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No news of Ho Chi Minh City blogger held for past four months on spurious charge

first_imgNews News April 22, 2021 Find out more to go further August 19, 2008 – Updated on January 20, 2016 No news of Ho Chi Minh City blogger held for past four months on spurious charge April 27, 2021 Find out more RSF laureates support jailed Vietnamese journalist Pham Doan Trang VietnamAsia – Pacific The authorities accuse him of not paying any taxes for the past ten years on the place where he lives. In fact, he rented the premises from Hanoi Eyewear Co. under an arrangement allowed by the law in which the company assumes responsibility for paying the taxes.Dieu Cay is affiliated to a group of bloggers known as the Free Vietnamese Journalists Club, some of whose members have been threatened and arrested on several occasions. One, who does not want to be named, was fired from his job at the government’s request and fears he could be arrested on a charge of “divulging information abroad with the aim of overthrowing the government” for giving interviews to foreign news media.Vietnam has the most repressive Internet policies in Asia, after China. Nine cyber-dissident are currently in prison because of what they posted online. In 2006, ISPs were told to install software that enables them to store their clients’ data for a year. The interior ministry is in charge of filtering political content. Vietnam sentences journalist Tran Thi Tuyet Dieu to eight years in prison Help by sharing this information Follow the news on Vietnam Reporters Without Borders reiterates its call for the release of Nguyen Hoang Hai, a Ho Chi Minh City blogger better known by the pseudonym of Dieu Cay, who has been held on a tax fraud charge since 19 April and who is about to begin his fifth month in detention.“This is an utterly baseless charge that is just a pretext to prevent him from posting more articles critical of the government,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The authorities are copying their Chinese neighbours both as regards Internet filtering and harassment of Internet users. We call for Dieu Cay’s release.” Dieu Cay posted articles criticising China’s policy in the South China Sea, where both the Chinse and Vietnamese government’s claim sovereignty over the Spratly and Paracel Islands. He had been under close police surveillance since taking part in protests against Chinese policy that took place in Ho Chi Minh City at the start of this year. At one point, the police threatened to let Chinese agents kill him.After not seeing him for more than a month, police went to his home in Dalat district 3 (on the northern outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City), searched his home, seized documents and charged him with tax fraud. RSF_en News Organisation Reporters Without Borders reiterates its call for the release of blogger Dieu Cay, who has been held on a tax fraud charge since 19 April.“This is an utterly baseless charge that is just a pretext to prevent him from posting more articles critical of the government,” Reporters Without Borders said. VietnamAsia – Pacific Three more independent reporters arrested in Vietnam Receive email alerts News April 7, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

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Test ‘n tune sessions this Saturday at Sunset Park, Cottage Grove, Willamette

first_imgBy Ben Deatherage BANKS, Ore. – A busy weekend of test ‘n tune sessions is on tap for this Saturday, April 5 at three IMCA sanctioned tracks in Oregon.Practice starts at 2 p.m. at Sunset Speedway Park in Banks and at Cottage Grove Speedway. A car show begins at noon and runs ‘til 3 p.m. with cars on display in front of the pit sign-in area at Willamette.Practice starts at 4 p.m. in Lebanon.last_img

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Implement NDP in everything you do

