A5 marketing how to make a user and search engine love website

external connection anchor text, link the content of the page, these are the relationship of the target web site content, and the correlation is the most easy to control the optimization of personnel, but also the most prone to cheating, suggest to read this article when carefully to see whether their the site problem in this part of the website according to the above, the author knows there are problems and so on.

love Shanghai given the quality of the website system, with ability by optimizing personnel is difficult to make the four quality system, so A5 marketing that either now or in the future, as a webmaster you want website by the user and search engine ranking in Shanghai and love love home even before three, first of all to the site’s relevance, authoritative and practical to do it, and the three is the premise of love Shanghai quality system, quality system must want to do to this three kind of good. Then, from the current situation can be seen, many of the traditional enterprise website, tourism, real estate, education, talent, B2B, B2C and other sites are lack of the above problems, so the site is down right, no optimization effect. Therefore, A5 suggested that the marketing relevance, authoritative and practical to do, and then let the user and search engines love your website below and the webmaster exchange.

The correlation between

is the first, the relevance of site content. The correlation for the website content, the user is actually search keywords and web content, and whether there is a correlation, but the correlation is currently one of the most important site optimization, a lot of love and do optimization optimization personnel will bring unrelated websites. To specifically correlation website, want to strengthen the relevance of the website can be optimized by optimization or a small part of the link to the page, including page keywords, keywords, the location of the deployment on the construction of internal links, the page title and through semantic analysis between these content correlation station.

then, is authoritative website and web pages. The authoritative website and web pages, most of them are determined by external links, the more the chain of high quality, the higher authority of the website and the page itself "

in Shanghai dragon in this industry, the vast majority of people are in detail to do the optimization, such as chain optimization, content optimization, chain optimization, optimization of these details are the first consideration, but the details for beginners to know to optimize the site from where the hand, so the details are it is important to optimize the staff, but only to see the details is not the site optimization, so from the point of view of global. At present, love Shanghai also released a website quality system, website quality, page quality, resource quality and the quality of content, if a site to the four quality system are done, then this site will become a user and search engine love website.

, website content


, the authority of the two web sites and the

Depth analysis of three key points of quality white paper love Shanghai

love Shanghai search engines consider web content quality dimension is very much, the most important is: cost; content integrity; information true and effective and safe. According to the white paper mentioned in the following three points this detailed analysis.

second, meaning the two key factors of the quality of the content of content complete. We continue to look at the concept of love, Shanghai search engine that good quality ", spent more time and energy devoted editor, the editor’s experience and professional knowledge; the content is clear and complete and rich resources; effective and quality; the letter.

first, conceptual analysis of key factors of content quality cost. We first look at the definition and quality of web content, web page is the main content of the value, is the prerequisite to meet user requirements. Love Shanghai search engine evaluation web content quality mainly depends on the main contents of the quality, and whether the main content can make the customer satisfied. This fundamentally shows that optimization of love has been gradually from simple article update sea, released the chain transfer to the quality level of the content. Said the quality of content, we have to mention the love of Shanghai on the content quality three key definitions, first we look at the concept of cost, the cost is what? The author thinks that the cost is the webmaster in the production process of content takes time and energy and investment evaluation for the web site. For example, the cost of the pseudo original content acquisition content of the cost must be lower than the pseudo original content must be lower than the original high quality content of high quality, this is just a simple analysis of the cost, actually the meaning of cost is far more than these, we from the macroscopic analysis, website content quality and is not only the text, such as video these are pictures of material, material of the update cost, compared to video occupies large space and spend more time and energy, obvious cost increases, we do a heavy cost here to order, you will find the video production cost > picture production cost > text editor the cost of. We can get inspiration from what the cost of this concept points? The author thinks that in our own web site to spend great effort for users to consider, rather than just publish articles on the server bandwidth to meet the conditions of high-quality video and elaborate pictures bring value is much higher than the dull words. At the cost of the author to remind you that for some of the best without a user needs to impose the costs for the user, otherwise don’t need what love Shanghai will be considered cheating.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai recently released a white paper on the quality of web content, in the booklet, love Shanghai recently for details and points of the website optimization as a webmaster we have visible before the eyes, careful study and read this very valuable document, but the details of the main points of which covers very much, the content of quality problems today we are very concerned about the people and the detailed analysis, here love Shanghai mentioned three key points of the construction of good quality content, and we continued into the theme of short gossip.

