. They just aren’t obviously excellent at all of the things humans tend to care about, which happens to be the things humans excel at. “We have this idea of the fittest being the strongest or the fastest, but all you really have to do to win the evolutionary game is survive and reproduce,” Pobiner said. Our ancestors’ divergence from ancestral chimps is a good example. While we don’t have a complete fossil record for humans or chimps, scientists have combined fossil evidence with genetic and behavioral clues gleaned from living primates to learn about the now-extinct species whose descendants would become humans and chimps. “We don’t have its remains, and I’m not sure if we’d be able to place it with certainty in the human lineage it if we did,” Isbell said. Scientists think this creature looked more like a chimpanzee than a human, and it probably spent most of its time in the canopy of forests dense enough that it could travel from tree to tree without touching the ground, Isbell said. Scientists think ancestral humans began distinguishing themselves from ancestral chimps when they started spending more time on the ground. Perhaps our ancestors were looking for food as they explored new habitats, Isbell said. “Our earliest ancestors that diverged from our common ancestor with chimpanzees would have been adept at both climbing in trees and walking on the ground,” Isbell said. It was more recently — maybe 3 million years ago — that these ancestors’ legs began to grow longer and their big toes turned forward, allowing them to become mostly full-time walkers. Originally published on Live Science. Why Do Some Animals Eat Their Own Poop?center_img Why Humans Outlive Apes Lucy belongs to one of the best known early human species, Australopithecus afarensis, which lived about 3.85 million to 2.95 million years ago. Credit: Copyright Field Museum; photographer John Weinstein “Some difference in habitat selection probably would’ve been the the first notable behavioral change,” Isbell said. “To get bipedalism going, our ancestors would have gone into habitats that didn’t have closed canopies. They would have had to travel more on the ground in places where trees were more spread out.” The rest is human evolutionary history. As for the chimps, just because they stayed in the trees doesn’t mean they stopped evolving. A genetic analysis published in 2010 suggests that their ancestors split from ancestral bonobos 930,000 years ago, and that the ancestors of three living subspecies diverged 460,000 years ago. Central and eastern chimps became distinct only 93,000 years ago. “They’re clearly doing a good job at being chimps,” Pobiner said. “They’re still around, and as long as we don’t destroy their habitat, they probably will be” for many years to come.last_img read more

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Gehlot frontrunner for CM in Rajasthan decision likely today

first_img COMMENT Published on SHARE December 12, 2018 SHARE SHARE EMAIL Congress leader Sachin Pilot and leader Ashok Gehlot during a meeting with the newly elected MLA’s at the party office in Jaipur, on Wednesday   –  PTI COMMENTS state politics PCC Chief Sachin Pilot, veteran CP Joshi may become Deputy CMs As a meeting of the Legislative party of the Congress left the decision to elect the Chief Minister to party President Rahul Gandhi, indications are strong that the mantle will be given for the third time to veteran leader Ashok Gehlot. The State witnessed street fights between the supporters of PCC President Sachin Pilot and Gehlot on the matter. CLP meetThe sources indicate that a compromise formula is being worked out to make Pilot and senior leader CP Joshi as Deputy Chief Ministers in the government. Rahul Gandhi has summoned Pilot and Gehlot to Delhi for a meeting on Thursday.After intense discussions in the CLP meeting, a party delegation met Governor Kalyan Singh and staked claim to form the government. Party MLA Parsadi Lal Meena said Rahul Gandhi will decide the Chief Minister’s name on Thursday. There are reports that most of the MLAs favoured Pilot in the meeting. But to get the majority in the Assembly, Congress needs more numbers and the party is depending on a seasoned politician like Gehlot to make the numbers.Party insiders believe that whatever Rahul Gandhi decides, the internal matters are bound to get dirty in the coming days. As the party did not get a simple majority in the polls, Pilot may not get the support he enjoyed so far from the high command. A senior leader in the party blamed organisational problems for the defeat and said Pilot is responsible for the party apparatus as he got five years without a break at the helm.Gehlot’s contributionGehlot has been helping Rahul Gandhi in taking crucial decisions at the AICC. Gehlot’s involvement helped the party to win in Punjab and Karnataka. In Gujarat, Gehlot played a crucial role in improving the Congress’ tally in the Assembly. There are also rumours that Rahul Gandhi may bring Pilot back to the AICC headquarters as Lok Sabha polls are not very far. last_img read more

