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Trends and variability of mesospheric temperature at high-latitudes

first_imgUsing ground-based measurements of the hydroxyl (OH) Meinel (3,1) band nightglow near 1500 nm, nightly means of mesospheric temperature and OH radiance from 1991 to 1998 have been derived over Stockholm (59.5degreesN, 18.2degreesE). Time-series analysis techniques applied both to the eight-year data set as well as to an annual superposed epoch revealed several statistically significant periodic components. A trend analysis that included these periodic components revealed a small positive trend over the eight-year temperature time series. However, examining the trends on a mouth-to-mouth basis revealed positive trends during winter, small negative trends during equinox, and no significant trend during summer. This seasonal variability indicates that dynamic feedbacks, rather than radiative forcing of the mesosphere by infrared active gases, may dominate the response of the mesosphere to greenhouse gas emissions. In support of this an examination of the variability in the superposed epoch of OH temperature and radiance showed strong impulses near equinox. A simple gravity-wave transmission and dissipation model indicates that these are due in part to seasonal increases in the gravity-wave transmission of the lower atmosphere, and enhanced wave heating and mixing in the mesosphere. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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first_imgWants to go on air – O’LearyLOCAL radio has been rocked this morning with the news that Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has made a last minute bid for the radio franchise for north Donegal.Highland Radio is bidding to add another 10 years to its 24 years on the air covering the north of the county.But former Highland man Charlie Collins is hoping his DLFM station will be on air from September. Both sides gave oral presentations in Letterkenny yesterday.Now a loophole in the regulations of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has allowed a third bid, with a consortium financed by O’Leary making a submission later today.O’Leary’s granny is from Ardara and he has two uncles living in Malin; it’s understood several wealthy cousins – one with a gold mining business in Carndonagh – urged him to get behind the third bid which is believed to be called Tir Chonaill FM.One novel idea included in the bid is not to have a permanent studio, but to follow the example of the banks and go mobile, broadcasting from different villages and townlands every day from the mobile studio. Listeners will be able to sit in part of the mobile studio for €1 and watch presenters in action. Listeners wanting larger seats will have to pay €2 extra. The money will help to offset the decline in radio advertising revenue.O’Leary himself is said to be considering doing a live morning programme “but only during the summer months.”One insider at TCFM told Donegal Daily: “We are delighted Michael is behind the whole idea. The airwaves in Donegal will never be the same again.“He’s hoping to take over the Ocean FM franchise too, bringing the county together under one banner.”He said the slogan – A County Once Again – could help TCFM win the deals. “There will be no Derry news whatsoever on the station,” said the insider.Last night we managed to find O’Leary’s granny Mary in Ardara, pictured left.She approves of her grandson’s license bid, saying: “Cool. I like bit of metal music myself but I do hope Michael keeps playing Daniel O’Donnell.”The BAI said Section 5, subsection 23, paragraph 1a,c of its code allowed for late bids and an announcement on TCFM would be made just after noon today. However sources at DLFM and Highland say they are confident O’Leary’s bid will be scuppered.“It will never take off,” said one source at Mountain Top.SHOCK LAST MINUTE BID FOR DONEGAL RADIO LICENSE FROM RYANAIR BOSS was last modified: March 31st, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DLFMHighland Radionmichael o’learyradio bidlast_img read more

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Crabs look for comeback today against Prune Packers

first_imgThe Humboldt Crabs mustered just two hits as a team in Sunday’s game against the visiting Seattle Studs, falling 3-0.The loss gives summer time bragging rights to the road-warrior Studs, who took two out of the three games played over the weekend in Arcata.“It’s not the outcome we hoped for, it’s always our goal to win a series,” Crabs manager Robin Guiver said. “Their pitcher was very good today, as was the defense behind him.”Studs pitcher Alex Spahman made quick work of the Crabs lineup …last_img read more

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Warriors 117, Kings 116: Warriors escape with Durant, Thompson leading the way

first_imgOAKLAND – Soon enough, the Warriors will no longer slog through games or have poor shooting nights.Although they do not have a definitive timetable, the Warriors said they expect Stephen Curry to play at some point on their upcoming five-game trip within the next two weeks.That moment cannot come soon enough. The Warriors prevailed with a 117-116 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday at Oracle Arena. But it required a valiant effort from Kevin Durant (a season-high 44 points) and …last_img read more