Good planning who let oneself no longer is Shanghai dragon wanderer

own Shanghai Dragon 3 years, around more and more friends to join the team, as part of the website promotion is essential, Shanghai dragon industry attracts more and more attention. Look at the side of a friend on a Shanghai dragon began to make a living, could not help feeling the Internet is indeed a common dream. Of course, most of what things have to have a plan, no plan to do Shanghai dragon, both for the customer, or for themselves are not responsible attitude, a friend is like a side, a few days ago to give up a part-time job as a Shanghai dragon, the reason is very simple, just because you can not find the direction in this industry, always I feel very passive. In fact, everyone must do things that will make you plan to start things planned, regularly, so I should have the Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning? ADO, directly into the topic.

1 by Shanghai dragon do poineering foundation support. We do not think that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can only engage in website optimization, in fact, everything is the same, since you will do Shanghai dragon website optimization, then you will have the ability to involve electricity industry, because the present situation, many B2C mall have begun to get involved in the site optimization industry, because the China business is highly competitive, for some of the main single brand or brand mall, keywords is concentrated, can be very good for keywords by filling content of Shanghai dragon, and in the same financial support under a single brand or brand mall development than comprehensive market fast, so Shanghai dragon can play a big role.

2 do the related work of Shanghai dragon. This is the most widely employed now, although compared to amateur orders, such as fixed time and can not be arbitrary, but the income is relatively fixed, but also rely on the company to know a lot of people in this industry, is very good for the future development, after all, to small companies also have their own planning and operation methods, from here we can learn after entrepreneurial skills. The current state is such.


understand the basic market channel of Shanghai Longfeng, well ahead of

3 amateur orders do optimization. Do the work of the Shanghai dragon is divided into two kinds, one is the qualifications deep Shanghai dragon, the other is a novice. Novice why in this way we profit, not to mention. Only said veteran why to do so, because this time is free, and can be appropriate to enhance and consolidate their Shanghai Longfeng ability, but must reach a certain experience to do so, after all, no steel drill will not embrace porcelain live.

since you are doing Shanghai Longfeng, so it is necessary to know the specific direction of the industry, it is relying on what channels to earn money, for now, general practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng profit three.

to profit channel for the future development point, consider the employment direction of their

A5 marketing the analysis of Log log can view the site conditions and Solutions

first check whether the article was published, the search engine grab, if the basic page doesn’t crawl, how about it? If you find articles not included, the first step can use webmaster tools, simulation spiders crawl, check whether the content can be simulated successfully grab, recommended: the home station, more the second step, if accurate! Check the analog success, showing the page information, then optimization problems; if the simulation is not successful, then find the problem from the program, before A5 marketing has faced such customers, the website can be opened normally, but the use of spider simulation, but does not show any as a result, information, and how will the spider climb?

crawl page

and the 304 status code, a website by the number of search engines and the frequency of more then he is more conducive to the rankings, but if your site appears too much 304, then will reduce the search engine crawl frequency and number of times to make their sites ranked than others fall one step

even a construction site for a long time, before the ranking has been very good, even if what we didn’t do all possible because of the new rules of search engine, and find some new problems; for this, we suggest that the first check, web spider visit status code, in addition to the 200, 301 of these, the other is dangerous for example:

Why didn’t Every day I love Shanghai

404 represents the site now some entrance pages, but "disappear" problem, if handled properly, the continuous emergence of a large number of 404, it will lead to the site to drop right


recently suddenly drop right? If it is not a sensitive operation, such as the purchase of the chain, the website, you should pay attention to the following problems;



there are some website, every day a large number of updates, but not included, this way: do more efforts, what is the value? A5 marketing has had such a customer case, arrange the daily editing hundreds of articles editor, but it is not obvious that included! When the Log log will become a little helper

1, website status code



What kind of problem . The

above is only a little A5 to do marketing examples >



website ranking? Don’t complain about search engine frequent updates, good at finding problems, find out and solve the problems, the website can usher in a higher ranking! A5 marketing today will brief public popularity of it, how to use the Log log to maintain good website ranking! Your site is sick, and unable to start don’t put the check? Called a "log" service log, maybe there will be a new discovery.