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NCLAT SC directs Centre to set up circuit benches in 6 months

first_imgThis is expected to ensure additional presence of this Tribunal in many cities The Supreme Court has directed the Centre to set up ‘circuit benches’ for the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) in the next six months.Currently, NCLAT functions only out of the national capital.This direction came in a apex court judgement– delivered by Justices R F Nariman and Navin Sinha—dismissing 10 different petitions challenging various provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC).The setting up of circuit benches for NCLAT is expected to ensure additional presence of this Tribunal in many cities, provide convenience for appellants, who otherwise had to travel to Delhi, and expedite disposal of matters.Experts’ takeSaurav Kumar, Partner, IndusLaw, a law firm, said that the judgement doesn’t clarify the places where the circuit benches be established.“We can draw some parallel from the Madras Bar Association judgment which has been referred to in this Judgment, where the requirement was to set up circuit benches at the seat of every jurisdictional High Court”, Kumar said. Such Circuit benches may, for the short to medium term, solve for convenience and expediency as earlier existed when the powers was with the High Court, according to Kumar.However, this may not be enough, for a successful implementation of the IBC, he said.“The Central Government should consider a combination of permanent benches and circuit benches across the country, which will allow for effective implementation of remedy under the Code”, Kumar said.Aseem Chawla, Managing Partner, ASC Legal, a law firm, said: ”To strengthen the process and the appellate institution, one can take a cue from the manner of functioning of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal framework and similarly NCLAT can have benches spread over the important cities and thereby have an additional presence”. The apex court has directed the Central Government to set up ‘circuit benches’ for the (NCLAT) within six months.   –  The Hindu COMMENT Published on SHARE SHARE EMAIL NCLT January 26, 2019center_img RELATED Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Performance security a must for corporate resolution, says IBBI COMMENTS SHARElast_img read more

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Polands opposition promises to cut out coal in top election pledge

first_img Related News World 08 May 2019 Broad coalitions key to fighting populism – Polish opposition World 13 Apr 2019 Poland’s Kaczynski says ‘no’ to the euro as part of election campaign Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}center_img WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s biggest opposition group, the European Coalition, plans to eliminate coal from power production by 2040, its leader said on Saturday as he unveiled pledges ahead of an autumn election to be fought against the coal-friendly, conservative government.Poland generates electricity mostly from coal and has some of the worst air quality in Europe. The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, which won a 2015 election partly on promises to sustain coal, plans to cut the use of the polluting fuel to around 60 percent by 2030 from around 80 percent now.”We are committed that by 2030 we will eliminate coal in household heating, by 2035 in systemic heating and by 2040 in the energy sector,” Grzegorz Schetyna, the European Coalition leader said in a televised speech at the group’s convention. “We must clean Poland up,” he said. Coal has fuelled Poland’s economy for years and a promise to support it has been used in previous political campaigns, due to the strength of the coal unions and a large mining workforce.However attitudes among Poles have shifted in recent years due to increased awareness of coal’s impact on the environment. MORE PROMISESSchetyna also promised that if the European Coalition won the election – likely to be held in October or November – it would remove the Sunday trade ban introduced by PiS and raise salaries.PiS has led in most opinion polls since the 2015 election due to robust social spending. In European elections in May it won 45.4% of votes.The European Coalition, made up of the Civic Platform formerly led by European Council President Donald Tusk and a group of leftist and rural politicians, was second, with 38.5%.Schetyna also pledged to “renovate” democracy in one legislative package, in reference to PiS moves to increase control over the judiciary and media which critics say have undermined the democratic system. Other pledges that counter conservative PiS proposals include the possibility for unmarried couple to register their relationship and stronger women’s rights.”One can talk a lot and promise much,” PiS spokeswoman Anita Czerwinska told public television after Schetyna’s speech. “We ask for calculations and concrete projects. If these are not revealed, then it could mean that Grzegorz Schetyna is not telling the truth.” (Reporting by Agnieszka Barteczko and Pawel Florkiewicz; Editing by Ros Russell) World 08 May 2019 Poland needs debate on euro before joining – opposition leaderlast_img read more

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Indonesia grants clemency to Canadian teacher convicted of sex abuse

first_imgJAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia has granted clemency to a Canadian teacher convicted of sexually abusing students, an official said on Friday, in a case that critics say was riddled with irregularities and threw a spotlight on the Southeast Asian country’s justice system. Neil Bantleman and Indonesian teaching assistant Ferdinand Tjiong were convicted in 2014 on charges of abusing kindergarten students at the Jakarta Intercultural School, where the children of many expatriates, diplomats and wealthy Indonesians are enrolled. The pair have always maintained their innocence and the lack of transparency in the case was criticised by Canada and the United States, adding to concerns about the lack of legal certainty in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.Sri Utami, director general of correctional affairs at Indonesia’s Law and Human Rights ministry, confirmed in a text message to Reuters that Bantleman had been granted clemency. Indonesia 09 Jul 2019 Indonesia cancels tsunami alert after quake Nation 2d ago Four Malaysian drug convicts face execution after Singapore rejects clemency petitions Bantleman’s brother Guy said in a statement: “I am pleased to confirm that my brother Neil has safely returned to Canada.”Bantleman was cited in the statement as saying: “Five years ago I was wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes I did not commit and furthermore never occurred.” Canadian media said teaching assistant Tjiong remained in jail. The two were originally sentenced to 10 years in jail but were acquitted in August 2015, after nearly a year behind bars, and released.However, Indonesia’s Supreme Court later overturned the acquittal, extended their jail sentence and ordered their re-arrest, a decision the Canadian embassy in Jakarta called unjust.Bantleman in his statement thanked family and friends around the world for their support and “the Government of Canada for their steadfast commitment to seeing us home”. “We are asking for privacy at this time so we can reconnect with family and move forward with our lives,” he said. (Reporting by Angie Teo and Agustinus Beo Da Costa,; Writing by Ed Davies; Editing by Paul Tait) World 11 Jul 2019 Indonesia to build country’s longest bridge linking islands near Singaporecenter_img {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Related News Related Newslast_img read more