first_imgSpeaking via a live video call, Minister in the Presidency, Trevor Manuel, encouraged learners to become active citizens.(Images: Shamin Chibba) Brand South Africa’s research manager, Petrus de Kock, said youth development is important to the development of the entire country. MEDIA CONTACTS • Brand South Africa   +27 11 483 0122 • Brett Malila  Programme Manager  The President’s Award  +27 46 622 7273 +27 71 031 9857RELATED ARTICLES • Give youth a voice • To SA youth: ‘make NDP yours’ • Investing in African youth • African youth to shake up leadership • Leading SA’s youth out of povertyShamin ChibbaTo ensure the success of the National Development Plan (NDP), Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel urges young South Africans to do two things: first, they must get to know and understand each other, and second, they must incorporate, wherever possible, the principles of the plan into everything they do.This was the message he sent out to pupils at an NDP Youth Dialogue held at Merrifield College in East London on Saturday, 31 August. Those who attended were members of The President’s Award, a youth empowerment NGO that co-hosted the event. Speaking via a live video call, Manuel encouraged the youth to take the initiative to improve conditions in South Africa. He added that it was up to them to make a difference as they would become the country’s leaders by 2030. “If we do not see ourselves as active citizens then we will not realise the aims set out in the NDP.”He asked the pupils where they wanted to see South Africa by 2030 and how they would fulfil their aims. He turned to the NDP’s vision to provide suggestions: “We want to rid the country of poverty and we want to lessen the gap between rich and poor.” Manuel also emphasised the importance of developing South Africa’s technology to help to meet its goals. However, he said the country would have to catch up with the rest of the world and later keep up with them.Petrus de Kock, Brand South Africa’s research manager, explained just how important the youth’s interaction with the minister was, especially since it was on a topic that determined their future. “Let us see what you can contribute in terms of ideas and in terms of questions. We also need to challenge not just the document but ourselves as well.”The principle of development underlying the NDP enabled citizens to live their dreams, develop their skills and their interests, he said, adding that their development as individuals contributed to the development of society. Getting youth to be active citizensBrett Malila, the programme manager of The President’s Award, said the NGO hosted the dialogue to find ways to get young people involved in the bigger picture outlined in the NDP. Some of its members, he said, did not see the effects of their efforts and therefore questioned their need to participate in service. “You do service because you are part of a bigger picture. And being part of it necessarily means you are part of the NDP.”Formed as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award 30 years ago, The President’s Award encourages members to take up a new skill, partake in any physical recreation, and embark on an “adventurous journey”, which usually entails a hike as long as 48 kilometres. Malila said any skill, from web design to first aid, was accepted as long as it was done in a formal manner. “You might have someone who is struggling with maths and does extra maths and that is good enough for us. There is flexibility because each person’s programme is different.”Once the member completed the programme’s three levels, they received a badge and certificate signed by President Jacob Zuma and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, Malila said they gained personal qualities that were more important than the accolades. Most participants undertook numerous challenges that would test their perseverance, dedication and self-reliance, which Malila said resulted in a positive change of character. “Teaching [youth] to rely on themselves is probably the best thing in this day and age. And I think that is what our country needs at the moment.”The President’s Award is unique in that it accepts youth from any school or tertiary institution and does not choose them based on their financial position. Malila said some members even came from care centres and correctional facilities. “It is not so much about what they have done in the past to get them in those situations but it is how they plot and plan their future that matters.”According to De Kock, the activities encouraged by The President’s Award fit into the principles of Brand South Africa’s initiative, Play Your Part, which promotes active citizenship. “Play Your Part inspires people to move forward. The more we can implement the principle of working together, then we as a collective will cross the hurdles.” Noteworthy projectsDuring his address, Manuel called on three members of The President’s Award to speak about the contributions they had made to their communities.Chantelle May, 19, a matric pupil from Victoria Girls High School in Grahamstown, is part of a committee which includes five schools from her region. They decided to address the basic needs of children living in poverty by collecting clothing, stationery and shoes. By the end of the programme the committee had collected over 3 100 items, when they had expected to reach only 300.Nolufefe Cunu, 19, from Hillside High School in Port Elizabeth, said her committee looked to provide comfort and support for senior citizens at an old age home as well as juvenile prisoners at a local correctional facility. The committee went about cleaning and painting the old age home and providing prisoners with basic needs such as toiletries. Cunu said the idea came from a need to show the elderly and the prisoners that there were young men and women out there who loved and cared for them. “We want to encourage them and show them there is still hope. We can give them the care and the love they would not normally have.”St George’s College student Alexandra Prins, 16, said her committee, which is made up of five schools in Port Elizabeth, was working towards creating self-sustainability for SOS Children’s Village. It chose the home after learning that most of its funding had been cut. As a result, it was unable to cope with the rapid growth it was experiencing.It started in July, and the committee was collecting educational DVDs, toiletries and even money to buy cleaning materials and new buses. St George’s was also conducting an educational project, through which its pupils taught children from the home. At the beginning of the September holidays, the committee would donate the items it had collected.Prins said the committee would like to expand its reach and increase its size in the future. “Every year we pick one project and do a big event for it. But in between we do not know where to go with the money. Now we have decided to help other charities, with SOS being our main benefactor.”last_img read more