5 website optimization based website understanding

, what type of website? What can I do for the user? Is the first one to think, choose a web site optimization is the focus of the industry, for example, do you want to know the group purchase group purchase net, net number of sites, in Chinese do do local site navigation, and how much is it? If you do portal website, our own advantages, how to compete with large online portals? When you choose a good industry, your site will have a prototype. In the industry website, what services are provided with this kind of service is not available on the site, there are several websites? These are the necessary work site before optimization, so as to understand the opponent site, also can give your site an accurate positioning, in the promotion, there is a right seat.

website users, understand website user groups, plays a positive role in website optimization. If your site



provides services for users, do special website, website optimization more smoothly. It says on the website positioning, the positioning of the site is their own areas of expertise, of course there are some resources, make use of these resources, promote and optimize the website, will not be in trouble. From thousands of websites, to make a website suitable for users, it is not easy to do, with a targeted website, more conducive to the optimization work, your site for example: make a home site for friends, the user experience is the kitchen decoration, so that you can locate the decoration of the kitchen. What are the characteristics of it, are divided into different to the kitchen, according to different standards for women, different types of kitchen decoration, the characteristics of the service, users can get a satisfactory answer.

website user experience In website


user group

when you locate your site at the same time, to the website operation, website operators, a background is a receptionist, front desk is the face of the user, the background is the support website or personal support. If it is a 50 person company, then you can choose to buy the product or the service type of the site, you can operate the site. If you want to develop better, so as to recruit people. General web site operators are caught site traffic, after reaching certain traffic began advertising money. Website optimization is the foundation work, with the site operation is proportional to the operating staff of the team, can be optimized.

website industry positioningFirst of all we do


, tell us a truth, in the fierce competition today, the website to survive, we must first understand yourself, and then know your opponent’s website, in order to survive. When you know yourself and know your opponent, then moves back as long as the win, because you already have all the resources. This is the website optimization work, as long as the first to understand their own website to optimize the user experience better and better. I understand the site from 5 aspects:

As head of the useless chain are you doing

third: nofollow

outside chain label

believes that many webmaster with the author know that JS code is not favored by a search engine, but there are many webmaster do not understand why such a link is not good, in fact, for such links, we do not let go of the click, it will not show our web site, but will appear in the lower left corner of the page javascript:void (0) such a character, and then we can view the source code analysis can be found in a JS code with our web site, for this chain, in fact, is simply not an anchor text link, just improve the exposure rate of our site, as did a little bit of weight to our website. So for the chain of this type, we can not say no, but try to reduce.

: the first hyperlink

jumpWe all know that

second: the chain of

from the Shanghai encyclopedia love we can see that "nofollow" is an attribute of the HTML tag value. This tag is to tell the meaning of search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. So when we do Links >

often see some of this kind of article in the webmaster online, especially for the chain this article is more special, many methods do the quality of the chain also excavated from, certainly there are many webmaster found from misleading article among the chain useless, but today I will make a for these brief summary, I hope to help some webmaster.

for our common, some useless chain often do, the author roughly aggregated into five forms to introduce to you.

chain containing JS code form

Q & a chain effect type is very good, especially the love of Shanghai know, as the site www.99i5贵族宝贝 before they often do, but with the love of Shanghai strict advertising ban, the chain of Shanghai know love has gone away from us, this time many owners will choose the weight slightly worse but included high SOSO ask this platform to do outside the chain, but today I want to say is the chain SOSO ask on our website weight also did not have a little help. Because the chain released on this platform are jump outside the chain, and direct access to our site, if you do it, you will find that when you click your anchor text in the web site, the lower left corner in front of your site will have SOSO network address, and we can see from the code, in the href address is SOSO behind the URL when the user clicks to after the jump to our site, for this chain can really bring users to us, but we can’t let the spider crawling through the site outside the chain, so it is impossible to share a drop weight.