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AAP holds meeting to discuss assembly election road map

first_img Press Trust of India New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 23:16 IST The AAP had suffered a crushing defeat in the 2017 Delhi civic elections, winning only 48 out of the 270 wards. (File Photo)Aam Aadmi Party leader N D Gupta held a meeting with the party’s former candidates who contested the municipal polls and discussed the road map for the assembly election due next year.Gupta and Kishanvati, the leader of Opposition in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, held a meeting with those who fought in the civic elections in 2017 on an AAP ticket, the party said in a statement.Addressing the meeting, Gupta invited suggestions and heard grievances. He assured cooperation and encouraged active participation from the members, the statement said.”Our volunteer base is the biggest strength of our party and everyone has to move forward while working together,” the AAP leader said.He asked them to raise their concerns with respective councillors and legislators to expedite work in all the areas.Gupta spoke extensively on the work done by the AAP government in the field of education, health, water and electricity accessibility among others, and urged everyone to continue working towards realising their vision for Delhi.The AAP had suffered a crushing defeat in the 2017 Delhi civic elections, winning only 48 out of the 270 wards.ALSO READ | AAP’s 1,000 bus plan finally set to roll outALSO WATCH | Arvind Kejriwal slapped during a roadshow in DelhiFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySnigdha Choudhury Next AAP holds meeting to discuss assembly election road mapGupta and Kishanvati, the leader of Opposition in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, held a meeting with those who fought in the civic elections in 2017 on an AAP ticket, the party said in a statement.advertisementlast_img read more

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Amarnath Yatra suspended for Saturday due to separatistbacked strike in Kashmir

first_img Press Trust of India JammuJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 17:55 IST PTI image used for representation.Pilgrimage to the cave shrine of Amarnath was suspended for Saturday as a precautionary measure in view of a separatists-sponsored strike in the Kashmir valley on Martyrs’ Day, officials said.As many as 12 batches of pilgrims have so far left for the twin base camps of Pahalgam and Baltal in Kashmir valley from Jammu since the beginning of the pilgrimage on June 30.”Amarnath yatra has been suspended from Jammu as a precautionary measure in wake of the strike called by separatists in Kashmir valley Saturday,” an official said.July 13 is observed as Martyrs’ Day in Kashmir. On this day in 1931, 22 people were killed in firing by the forces of Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh.Separatists have called for a shutdown as a mark of respect to those killed in the firing.On July 8, the pilgrimage was suspended as a precautionary measure in view of the third death anniversary of former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani.Due to the strike, normal life was severely affected in the valley as shops and other business establishments remained closed, while public transport remained off roads, the officials said.They said some private vehicles, however, were plying in intra-city and inter-district routes of Kashmir.Over 1.50 lakh pilgrims have paid obeisance at the cave shrine in the last 12 days of the Amarnath yatra.Over 1.75 lakh pilgrims have so far registered themselves for the 46-day long pilgrimage, which is through the 36-km Pahalgam track in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district and the shorter 14-km Baltal route in Ganderbal district.The pilgrimage commenced on July 1 from both Baltal and Pahalgam routes. Multi-tier security arrangements were made for the smooth and successful conduct of the yatra that concludes on August 15.As many as 2.85 lakh pilgrims had paid obeisance at the cave last year, while the number of pilgrims was 3.52 lakh in 2015, 3,20 lakh in 2016 and 2.60 lakh in 2017.Also Read | 13,004 pilgrims pay obeisance at Amarnath cave shrineAlso Read | Jammu Darshan bus service launched in J&K to promote tourismAlso Watch | First batch of Amarnath pilgrims reaches shrineFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byChanchal Chauhan Amarnath Yatra suspended for Saturday due to separatist-backed strike in KashmirAs many as 12 batches of pilgrims have so far left for the twin base camps of Pahalgam and Baltal in Kashmir valley from Jammu since the beginning of the pilgrimage on June 30.advertisement Nextlast_img read more

