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VALERO RIVERA – The coach for the greatest achievements

 Loading … Valero Rivera Some will say ‘the chosen one’, but others would argue saying ‘one makes his fortunes through hard work’. In case of this life-long handball aficionado, both can easily apply. Valero Rivera is a legendary figure at HC Barcelona, winning six Champions League trophies, five European Supercups as well as being a twelve-time ASOBAL League champion, all with one team. The sixty-year old is also the most responsible for the uprising of ‘Blaugrana’ to becoming one of the greatest clubs in the World, creating countless stars that rose through the ranks of this Spanish giant, in a twenty-year (1983-2003) coaching tenure Rivera has had at the club. In 2009 Rivera took over the Spanish national team, and after the bronze medal won at the 2011 World championship, he was ready to take the next step. In a place this Zaragoza-born calls his second home- Barcelona, Valero Rivera won the World champions title with the Spanish national team in 2013, to mark thirty years of coaching on the highest level. What Valero Rivera did for Spanish handball is indescribable in words, and more than a decade of worldwide prominence the ‘Hispanos’ are enjoying is all due to this legend, cut out for the highest achievements. SUPPORT VALERO RIVERA LIKEView Results ← Previous Story AMBROS MARTIN – “The man who made dreams come true” Next Story → SHF – “The ones that broke records” read more