Google launched a free web site diagnosis activities

How to submit sites to Google

text link address 贵族宝贝webziv贵族宝贝/hearsay/1346.html, reproduced indicate the source, thank you


these three steps are completed, send mail to: scsubmit@ noble baby贵族宝贝 to submit your website! Please note, if the site does not meet the above three requirements, Google will be regarded as invalid submission deadline is December 16th.

free website

Chinese webmaster blog published official reports, we are pleased to announce that we will hold an online website diagnosis activities, noble baby free to help you diagnose the website, Google will be submitted by the analysis of some specific user’s website, and gives some suggestions to improve our website, the diagnostic tour is for non-profit charity website.

Google official said: to be fair, public website this event, we only accept the non-profit application, but we believe that we will also put forward suggestions for improvement for most small and medium-sized website, if you work in the public website, your website also hope to improve the ranking performance in Google’s included, we welcome you to submit your site.

1, is a non-profit public web site must be.

In a filing with the diagnosis?


3, please confirm the content of the website and the links are in line with the Google webmaster guidelines, Google will serve as the analysis of the basic principle.

2, in order to determine your is website owners or managers, please verify your site in Google webmaster tools, you can click here to complete the verification.

Today, Google

website before, please make sure the site complies with the following:

is very simple, as long as you can apply Google email, web site address and email address indicated in the message, if you have special hope of improvement, can also be indicated in the mail, Google will be submitted according to the website, analyzes some web site problems, and gives some suggestions.

Chen Qiangfeng a few points need to pay attention to the optimization of enterprise website TITLE ti

Title? In "head < head> several elements label, < title> is a priority among priorities. The search engine based on keyword search results, displayed in the title page, the search results page is the description of < < meta; name=" description" > "content=" in the content. Therefore "head in the search engine algorithm occupies an important position, is to determine the page weight, correlation between important starting point.

So how to set the Title Some sites may need

is the best? First determine the need to optimize the keywords, keywords can be determined according to the love of Shanghai index, and other methods to determine the relevant search keywords, choose keywords follow the three high and one low (high attention, high flow, high correlation and low competition) principle, there is no detailed describes. Add the corresponding Title keyword is a feature of enterprise website optimization. Home Title can refer to: the main keyword – auxiliary keywords – column name – channel name – the name of the company in order to do so. Such as: Hebei Yuantong pump industry limited company official website home page: Title (贵族宝贝hbytsb贵族宝贝) – desulfurization slurry pump pump – Hebei Yuantong pump industry limited company; Title page set can add the appropriate auxiliary keywords, long tail keywords. Such as: slurry pump prices – technology – Hebei Yuantong Pump Industry Co. ltd.. Title headings should avoid keyword stuffing, should be based on "correlation principle, which is based on a search engine algorithm to determine the correlation between.

edit the keywords, this time also need to pay special attention to. Because the Title changes caused by improper will fall right, even by the K! Title change also should follow the web user experience and correlation principle. It is best not to a substantial modification, should be gradual. To retain the title included relatively good keywords, from right to left, gradually replace the principle. Such as: < title> slurry pump – pump – pump – Hebei Pump Co., < /title> —-> —–< title> slurry pump – pump – desulfurization pump – Hebei Yuantong Pump Industry Co. Ltd. < /title> title> ——–< – 61664; slurry pump – desulfurization pump – Hebei Yuantong pump industry limited company < >

now is the era of e-commerce, enterprises to explore potential customers gradually become a new focus of marketing channel through the Internet mining enterprise SEM consciousness gradually! How to make the enterprise website have a good performance in the search engine, indispensable to use Shanghai Dragon technology! With all the other day about enterprise site do Shanghai Longfeng some points today about a details: Title title.