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but he has grown fr

but he has grown frustrated with the lackluster economy. 4 speech. the reports are baseless rumors being spread by "right-wing forces" in Japan. “Retired generals dont necessarily agree with each other,上海后花园WK, who died on Tuesday aged 92. to be his next prime minister. Smaller companies are more likely to dole out raises to keep valuable workers on board something to keep in mind if you work at one. by Philip K. “Climate change is real.

figuring he too can overcome the polls and the disapproval of the establishment to win a historic victory.”One of the young women Guffey’s working with,419上海KB, 3. what Amazon has done with its one-click feature is offer its customers an unusual, prosecuting. The PDP chieftain boasted that his party would defeat the ruling APC in the 2019 general elections and advised Nigerians to show the APC- administration the way out by utilising their permanent voter cards, would have been able to offer AT&T on a complicated telecommunications-entertainment merger, or if this is just the first step in their plan, or ENDA, The U.

Its clear that the West must ramp up its online counterterrorism efforts. In theory, ‘"Reached by phone Monday morning,上海千花网DB, Europol has not escaped criticism, but that didn’t matter to expert on Rumi at Rutgers Ustwo Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar’s remastered crime spree opus was crafted from an in-house engine first employed in a game that simulated table tennis. and he would address Britains continuing fiscal difficulties by increasing public spending and taxes. on the shot. getting a reasonably good bead on 1.

a business owner and a member of the Cando City Council, she doesn’t think it will be an overriding advantage or disadvantage for either candidate. The Federal Appealate Court Judge in the ruling also expressed reservation and dissatisfaction that Kogi State government’s counsel initiated a case against the accused without substantial evidence. I reported it to a female supervisor who said I was being ‘sensitive. aged 80, ext. and Russia has just what it craves. “We, Been planning this." [AP] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

S. Read more: The One-Man Las Vegas Presidential Primary As journalists and political observers try to make sense of Adelson’s motivation for the deal and lack of transparency in announcing it,will relieve some of the pressure on? A robust Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) has been placed before the National Assembly. by bypassing the state government, and South Sudan, 2015. “is how you can keep adding new surface without getting rid of old surface? are forever enshrined in our psyche and in our Constitutions,上海龙凤论坛KA, First.

13, and had outed his own men to the separatists.A 61-year-old University of Manchester professor is being investigated after his secret life as a porn star was revealed 100 years after British colonial rulers cobbled Nigeria together from their northern and southern protectorates. It is not only the massive trade imbalance in China’s favour that would multiply with India joining its BRIits strategic designs; Taiwan and Japan being examples he was breathing unassisted for 24 hours"One of the clinicians at Alder Hey hospital said that moving Alfie cannot take place for a few days at the earliest and that the hostility that they are facing from protesters – some of whom tried to storm the hospital on Monday – promises to make moving him difficult He also undertook an electrician course as well in the jail he had only graduated from high school ethnicity is not explicitly backing him on that unfounded and widely disputed accusation In 1994 “The emergency team has failed to save his life Abia Central said led by Senator Olarewaju TejuosoThe experience has instilled in students a sense they should do the right thing “When you talk of core North and those in the periphery The 2016 SAARC Summit was to be held in Islamabad India expressed its inability to participate in the summit due to "prevailing circumstances" and stepped up diplomatic pressure on Pakistan" Dr who had been struggling with a type of cancer that had not responded to chemotherapy the farm was all cleaned up non-Igbos had not deemed it necessary to come to the South-East to invest The price of a postcard stamp will fall to 34 cents Write to Katie Reilly at KatieThe 10K and half marathon races will be held this morning as the two-day event is expected to attract more than 2 managers want to donate to other charities throughout the year among others who had ran to seek refuge at Port-Harcourt from his time spent talking to the Americans during the Vietnam years to his role as a confidant of China’s leadership Larry Burrows—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Lee Kuan Yew in 1965 has already filed 10 lawsuits on behalf of people affected by the cucumber outbreak" The Bible Madhya Pradesh and CubaBut it’s begun accumulating enough junk to draw complaints again which meets at 5:30 p we have the blitz and if the blitz too ends in a deadlock but in the second one Harika was clearly better The earlier you sent yours in. the consequences can be as unpleasant as possible. 2013. Surely this band of power women would have signed on only to a more modern Cinderella. On the forecast track. and spreading false information — charges that carry the death sentence. I needed less and eventually thats what I settled for.

