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Making the impossible possible: Nikki Bradley announced as first No Barriers Ambassador

first_imgLetterkenny woman Nikki Bradley has been announced as the first charity ambassador for the No Barriers Foundation.Nikki, who is an award-winning adaptive adventurer and motivational speaker, has come on board to represent the values of No Barriers as they provide specialist rehabilitation services in Donegal and Sligo.The partnership is a perfect fit, according to Nikki, who leads her own campaign called Fighting Fit For Ewing’s to highlight the importance of exercise for rehabilitation. After surviving cancer as a teen, Nikki suffered irreversible hip damage from the treatment and is now a permanent crutch user. However, she uses her challenges to overcome greater physical challenges and to motivate others.No Barriers Foundation Ambassador Nikki Bradley at FitHub LetterkennyNikki’s feats, from scaling a glacier on crutches to completing a Four Peaks challenge, are about making the impossible possible.“That’s the way of thinking I’d like to bring to No Barriers. And that’s the kind of thinking they have already so I think I’ll slot in nicely,” Nikki told Donegal Daily.No Barriers, directed by Letterkenny Physiotherapist Johnny Loughrey, leads unparalleled rehab therapy with an Eksobionics robotic exoskeleton, alongside inclusive training for people with disabilities. Now based at FitHub Letterkenny, the foundation is piloting exercise classes for wheelchair users. “What Johnny and the entire No Barriers team is doing is amazing,” Nikki said. “To get the opportunity to train in general is amazing, but to train in an environment where everyone else is training, I know for me that makes a huge difference.”No Barriers Physiotherapist Stephen McNally, FitHub Letterkenny owner Neil Barrett, No Barriers Charity Ambassador Nikki Bradley, Exercise Therapist David Hone and Director Johnny LoughreyNikki sees the clear benefits that come with people of all abilities training alongside each other.“FitHub is a great facility, I find it very inclusive. I’ve trained here myself for years. Neil Barrett trained me at the start and he changed my way of thinking. They think outside the box all that time.“For the people using the Exoskeleton, it is great for them to see others training, but more importantly for others to see them training, it’s a really inspiring environment to be in.“When you are working out, it’s not easy. Everybody is sweating, but to see these people pushing themselves is really a great motivator for everybody,” she said. No Barriers Foundation Ambassador Nikki Bradley at FitHub LetterkennyMotivation is a key driver for Nikki, who brings contagious positivity to her motivational talks.“I hope to bring my experiences and the knowledge I have gained over the last six years since setting up my campaign to No Barriers. I’ve come across lots of different challenges within challenges,” she said.Nikki’s next challenge has taken an unexpected route. She had been training for the Dublin Marathon until a once-in-a-lifetime mission came along recently. Instead, she will be travelling to Africa next month with ALPS, a suicide prevention charity based in Northern Ireland.“My way of thinking is: If I do the Dublin Marathon, the only person that benefits is me. If I travel to Africa and do this type of amazing work with an amazing group, I’m getting the opportunity to help others and give back. I’ve been so lucky since 2013 with my charity, so it feels right.” Johnny Loughrey welcomed Nikki as an Ambassador for No Barriers, saying: “Nikki’s limitations have actually given her more mental strength and more determination to show they haven’t really limited her at all.“Everything that Nikki is doing with Fighting Fit for Ewing’s ties in so well with No Barriers. We are delighted to have her on board. She pushes the boundaries of her own mental and physical strength and shows that using crutches or having a different level of mobility doesn’t limit what you can do or achieve in life.Johnny continued: “No Barriers revolves around staying strong and keeping fit, regardless of your injuries. We adapt all the exercises to suit what level of injury someone has.“We know there is a massive mental health aspect too. When someone suffers a stroke, spinal injury or brain injury they perceive that a lot of their life has been taken away or they can’t do as much as they previously could. No Barriers is about teaching people what they can do and creating a support network and social outlet.”No Barriers Foundation Ambassador Nikki Bradley at FitHub LetterkennyMaking the impossible possible: Nikki Bradley announced as first No Barriers Ambassador was last modified: September 8th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:exercisefithub letterkennynikki bradleyno barriers foundationlast_img read more

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What Mean These Stars?