What is

A how to improve the relationship between Shanghai dragon and spider

2. spider spider Xixinyanjiu, previous income spiders would not go to income, so we need to write some high quality original articles. The spider crawling the page information, before the information is no longer a spider income to collect information, the spider will think the existing information is not necessary for income.

we have done for Shanghai dragon website optimization friends, and we are the spider is also inseparable, how to let the spider crawling our website frequently to take away our income information website web page. Some novice webmaster might ask how often come to our website to know whether the spider crawling, we can view the log log to see if frequently crawling our website, if not we must think about how to let the spider love on our website frequently to crawl information receiver. Not every spider we humans are so personal, because the spider is made like spiders have their rules as long as we grasp these rules we can attract spider spider to love on our website, the following will share with you our love let the spider web method:

5. if the site above is a picture or Flash is also not going to income because the spider spider does not recognize these things. So the key words to use words to express or spiders are unable to identify these information.

4. spider love rules, spider every day at the required time to crawl the web, so we need to update the site within the stipulated time. If you do not publish articles at the time, the spider in the time to crawl the web crawl to information, the spider will think that the site is not updated frequently, it will reduce the number of crawling. Every day to keep a good time to update the site is very important.

even the station optimization do better if you don’t know the spider site is also useless, so we have to think of a way to let the spider know this website, please come to our site spider. Where we go where many spiders please, usually those large weight of high standing spiders crawl in these stations frequently, we can also release some of the original high quality soft Wen added to our website links.

3. spider love directly, to write the Meta Tag website to promotion Keywords in the Description write high relevance description.

1. spider like static active, static web spider love dynamic structure safety, there may be the possibility of a relatively small income. The first spider crawling structure of our website and look at this site is safe, if there is a risk of structure of this site has been circulating that the spider spider is crawling inside circulation, will not come in, whether it is safe to identify web spider usually, first check whether the site is static, because the dynamic website is easy to generate dead cycle that the spider fell into the bottomless pit trap will never be unable to come out, so the spider like static website.

Compared with the main effect of the long tail keywords keywords

after a year of hard work, our Lord keywords has finally come home third, perhaps for them it is not what the boss, to achieve the purpose of reach customers, but no obvious bursting…… For the needs of the enterprise, eventually came to customers is the most effective

, the main keywords:

I use an example to explain the advantages of Zhengzhou Kai is outsourcing marketing website. Our main tentative words of "network marketing outsourcing", I assume that our main customers at this stage in Zhengzhou, so I have the long tail word as "trusted network marketing outsourcing" "which Zhengzhou family network marketing outsourcing well done" through the picture, "network marketing outsourcing" is the keyword index. But the two is not included in the amount of long tail index, a difference of nearly about 8000000, there are six auction website. Just look at keyword analysis tool to the data is not accurate, but at least a little difficult to optimize the main keywords: far beyond long tail keywords.

from my previous company about


Analysis of

optimization process overview


assumes that the site every day there are 100 visitors

to achieve the purpose, the effect of

!Here we continue to demand the final

is the way we operate this main website, when the site took hung black chain, so the first thing I do is check for vulnerabilities, website, website system, etc. to complete this step has been a week, and then is the beginning of a variety of optimization hand as we all know, recovery the weights of the time waited for 3 months, after the main keyword has been in love in Shanghai 2, 3 pages around, until seventh months time, key words on the front page, began to wander in the first pages, page second, at the age of ninth months was finally stabilized in the love of Shanghai third name. I want to say the above process optimization, is to let everyone be able to master key is how to optimize up everyone’s understanding about the operating practices are not the same, so there is no fine, but one thing is common, the main difficulty is to optimize the keywords to be far higher Yu Changwei keywords.

through the "network marketing outsourcing" visit the website of 50, which, due to the special nature of the industry, in 50 there may be nearly 3>

Enterprises — money into the hands of

is responsible for this piece of electronic commerce in the company, due to the company’s environment, 80% of the company are from the website, so we team to start every day around the company’s products are optimized, key is the product of the company, the company gave us the assignment is the main keywords.

for the long tail keywords and the main difference between the keywords must I Needless to say, we all know the difference between them, I want to say today is the main keywords with long tail keywords in the actual process of optimization effect comparison.