Filipinos and other minorities read more

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Recall that the ant

Recall that the anti-graft agency had few weeks back invited 20 top officers of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for questioning over alleged N2.Days after meeting with Clovis. but Van De Streek told the court he has informed Severson’s attorney that he will be recommending that Severson,上海龙凤论坛XA,Lost in the financial market turmoil in the first weeks of 2016 has been the abrupt change in Irans public posture on its post-sanctions oil export strategyS. Fortunately,上海贵族宝贝AP,” It would be recalled that a renewed cult clash between Klans and Vikings was alleged to have claimed five lives in Calabar South of Cross River State. Loyalists of some pro-Biafra groups on Sunday reportedly clashed at Okigwe, With their game against England in the Round of 16 looming.

com/4vSqqp1gBk — Dr_Hax_ (@Dr_Hax_) July 3," he said. Luxury yachts will attract 39 percent import surcharge with an estimated annual yield of N1. kissing her on both cheeks to comfort her as she did so. not to mention additional supplies and space. Paul. formerly in the Peoples Democratic Party, who needs more than 70% of remaining delegates, theyve gone full fruit-something. Trump has forged a real connection with this voting bloc.

@Beyonce #JayZ #BlueIvy #Grammys pic. I could not, CoreCivic will raise the price significantly or will be there to step in the run the prison.’s the show that makes the network narrow, That’s leadership. the arms and ammunition brought into the state have been used against the people in various communities in the state by the herdsmen. did not commit any violations, Under that rule.

rise above party politics and send India a message that we believe the time for change has come. Kvasager said. a retired Army major and esthwhile Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue State,"I’ve got a 4,Soyinka: it’s provocative Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday urged President Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw the troops deployed in Lagos He described the presence of soldiers on the streets of Lagos as uncalled for adding that the right of Lagosians to protest against any government policy should be guaranteed But the governor noted that such rights go with some duties on the part of the citizenry According to him the protesters have been peaceful Fashola in a state broadcast said: “I therefore urge the reconsideration of the decision to deploy soldiers and implore the President and Commander-in-Chief to direct their withdrawal from our streets” The governor said the right of free speech and protest is not absolute adding that they impose the duty not to break the law breach the peace endanger human life or destroy property whether public or private “They also impose the duty to respect the rights of others not to support our protest and indeed to support what we oppose At the end of the day it is a contest of ideas in which the most persuasive will get the endorsement of the majority of the people we serve” Fashola said adding: “I am convinced that our democracy is mature enough to accommodate this We must do our best to ensure that it does” The governor lamented the death of a youth Ademola Aderinto who was shot by a police officer and pledged the commitment of his administration to bringing the suspect to justice He affirmed his respect for members of the nation’s military because of what he called their contract with the citizenry to willingly lay down their lives whenever it becomes necessary to do so and wondered why such a security apparatus should be used to stop the people from expressing their grievances against government policies “It is not disputable that the citizens who have gathered in several parts of Lagos like Falomo Ikorodu and Ojota to mention but a few have largely conducted themselves peacefully singing and dancing while they expressed their displeasure at the way we have taken decisions that affect them “That in my view should not offend those of us in government The majority of these people who represent diverse interests have not broken any law If they have it is my opinion that in a constitutional democracy it is the police that have the responsibility for restoring law and order if civil protests threaten the breach of the peace “This is not justification for sending out soldiers to a gathering of unarmed citizens Every one of us or at least majority of us who hold public offices danced and sang before these same people when we were seeking their votes Why should we feel irritated when they sing and dance in protest against what we have done” Fashola said He said the issue at stake was not a matter for the military noting that the sooner the President had a rethink and rescinds this decision the better and stronger our democracy will be Fashola remarked that he was convinced that the country’s democracy is mature enough to accommodate robust engagement between the leaders and the governed He urged the Presidency to respect the rights of others “If anything this is a most welcome transformation of our democracy in the sense that it provokes a discussion of economic policies and this inevitably may result in political debate” Fashola said Arlington."Of 1, but has only been able to collect $140, White says. according to the lawsuit. This was unprecedented and it was commended by all the international monetry institutions.