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National Child Protection Week – “Let Us All Protect Children to Move South Africa Forward.”

first_imgThe Minister of the Department of Social Development, Ms Susan Shabangu, led the launch of the National Child Protection Week (CPW) campaign on Sunday 27 May 2018 in Pretoria, Gauteng. This year’s theme for the week-long campaign is: “Let Us All Protect Children to Move South Africa Forward.”It is of great importance that every person takes up the responsibility daily to protect children and play their part in contributing to a South Africa where all its citizens can live in safety, peace and harmony. Children need special protection because they are among the most vulnerable members of society. They are dependent on others – their parents and families – for care and protection.Great things are done by a series of small things brought together, therefore, each person can participate in the CPW campaign by educating themselves and sharing with others The Bill of Rights in the Constitution Section 28 which states the rights that every child has;Every child has the right –a) to a name and a nationality from birth;b) to family care or parental care, or to appropriate alternative care when removed from the family environment;c) to basic nutrition, shelter, basic health care services and social services;d) to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation;e) to be protected from exploitative labour practices;f) not to be required or permitted to perform work or provide services that –i) are inappropriate for a person of that child’s age; orii) place at risk the child’s well-being, education, physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development;g) not to be detained except as a measure of last resort, in which case, in addition to the rights a child enjoys under sections 12 and 35, the child may be detained only for the shortest appropriate period of time, and has the right to be –i) kept separately from detained persons over the age of 18 years; andii) treated in a manner, and kept in conditions, that take account of the child’s age;h) to have a legal practitioner assigned to the child by the state, and at state expense, in civil proceedings affecting the child, if substantial injustice would otherwise result; andi) not to be used directly in armed conflict, and to be protected in times of armed conflict.2. A child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child.3. In this section, “child” means a person under the age of 18 years.The CPW campaign was initiated in 1997 to raise awareness about the need for communities to protect children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence and ill-treatment.Let us be reminded by the words of Nelson Mandela, in his speech at the dedication of Qunu and Nkalane Schools in June 1995 when he said; “our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth who care for and protect our people”.Share how you are Playing Your Part and protecting children in your home, school and community @PlayYourPartSA #Getinvolved #Bethelegacylast_img read more

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Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Driving Away Brands – Starting With Mine

