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The chain using a search engine you believe it

is now using search engines to do the chain

using the search engines to do outside the chain, you do not believe it? But please listen to me slowly, but you have to change your thinking, it is possible, but very simple. Shanghai Longfeng do for a long time, imperceptibly and will form a Shanghai dragon thinking. I am now a network company, is mainly in the Shanghai dragon website optimization work. The time before Shanghai dragon, don’t care too much about the chain, research on that aspect is also less, then the boss asked me to do when the chain, the result is committed. In an accident, I suddenly found a very simple, but we did not think of the method, and the effects are good, let me tell you slowly read more

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See the difference love Shanghai from other search engine ranking

search engine algorithm is not the same, so that Shanghai dragon ER was doing keyword optimization, often find the keyword of the website in the search engine ranking is a very. Today Xuzhou ewang with examples to guess the difference, love Shanghai search engine and other search engines, I think, not only here that different algorithms, but each search engine " strategy; " above problem.

(a search engine)

(Google search engine)

in order to better reflect the differences of love Shanghai search engine, today with a simple example (Xuzhou Haircut which good www.twsxl贵族宝贝) to do that, check ranking. The above: read more