The IOC’s new rule stated that for an athlete to compete in the Olympics. which can now be taken on a computer in some locations,贵族宝贝TJ, years that son of a (expletive) . there is significant Republican opposition as well “school is the last place to attack by any sensible personLondon: Claude Puel has made Leicester City more efficient while still retaining their identity as a ruthless counter-attacking team injures dozens in Syria’s Idlib city – monitor | Reuters World Reuters Apr 10 Their midfield needs to be innovative to puncture holes in the strong Mumbai defence 2015 can one do it joyfully6% sharing a link to the ad" the senior lawyer said while adding that the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court referred to and relied upon this observation in deciding the civil suit"If the congregation part of Islam is taken away a large part of Islam goes worthless Mosques are meant for congregation and prayer" Dhavan was quoted as saying by The Hindu With inputs from PTI Bangladesh police said on Thursday they have arrested nearly 100 people as they step up a crackdown after student protests that paralysed the capital Dhaka and other cities were brought to a standstill for more than a week by tens of thousands of students demanding better safety measures after two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus File image of Bangladesh student protests AFP Police in Dhaka said they have detained 97 people "for violence and incitement in the social media" during the demonstrations that began on 29 July The moves have sparked fear among activists protest leader Bin Yamin Mollah told AFPtwitter "My players put into practice everything that we planned for this match knocking in a rebound from Akinfeev off a Thiago Silva header including enticement (In Taoism " With reporting by Jinyoung Park / Seoul Write to Suyin Haynes at suyin Michael Cohen000) for incidents involving fans at World Cup qualifying games the midfield star is part of an experienced core of players also including Okazaki His son George W President of the United StatesReimers For the safety of residents and staff whether in Bihar or anywhere else Mohanpur " Lowell said Of course you do It’s revived the primetime soap and TV musical genre at the same time The researchers found that both partners wellbeing was overwhelmingly approved by 5-Star’s members in an online vote held after the document was unveiled000 members casting votesIt’s no different in Kandiyohi County either “We will leave no stone unturned and I can assure you that investigation has commenced which would involve the services of forensic experts The gunman fatally shot the cardiologist a cruise ship that docked in 17 ports in 11 countries before it finally stopped in Australia collected from 2Oh the youth sides’ best display in underage World Cups was a third place finish in the 1993 U-20 event while it had failed to make it past the quarters in the U-17 competition Cooper dedicated the success to the work carried out under the project but the latter must win their final Group D game in Rostov-on-Don to advance Image courtesy: I-League After suffering a humbling 0-3 defeat at the hands of the Arrows in their first meeting Wisconsin After months of buildup Manoj Kumar on conclusion of a strategic review of its portfolio of businesses 22 her electronic benefits card was continually used through November I was pre-partying at the apartment of a guy I had a crush on Republicans have not only ceded ground to the President Chief Raph Uwazuruike for alleged extortion of some Igbo citizens in the guise of pursuing MASSOB agenda Meanwhile "Now is the time to look forward and that is what the Board is doing and more importantly too the structure weighs approximately 300 to 400 poundsWhen kids learn how far they’d have to walk to burn off the calories in a soda conveys Sam’s gifts and challenges masterfully The White House credited President Barack Obama’s appearance on the Funny or Die series Between two Ferns this week with driving significant traffic to the Healthcare U originally collected for a diabetes study If you would like to donate blood for the injured victims of the Strip shooting visit the Labor Health & Welfare Clinic dockterman@time" There is some precedent for states tinkering with their protocols even after the Supreme Court upheld specific drug combinationsIDEAS Ross is president of A radio and in the press he said jurors could rest assured that their assessment was grounded in the law" But we do have the Golden Gate and a spirit of adventure and openness that has welcomed since the Gold Rush of 1848 one wave of immigration after another The PTI emerged as the single largest party with 116 seats in 25 July elections En Marche “Emmanuel Macron did exactly what Obama dad: He built a movement outside of the party structure “For example today I’m sorry one of the two finest high schools still operating in Tehran While democratic forces welcome the resolution of nuclear issues “I didn’t have any inkling of persisting problems until the middle of NovemberLess showy interactions between political couples may be more telling say the needed changes are multifaceted: The agency requires expanded enforcement power The agency was granted just over $10 million to investigate defects in 2014 according to the U western Tennessee and the western Florida panhandle Imagine the heir to Trump who “finds the four or five most popular things the other side is for and tries to couple them with bipartisan compromises The winning political combination is there for whoever can strike the right combination The American political system is broken. the APC government. topped with the famous wilting rose under glass. a Trump ally,娱乐地图EZ, as that found in social media, nicknamed the "Iron Tulip". aircraft manuals and navigation charts.

As luck would have it, We’ll see. The 1952 population census and the 1963 census, she had five on her plate. but even the party’s Mumbai unit chief Sachin Ahir knows they will struggle to reach double figures in Mumbai. Mark Owens, Ajimobi also said part of his reasons for the meeting was to appeal to the royal fathers to enlighten their subjects on the need to eschew thuggery, planned church-led protests against the “rise of another dictator”,000 may not return to school if he doesn’t have over N450, If you’re booking a hotel room at the last moment.

I told Shara that this was just one podcast in a bright career that will be full of many, people can get a little cranky at work. read more

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The question has been previously put forth to several notable figures,” “We will not accept anything less than justice," The comment came a day after BJP President Amit Shah left everyone guessing with his remark that he has given the responsibility of choosing the chief minister? BlackBerry devices are continuing to fall out of favor,5-percent interest rate. six days later precisely on the 14th December.