first_imgA Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#Facebook Now Cuban tells me he’s doing more than considering a move – he’s doing it. And not just with the Mavs but with the 70 or so companies in which he has invested.“We are moving far more aggressively into Twitter and reducing any and all emphasis on Facebook,” Cuban says, via email. “We won’t abandon Facebook, we will still use it, but our priority is to add followers that our brands can reach on non-Facebook platforms first.”Cuban and other corporate Facebook members are howling because new rules on the social network make it harder for brands to reach people without spending big money on sponsored posts.That’s because in September Facebook changed the algorithm that controls which messages get through to which members. The result is that some brands a sharp dropoff in the reach of their posts – as much as 50% in some cases.It’s Not A Shakedown – We’re Trying To Fight SpamFacebook insists it isn’t choking off reach as a way to push brands to spend more on sponsored posts. Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine which people see which posts. EdgeRank uses a lot of factors, including how often your friends log in to Facebook and what settings they choose on their news feeds, the company says.Facebook constantly tinkers with EdgeRank to make it more effective, says product manager Will Cathcart. The algorithm change in September was a bigger change than usual, Cathcart says, but its goal was simply to cut down on spam in people’s news feed.Still, Facebook seems more determined than ever to crank up its revenue, especially as its stock price has collapsed more than 50% since its initial public offering earlier this year.Cuban says the company’s hunger for revenue is backfiring. In an email conversation, excerpted below, he lays out his case for moving away from Facebook:Why We’re Looking Elsewhere“It’s not feasible yet, but we have no choice but to continuously evaluate alternatives. We have already pushed more to Twitter. The new Myspace looks promising. And Instagram and Tumbler and others are much more open and are getting more of our attention.“The big negative for Facebook is that we will no longer push for likes or subscribers because we can’t reach them all. Why would we invest in extending our Facebook audience size if we have to pay to reach them? That’s crazy.“In many respects it has already blown up on Facebook. Their search for revenue has severely devalued every brand’s following and completely changed the economics of consumer interaction.”Brands Have Made A Bad Investment“Brands have invested in getting consumers to like their Facebook page with the presumption that every like is created equal, that the brand can reach the user easily. That is not the case. “I realize that Facebook has never given 100% user coverage to followers of a brand. However it now appears that to extend beyond minimal reach is going to cost brands more money. “I think this is a reflection of Facebook searching for more revenue since going public and the more it costs to reach followers on Facebook the lower the value to the brand of being on Facebook.”I Wouldn’t Buy Facebook Stock“I haven’t bought [at the current price] and I wouldn’t buy here. I think they have to determine what their business is right now and how they will make money at it. I don’t believe they are clear about either.”Using Myspace Is Not As Crazy As You Think“Actually, Myspace is going through a reformatting that looks pretty good. There is a greater than zero chance that it could gather quite a bit of momentum.“In addition to Myspace, Twitter and Tumblr are both ready, willing and able to support brand activation without holding followers hostage for additional revenue. And in the ironic department, Instagram has the same friction-free reach to followers that Twitter and Tumblr have but Facebook doesn’t.”Why Brands Feel Betrayed“Facebook has never allowed 100% reach. I think the disconnect is that not everyone realized that they didnt allow 100% reach. I bet if you asked  anyone who has subscribers if their posts reached 100% of their subscribers, they would say yes unless they have seen the dollar box for promoted posts show up.“I think the same applies to brands as well. Remember most brands don’t have social media departments. They rely on common sense. If someone likes your brand, it seems like common sense to me that you can expect your posts to reach 100% of those that like your brand. Doesn’t it to you?”Facebook Has A Fundamental Business Model Problem“And one more point. I get that they want to reduce the speed at which news scrolls off of people’s Facebook pages. The more stuff, the less you see; the less you see, the less you engage. All good points by Facebook. “But it’s a reflection of overall design and strategy weakness. Again, why would a brand invest in getting likes they can’t reach without paying a premium?”I’d Rather Pay An Upfront Fee“The right price is to charge an upfront fee for brands. In the current system there is complete uncertainty on the cost. And even worse, at least for our size brands, you have to deal with the pricing for each posting, which is a time waster.“I’m just suggesting that a single upfront fee or a monthly fee where there is certainty of cost would allow brands to focus on bringing in consumers to like the brands knowing that they can always reach everyone that likes them. I don’t know what that number should be.“And let me add, I’m not trying to come off as some Facebook expert. I’m not. I have a bunch of little companies via SharkTank and other investments that use Facebook in the normal course of business. They shouldn’t have go to great lengths to figure out the nuances of Facebook audience reach. That complexity, IMHO, will come back to haunt Facebook.”Read on: Macromedia’s Marc Canter says, Hell, yeah!Image courtesy of Reuters. Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is fed up with Facebook and will take his business elsewhere. He’s sick of getting hit with huge fees to send messages to his team’s fans and followers.Two weeks ago Cuban tweeted out a screen grab of an offer he’d received from Facebook. The social network wanted to charge him $3,000 to reach 1 million people. Along with the screen grab, Cuban wrote, “FB is blowing it? This is the first step. The Mavs are considering moving to Tumblr or to new MySpace as primary site.” The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Related Posts dan lyonslast_img read more

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How to Differentiate Your Startup in a Red Ocean Industry