first_imgThere are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in current astronomical models.  Two articles recently underscored the fact that astronomers still have a lot to learn.Cluster generation conundrum:  The members of globular star clusters were long thought to be old stars of the same age, like seniors at a care facility.  Then the discovery of “blue stragglers” caused consternation; they were too massive to be billions of years old.  In the first episode of a new DVD series produced by Astronomy magazine, “The Life and Death of Stars,” an astronomer proposed that the blue stragglers are stars born from collisions among the older stars.  Now, a third population is further upsetting cluster age models, according to a press release from the Space Telescope Science Institute.  Science Daily stated that the dilemma of three out-of-sync stellar populations in globular cluster NGC 6791 “may fundamentally challenge the way astronomers estimate cluster ages.”    The article says that astronomers have found three populations of stars with different estimated ages: 4 billion, 6 billion and 8 billion years.  Two of the populations consist of white dwarf stars.  “The age discrepancy is a problem because stars in an open cluster should be the same age,” said one astronomer.  “They form at the same time within a large cloud of interstellar dust and gas.  So we were really puzzled about what was going on.”  Another added, “This finding means that there is something about white dwarf evolution that we don’t understand.”    The article proposed a simple and “elegant” reconciliation of the two discrepant ages of white dwarf populations.  They might be binary systems.  The brightness of the binaries makes them look younger, the team of astronomers suggested.  They did not explain why this was never discovered before, or what it means to other estimates of cluster ages and distances.  White dwarfs are commonly-used age indicators, because according to leading models of stellar evolution, they are the end products of main sequence stars of a certain range of masses after the red giant phase.  For more on problems with globular cluster dating, see 01/05/2003, 01/01/2004, 08/28/2006 and 05/03/2007.  National Geographic News published the stunning Hubble image that shows the interior of the cluster.  A couple of distant spiral galaxies can be seen in the background.Cosmic baby boom:  Another conundrum “baffles astronomers,” according to  The article subtitle explains the problem: “Our galaxy cranks out about 10 new stars per year.  Now astronomers have found one near the beginning of time that’s generating a whopping 4,000 a year.  At that rate, the galaxy needs only 50 million years to grow into one equivalent to the most massive ever observed.  Such rapid-fire starbirth and growth confounds theory.”  Sure enough, the leading “Hierarchical Model” of galaxy evolution expects that galaxies should grow slowly, not explosively “in one big burst” of star formation.  Peter Cepak of Caltech used a human analogy to explain the problem: “If our human population was produced in a similar boom, then almost all of the people alive today would be the same age.”  He continued, “If the universe was a human reaching retirement age, it would have been about 6 years old at the time we are seeing this galaxy.”    The new finding further exacerbates the problem of instant maturity in the early universe (see 06/04/2001, 01/03/2004, 09/21/2005, 03/31/2006).  Why would stellar evolution occur at a much more rapid pace in the early universe?  What was exceptional about that epoch?  The idea contradicts uniformitarianism.  Astronomers announced the results based in images of a galaxy taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii.  Now, the team is trying to see if this “Baby Boom galaxy” is an exceptional case.  If not, and most early galaxies were bursting into growth in their cosmic infancy, the Hierarchical Model of galaxy formation may be falsified.How scientists treat anomalies in their models is instructive.  Many scientists are reluctant to jettison a working model just because of a few anomalies.  More often they employ rescuing devices to save the model.  Sometimes, however, the anomalies are just too stubborn to fit.  It is up to observers outside the paradigm to decide when the rescuing devices have become less plausible than other models.We’ll let our readers chew on these stories and ponder their implications.  Some will feel comfortable with the explanations offered by the pros.  Others will wonder if a scientific revolution is in the offing.  For a diversion, try this riddle on someone today:Q: I am the end of time and the beginning of eternity.  I am the last of space, and the beginning of every end.  What am I?A: The letter ”e.”Have a stellar day.(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Army chopper with Northern Army commander on board crash lands in JK, no casualties

first_imgAn Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) of the Army with Northern Army Commander Lt. Gen Ranbir Singh on board crash-landed in the Poonch Sector of Kashmir on Thursday. All personnel aboard escaped with minor injuries.“The Army Commander was visiting units in the Poonch Sector when the ALH developed a technical snag and crash-landed. All passengers and crew sustained injuries,” a defence spokesperson said.The injured were shifted to the Command Hospital, Udhampur. All have sustained blunt and superficial injuries but are stable, the spokesperson added.Local villagers who were the first to arrive at the spot provided assistance to the Army in the evacuation of the injured.last_img read more

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JAMAICA Justice Ministry looking to table Child Diversion Bill January

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Jamaica, December 18, 2017 – Kingston – Justice Minister, Hon. Delroy Chuck, says the Ministry is looking to table the Child Diversion Bill in Parliament in January 2018.   He said the Bill will go to Cabinet in short order for approval.   The Minister was speaking at a press conference at his Constant Spring Road offices in St. Andrew on December 13.   The Bill aims to address the needs of children involved in violent incidents, providing some alternative for them outside of the formal justice system.Turning to other legislative measures, Minister Chuck cited steps being taken to amend the law to enable a single judge adjudicating cases of human trafficking.   He gave assurance that all “the Ministry’s (legislative) Bills are being dealt with expeditiously”.    As it relates to the establishment of the Human Rights Institute, he said that “this is actively under consideration and will be dealt with in the early part of next year”.Meanwhile, Mr. Chuck said the Ministry is aiming to complete the payment of compensation to victims of the 2010 security forces operation in West Kingston by the end of the year.   The Government has approved payment of approximately $200 million to aggrieved persons.Minister Chuck said that about 418 payments have been approved, which are to be deposited to bank accounts once the requisite documentations are completed and the taxpayer registration number and identifications are provided.Persons are being asked to visit Restorative Justice centres in Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town, which “will be utilized to ensure beneficiaries get their compensation on time”.last_img read more

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High School singer Eevie Perez to perform at Copley Symphony Hall

first_img February 22, 2019 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Michael Feinstein, an honored cabaret artist, is performing a show celebrating the magic of Frank Sinatra at Copley Symphony Hall on Friday, February 22 at 8:00 p.m.The famed singer is also passionate about mentoring young singers across the country through the Songbook Academy® — a summer performance intensive for high school students that Feinstein founded.Eevie Perez is a local songstress who is proud to call Feinstein a mentor. The high school senior was a Top 10 finalist of the 2018 Songbook Academy® — and on February 22 she’ll be taking the stage for a solo performance alongside Feinstein at the Symphony Hall.Eevie, an alum of the Great American Songbook Foundation’s 2018 Songbook Academy®, is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy and a member of Envision Theatre Conservatory in San Diego. She is on her school’s competitive ComedySportz improv team and loves Golden Age musical theatre. She is a 2018 graduate of the Open Jar Institute summer intensive in New York City. Categories: Entertainment, Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter High School singer Eevie Perez to perform at Copley Symphony Hall KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, Posted: February 22, 2019last_img read more