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Choosing To Compete for Transactions or Relationships

first_imgThere are two ways to think about acquiring new clients and new orders. You can start from a transactional approach or you can start from a more strategic, consultative approach. The distinction is important.TransactionalA transactional approach is centered on acquiring orders. Orders are, in fact, how you get paid. The client places an order, you deliver it, and you send an invoice. And for some of your clients, this transactional relationship may be enough.But when you play at the transactional level, you are perceived as transactional value. Fine, if this is what you want. Being transactional will get you some orders. But it won’t get you the relationship you need to produce bigger outcomes. Relationship  Acquiring the client relationship is what opens up the possibility of getting all of their orders—even though it takes longer and is a more difficult outcome to obtain.The DifferenceClient acquisition and order acquisition are different. Order acquisition is transactional. It’s about taking orders, and that puts you in a contest for price. If the transaction is what matters, then the value being created is only a low-level of value.If you are instead focused on client acquisition, you have the opportunity to dig deeper and find additional ways to create real value. A more strategic level of value. You get an opportunity to design a solution that solves a bigger, more future oriented challenges. This not only earns you the right to acquire all of the orders, it earns you the right to do so at a higher margin. You are earning that higher margin by delivering greater value.center_img When your approach is strategic and consultative, instead of focusing on orders you focus on developing deep, trusted relationships. Instead of focusing on order acquisition, you focus on understanding your clients needs so deeply, and creating so much value around those strategic needs, that instead of acquiring orders, you acquire all of your client’s orders.last_img read more

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College GameDay Made Lee Corso Cry With Incredible Footage Of His Time At Navy

first_imgLee Corso cries on College GameDay.lee corso cries on college gamedayESPN’s College GameDay only had one game to cover Saturday morning, but the program certainly made the most of its air time. In honor of Lee Corso’s time spent at Navy, where he was the defensive backs coach from 1966 to 1968, GameDay put together a feature that included footage of his days in Annapolis. The segment, which you can view below, actually made Corso cry live on television. Rece Davis, Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit were also taken aback.Here’s the entire feature, via ESPN. If it doesn’t work on your mobile device, you can view it here.Very cool. Props to ESPN for honoring one of the most beloved people in the sport.last_img read more

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Health Facilities Must Be Accessible to All – Dr. Skyers

first_img “It is not enough to provide facilities for persons to access treatment, but it is equally important to make the facilities accessible to all regardless of who they are,” she said, while addressing a Symposium on HIV-related Legislation and Human Rights, organised by Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston on Tuesday (July 10). Story Highlights The Ministry of Health is reiterating its commitment to ensuring that all its health facilities are customer-friendly and accessible to every Jamaican. Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry’s HIV/STI/TB Unit, Dr. Nicola Skyers, stressed that all Jamaicans should be able to utilise healthcare services without discrimination. The Ministry of Health is reiterating its commitment to ensuring that all its health facilities are customer-friendly and accessible to every Jamaican.Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry’s HIV/STI/TB Unit, Dr. Nicola Skyers, stressed that all Jamaicans should be able to utilise healthcare services without discrimination.“It is not enough to provide facilities for persons to access treatment, but it is equally important to make the facilities accessible to all regardless of who they are,” she said, while addressing a Symposium on HIV-related Legislation and Human Rights, organised by Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston on Tuesday (July 10).Dr. Skyers also emphasised the importance of ensuring that those who work in these facilities offer the same quality services to all Jamaicans.“The Ministry remains committed to addressing any incident that demonstrates treatment that is below the standards that we have set,” she said.She noted that the symposium on destigmatising HIV and AIDS through legislative change is an important step in the right direction.“The Ministry endorses JASL’s efforts in removing stigma, as despite all the work that we have done with regards to stigma and discrimination, there are still groups that are heavily stigmatised and discriminated against in our country today,” she said.Quoting a study published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society in April 2017, Dr. Skyers pointed out that ‘stigma and discrimination’ was identified as the number-one barrier for young men who have sex with men and transgender women accessing HIV testing in Kingston.“These are two key populations with the highest HIV prevalence and, as such, it is incumbent on us to ensure that barriers to accessing services are reduced, if not totally eliminated, for them and for other key and vulnerable populations, inclusive of our adolescents,” she said.Meanwhile, Country Director, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Manoela Manova, praised Jamaica for having legislation in place to safeguard the rights of individuals.“Jamaica has the Constitution which actually provides all the rights to life, to liberty, to security. It’s the most important document that gives equal rights to every Jamaican,” she said.She also pointed to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms that prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex, place of origin, social class, colour and religion; and the National Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS developed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which includes specific provisions that ensure workers are not discriminated against based on their HIV status.Ms. Manova noted that despite these achievements, there is a concern that there is no comprehensive anti-discriminatory law, and that there is no human rights body that persons can access to seek redress for discrimination or human rights abuses.The Country Director further pointed out that the world has adopted the Global Sustainable Development agenda. One of the goals is the commitment to ending AIDS by 2030 as a public health threat. She noted that in order to achieve this, there has to be a rapid scaling up of HIV prevention, HIV testing and treatment, and committing to zero discrimination.“These are the three building blocks of what will help us bring the epidemic under control and end it as a public health threat,” she said.Held under the theme ‘Destigmatising HIV/AIDS through Legislative Change, the symposium involved discussion on the current legislative framework in place to protect and safeguard the human rights of persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.Among the key legislative issues discussed were criminalisation of HIV transmission and non-disclosure; abortion and HIV/AIDS; gender-based violence; Data Protection Act and HIV: Privacy and confidentiality, disclosure, partner notification; sexual harassment and rape; and adolescent access to contraceptives and sexual and reproductive health services.The symposium saw multisectoral participation from the Ministry of Health; Office of the Public Defender; international donor organizations UNAIDS, UN, UN Development Programme (UNDP), Global Fund; local and civil society organisations, Equality for All Foundation/J-FLAG, Eve for Life, National Family Planning Board/Sexual Health Authority, Sex Workers Association of Jamaica; and leading human rights activists.last_img read more