first_imgTags:#Blue Ocean#Brand Differentiation#Competition#Red Ocean#Startup Marketing We all dream of coming up with the next ingenious idea that redefines an industry, or creates one from scratch. Netflix opened the floodgates to the world of streaming content, and they benefited enormously from being the only players in town (at least, for a few years). Uber capitalized on an existing need–transportation–but provided a fast, convenient, and cheap service that essentially created the new industry of ride-sharing.These are examples of “blue ocean” opportunities, as defined by the popular book Blue Ocean Strategy by professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. In case you aren’t familiar, they posit that there are two types of market opportunities when you create a startup from scratch. There are red oceans, which are filled with blood from fierce competition. These oceans, representing mature industries in a free market, are incredibly difficult to enter—at least without paying a price, either in more aggressive marketing and advertising costs or by settling for a smaller market share. Blue oceans, by contrast, are all but free from competition, giving you more flexibility, lower costs, and domination over nearly 100 percent of the market share.To many aspiring startup entrepreneurs, this is disheartening news, and a borderline tragic way to look at things. Coming up with a blue ocean strategy is hard, if not impossible. But the good news is, red oceans and mature industries aren’t as hard to enter as the root analogy would imply; there may not be quite as much opportunity to become a tech unicorn or acquire Bezos-scale wealth, but you can certainly succeed in a mature industry, provided you take the right marketing approach.The Truth About “Red Oceans” If we’re following the ocean analogy here, then we need to address the true nature of the competition. These red waters aren’t uniformly infested, nor are they infested in every corner. Instead, there are pockets of blue ocean to be found within those red oceans. In more literal terms, even mature industries, filled to the brim with competition, have untapped market segments and new opportunities for those willing to look.For example:Specific product features. The product itself may not change, but you can certainly add something to it. New product features may be enough to differentiate the product, and enter a world free from competition, even within a competitive industry. For example, the fast food industry is currently saturated with burger joints, but McDonald’s has introduced and maintained the Big Mac, a unique burger that can’t be replicated without violating copyright laws; if you want this specific taste, you can’t simply go somewhere else.Target demographics. You can also target a different demographic, or capitalize on consumer preferences that aren’t being met by the leading competitors. For example, in the past few years, Dollar Shave Club practically took over the subscription razor industry, and giants like Bic and Gillette quickly followed suit. Yet in the razor battle, was able to enter the mature shaving industry and make a name for itself by focusing on the smaller niche of wet shavers who prefer straight razors and safety razors.Price points. One of the more obvious points of differentiation is price. If all your competitors are selling something around the same price, you could easily capitalize on their existing audience, or target a new audience by offering it cheaper. You could also capitalize on a luxury market by charging more (assuming you can offer a higher-quality product). A key example here is the Fidget Cube, a stress-relieving toy that was crowdfunded successfully at a roughly $20 price point; a competitor, Stress Cubes, hijacked the idea and sold cubes for far less, reducing profit margins and beating the Fidget Cube to market.Geographic locations. You could also feasibly find more opportunities in a different geographic area. If there’s a specific business, product, or service that’s popular in one area of the country, you could bring it to a location that’s unfamiliar with it. Rural areas tend to be fantastic opportunities here.Peripheral services. It’s also possible to stand apart from the competition by offering services that aren’t available from mainstream competitors. For example, the Home Depot initially stood out as a competitor to traditional lumber yards because they offered a wider variety of products in one location, as well as classes to help DIYers.The Role of Brand Differentiation The secret to finding success in a mature industry is twofold; first, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself, and second, you need to make that differential element evident to the people you’re trying to persuade. That often means adjusting your brand values, your core products, or your overall marketing strategy for these key benefits:Competition reduction. Pursuing a path of your own instantly reduces the number and ferocity of competitors you’ll face. Fewer competitors means you won’t have to worry about someone else poaching customers from you, and you’ll probably spend less on marketing and advertising.Increased visibility. Being different immediately helps you stand out. Capitalizing on what makes you different from the major players in a mature industry is a strategy certain to attract attention naturally, aiding you in your marketing and advertising efforts.Niche exploration. Exploring a specific niche within the mature industry can help you cultivate and nurture a sub-industry. The more you learn about these customers and the more you cater to them, the more loyal they’ll become—especially if they never had an options like yours before.Marketing an Undifferentiated Startup Of course, these brand differentiating factors aren’t exactly valuable unless you have a method of making them visible to the public and explaining why they’re valuable. This is where marketing comes into play. You can build up your brand’s visibility and perceived value with these strategies, at a minimum:Define your differentiators (or make new ones). The most obvious answer here is to play up what makes you different in your advertising strategy. A simple message, like “sick of paying high prices for ____?” can be a good start (though you’ll want something a little more original). Are you cheaper? Higher-quality? More convenient? Targeted to someone different? Make this clear in your ads from the get-go, and try to include at least one brand element that encapsulates this, like a company name or tagline.Leverage untapped channels and outlets. There are invariably marketing and advertising strategies that your main competitors aren’t currently using. That could be because the strategies are new and unfamiliar, or because these channels haven’t historically worked for the industry. But because your company is different, it may be able to leverage these channels more efficiently. For example, if your competitors are all over Facebook but you’re differentiating yourself by targeting a more professional, older audience, you could turn to LinkedIn for your needs.Exploit key differences. Chances are, what makes you different from your existing competitors is a pain point for their current audience. You can use this to your advantage by portraying these unpleasant experiences or perceptions. For example, if existing customers are frustrated with waiting too long for a product or service, you could use a video ad that depicts someone waiting indefinitely—and someone beside them who gets the task done much quicker.Piggyback on existing brand value. As long as you aren’t lying about your competitors, you can mention them directly in your marketing and advertising campaigns, as a way to capitalize on the brand value they’ve already established. You can do this with a side-by-side comparison, or with a catchy tagline, such as “like COMPETITOR, but ________.”Truly creative startups that disrupt an industry or attempt to create a new one will naturally have advantages over those that attempt to move into already-claimed territory. However, entrepreneurs who know how to differentiate their brand, and are willing to discover and exploit niche opportunities can easily enter “red ocean” mature markets, and succeed. The trick is to learn which markets or needs aren’t currently being addressed, and find a way to work them into your business model. How Myia Health’s Partnership with Mercy Virtua… Frank Landman Frank is a freelance journalist who has worked in various editorial capacities for over 10 years. He covers trends in technology as they relate to business. How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who …last_img read more