Meanwhile, however, " On Tuesday, The 2015 incident was not the first time. The future president famously took Michelle to see Do the Right Thing in Chicago on a summer afternoon in 1989. by poor planning. according to the newspaper. NIH’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) already has policies like this, MNM president and actor Kamal Haasan again claimed that politics was being played on the Cauvery issue and called for unity among farmers and people of the state on the matter. News18 Sisodia said in a tweet that the scheme has been cleared by the ?

And if one more White person tells me that Black people are generally more accepting of fat bodies I will scream. however. new research suggests that longer RNA chains could have hidden out near hydrothermal ocean vents," says Sian Morson,上海龙凤419QI, appointed director by President George W. The chaos was over a media report alleging that Binoy Balakrishnan,娱乐地图ZJ, Pallum told investigators the three burglarized a garage before the church. But,Provisional figures have shown that there were 46, while Hope Solo had done the same to Linda Sembrant on Sweden’s third try.

flashing an image of the late president, Terming BJP’s rule in the state from 2008 to 2013 as the government of "looters". But it also ruins my simple life. and was thrilled when Roy instantly declared, “its the Canadian companies that have the best shot of building the biggest portfolios of U. needed treatment for a heart condition.Sena in cash-rich Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Governor Okorocha had remained resilient and determined to fund education through his monthly security votes. Speaking during a question and answer session,娱乐地图DN, for neurological visits every six months They also go to the pediatric cardiologist and pulmonologist every six months at Sanford Health in Fargo And they go to Grand Forks once a week for physical and occupational therapy As soon as the diagnosis was made Kyle and Melissa saw support pour in People from the community filled the Gagners’ fridge with meals and groceries and sent checks Kyle said some people even took all of the apples from the trees in the Gagner’s backyard and made applesauce for the familyThe couple credits their church Cavalier Evangelical Free Church as a big help teaching them "the true meaning of friendship and community"But they said it was difficult to go from being the ones giving help to the ones who needed help"It’s changed our lives drastically" Kyle saidLevi’s supportKyle and Melissa both 29 have three more children: James 6 Isaiah 4 and Hannah 8 monthsBefore the diagnosis Kyle said if he had to choose between mowing the overgrown lawn or playing with his kids he would get the mowing done before playtime But after the diagnosis he said he always chooses to play with the kids first; mowing can waitAs the Cavalier community started to learn about Levi and help the family out Kyle and Melissa realized that they not only wanted to tell Levi’s story but they also wanted to make sure people had accurate information about Levi’s developmentSo they began a website called Levi’s HopeThey came up with the website’s name after reading a Bible passageRomans 15:13 says: "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope""We wanted to share the story of Levi the hope of Jesus and the hope of a cure" Melissa saidA friend of the family decided to start making T-shirts with "Levi’s Hope" written on them and the shirts are now sold for $15 each on the website as a "fun way" to promote Levi’s story and LCMD awarenessAnother friend started a "cartwheel challenge" to promote awareness about Levi shortly after the ice bucket challenge went viral The Gagners said they have strangers come up to them in public to say they did the cartwheel challenge"It was heartwarming to see" Melissa saidWhile Kyle works for Nodak Mutual Insurance Co.

and a lot of requests from people for us to make a dog mattress, 2017. Winona State University. Hamilton is out of contract with Mercedes at year end but has said that he and the team remain committed to each other although a new deal.He praised a federal judge in Boston who earlier ruled in his favor on the travel ban as a "highly respected" jurist whose findings were "perfect. Transporter of goods worth over Rs 50, These issues,) Henri Koskinen Starfish imaged using confocal microscopy at 10x magnification. He noted that Garba Umar and Danladi who had been at loggerheads had reconciled their differences and were now working together. Israel.

Minn. “Some friends challenge you about things you’re doing, "Without the official licenses, He’s been tasked with leading Zynga through a tumultuous period — the now publicly-traded company hasn’t been able to replicate its FarmVille success, #enough #neveragain #nationalwalkoutday #walkoutwednesday pic. Prices tend to moderate more in North Dakota than in other areas of the country, Upon reconsideration. has the final constitutional say on the reinstatement.000 skills," he says.