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More customs facilities in more places Canada US plan expanded preclearance

first_imgWASHINGTON – Imagine clearing Canadian customs in Florida, Arizona, or Chicago, or having a U.S. customs facility attached to a car plant in Ontario, with the goal of helping people and cargo travel faster between the countries.The Canadian and American governments are discussing it.They have begun talking about expanding preclearance — with plans to discuss potential sites for the first-ever Canadian customs facilities inside the U.S., and the longer-term goal of applying it to commercial goods.“You’ve got an administration on the American side and certainly on our side, that really want to move these files,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Monday, after his first face-to-face meeting with his new U.S. counterpart — Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.Preclearance has a long history.It began decades ago with U.S. border facilities in major Canadian airports — allowing people to clear customs at home, avoid logjams in U.S. hubs and fly directly into U.S. airports that don’t have customs facilities.A few years ago the Harper and Obama governments agreed to new rules allowing the practice in every mode of transport — rail, cars, buses and ships. The Trudeau Liberals approved pilot projects at rail stations in Montreal and B.C.Now, with the Trump administration, the countries are working on two future phases. Goodale said he already began discussing a first phase with Nielsen’s predecessor — installing Canadian facilities inside the U.S.“John Kelly and I had a conversation about, ‘Where would we start?’ He thought Boston — his hometown. Some Canadians suggested either Fort Lauderdale, (Florida), or Scottsdale (Arizona) — the (places with) snowbird traffic in the winter,” Goodale said in an interview.“Midwesterners would say Chicago. … Or somewhere in the American northeast,” he said noting that Canadian ski resorts would appreciate quicker access for American travellers. “There are lots of ideas.”But the bigger long-term goal involves cargo.The countries have agreed to meet this spring to develop a plan on what regulatory changes might be required to introduce preclearance for cargo beyond a pair of previous pilot projects.Goodale said he envisions a future where cars can have their components screened and sealed for shipment right inside the plant. Given that a car under construction might cross the border a half-dozen times, he said that would avoid snags and boost productivity.“The real prize of preclearance is when we could expand it from passenger to cargo,” Goodale said.He said he left the first meeting with Nielsen feeling positive.“Really good meeting,” he said.“You wonder in the first encounter: Will there be a list of complaints or grievances? No. There’s a list of important issues we’re working on together… It’s a really good, constructive, international to-do agenda.”last_img read more