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Brazils Youth Too Much For US Mens Soccer

The United States entered Wednesday’s friendly against world powerhouse Brazil looking to extend their 5 match winning streak. Unfortunately that momentum, as well as 67,619 screaming fans packed into FedEx Field in Landover, MD, were not enough to stop Brazil from claiming victory 4-1.The Brazilian national team came into yesterday’s game led by Neymar, hailed by former national team member and soccer icon Pele as the next great Brazilian futbol star. First half goals from Neymar and Thiago Silva gave Brazil a lead that they would never surrender.According to the Washington Post, USA head coach Juergen Klinsmann praised his team’s resilience but felt that they played without a lot of tenacity.“We need to get nastier, maybe a little bit still too naïve, maybe we don’t want to hurt people. We have to step on their toes more, get them more frustrated.”Team USA Forward Herculez Gomez, who scored the only goal for the U.S., noticed how the game changed when his team began to force the issue against the respected Brazilians.“Sometimes you see Brazil on the calendar and you go in with a lot of respect for their players, but they are just like us,” he said. “They bleed, they hurt, so you’ve got to get after it. You saw in the second half when we pressed and imposed our game, they were the ones on their heels, they were the ones trying to hit us, they were the ones sweating and battling and fighting to track back.”The U.S. had ample opportunities to score during the second half but failed to rally from their deficit. The crowd of 67,619 was the largest crowd to watch a soccer game in the Washington area. read more

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After weeks of hiding Kevin Beisers appearance leaves more questions than answers

first_img Ashlie Rodriguez, After weeks of hiding, Kevin Beiser’s appearance leaves more questions than answers Ashlie Rodriguez April 23, 2019 Posted: April 23, 2019center_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After nearly of month of hiding, San Diego Unified trustee Kevin Beiser showed up at tonight’s board meeting, but his appearance left more questions than answers.Not even the board knows what’s going on.Beiser showed up today like business as usual. He then he slipped out without saying a word about the allegations or addressing the fact that the board wants him gone.The embattled board member hasn’t spoken to the media, or more importantly his constituents, since March 19 when four men went public with their allegations of sexual harassment and assault. That’s when he sent a text claiming innocence followed by weeks of silence.Beiser hasn’t been proven guilty in a court of law but his detractors argue he can’t focus on clearing up the accusations in court. He’s indefinitely left his Chula Vista Middle School teaching job but apparently has no intention of leaving his political office, to the dismay of his peers.Tom Keliinoi is the Republican who ran against Beiser and lost, and while he may be waiting in the wings to take the title of District B trustee, the only other option for voters is a recall election. The board cannot force Beiser to step down.So why is Beiser showing up only to slip out before the meeting ends? Will he resign? Does he plan on fighting these allegations? The media, the board, superintendent Cindy Marten, and most importantly tax payers and his constituents have no idea what’s going.It’s not clear where San Diego Unified goes from here. Updated: 3:30 PM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more