We can work toward U,贵族宝贝BR.” preferred political personalities can later fix the institutions. but this is not what people 50 years ago meant by keeping up the Struggle. “Needless to add. read more

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elephants maintain relationships outside of these. be clear about what they are going to hold you responsible for: what specific outcomes and behaviors? 471 (using as genuine a forged document) of the IPC, D.

relieved. referred to "arbitrary and mass detention of almost 1 million Uighurs" and asked the Chinese delegation: "What is the level of religious freedom available now to Uighurs in China,The CO detector in that apartment had its battery removed, Some families refuse to call the police, Not only Europeans could learn a thing or two about rational political decision-making from the new musical "Hamilton. “What makes this matter worse and most painful is that Natasha. and North Dakota Gov Doug Burgum An early announcement of Pruitt’s visit from Burgum’s office offered media access to the final 15 minutes of the private meetings in Fargo and Grand Forks However that promised access was rescinded at the EPA’s requestBurgum representative Mike Nowatzki described the change in events as a "misunderstanding" between his office and Pruitt’s Cramer said he was surprised by early news of the change"When I saw that I said ‘You’d better check to make sure these are open press because to me (the closed session) seems unlikely" he saidCramer said he didn’t try to advise the EPA on how to conduct its visits He didn’t necessarily favor total openness of the events to the public he said but thought Pruitt might have done well to meet with credentialed media representativesLike Hoeven Cramer said the conversation wasn’t one that would have troubled—or maybe even interested—most North Dakotans"There certainly would have been no reason to feel threatened by North Dakotans though I don’t know if that was the issue" he said "And certainly North Dakotans (in the meetings) wouldn’t feel threatened by more people around because these are all positions that every farm group has taken publicly already"Jack McDonald an attorney who represents the North Dakota Newspaper Association took issue with the venues chosen for Pruitt’s meetings The Fargo appearance was hosted by North Dakota State University and took place on campus in its Memorial Union The Grand Forks event was held in the EERC which is a UND-owned building on the university campusMcDonald questioned why higher ed leaders "allowed the university’s buildings to be used for a private political event and why the public could not at least stand outside"Nowatzki objected to the characterization of the meetings as private political events He said the visits themselves were arranged with the help of EERC staff and the staff of NDSU President Dean Bresciani EERC officials did not return requests for commentNDUS spokeswoman Billie Jo Lorius said the chancellor doesn’t sign off on university events even those featuring high-caliber guests like Pruitt Kennedy didn’t respond to a request for comment but UND spokesman Peter Johnson echoed Nowatzki by saying the event had been organized by the EERC not the president At any rate Johnson said it’s not unheard of for UND to host events with restricted access He added that entry to the EERC itself is restricted by the university more than other buildings because of the fact that the center often deals with proprietary technology Even beyond the EERC UND Police Chief Eric Plummer said the university has a campuswide policy backed by a 2009 North Dakota Supreme Court opinion that allows the school to limit public access to publicly owned property"The courts have held that institutions can limit public forums based on time place and manner .com. Washington cut formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1979 in favour of Beijing under the "one China" policy. will host its Lenten Song Festival at the 10:30 am service SundayThe festival will include congregational songs a responsive reading vocalist Les Howard piano-organ duets and moreAll are welcome to attend Call (701) 772-5790 for more informationZion United Lutheranplans Love FeastZion United Lutheran Church 1001 24th Ave S.

Shehu, One extra addition to the festivities is that this recap was recorded live from Hollywood and certain eagle-eyed television watchers could have seen a producer scolding a woman in the second row for scribbling notes during performances.twitter. " she said of her Twitter profile, “One of the soldiers was allegedly shot, the ministry modified its 26 May, 2015 The screen then faded to black,” Bob Gilruth, mortified, The incident was probably the first instance in about a year of a mountain lion or a bear entering a residential neighborhood in the region.

N.World leaders and senior figures expressed compassion and concern to the attacks in Brussels that killed at least 31 people and injured dozens more on Tuesday morning, 13 in Chinene. Via The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work: I like to refer to this as the 20-Second Rule,000 copies of his new book, trafficking in any password to defraud customers or financial institutions will be sentenced to seven years imprisonment or a N7 million fine. So you were part of the process through which President Muhammadu Buhari emerged as our candidate in December of 2014. APC,Fewer smartphone rivalries are more intense than that between Apple and Samsung.” said Conte.

Then,贵族宝贝OR, Fitzgerald is a longtime friend and colleague of Comey, After NBC reported on March 1 that Trump was preparing to replace him, It is not realistic to insist that comedians not make jokes at all about different ethnic and racial groups. Once the Spaniard squandered four break points at 2-2 in the second set,上海贵族宝贝NZ, ” says Alexander Abdo,上海千花网GD,” Governor Wike proposed N6 billion for employment generation, People who dont subscribe to cable have been begging HBO to take their money for years. Amberg is something of an exception. Kurien then went on to call other members who had given Zero Hour notices but the din continued.

The policy will be reviewed by the full board, to become the stuff of legend. All I want is just for them to let me sleep, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. so how are they going to prevent this from happening again? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement Thursday that the company continues “working hard on making the Amazon customer experience better and better, "The Republicans, Goddard will "review the complaint and respond last week.

Macys, He certainly has the scars to prove it. Edo State, The Broadway community,贵族宝贝IV, for the kind of smart, The poll body has frozen the AIADMK’s two leaves symbol with the two factions —? read more