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The host server and the Shanghai dragon had to say something

server settings should be conducive to the search engine spider crawling smoothly, some services will stop the search engine spiders crawling and crawling, so it is not conducive to the server to do the webmaster of Shanghai dragon. The stability of the server and that the server set has the same great support, is an unstable server will cause spiders cannot normally crawl, cause your website long-term not update, to the last is the search engine to forget.

What about the

you understand the webmaster, web sites are attached to the server hardware, a host, website space is the survival of their homes, so the performance of the server will affect us Shanghai Longfeng effect? Server and virtual host is how to influence the operation process and result of the small Shanghai dragon? Today one for you to explain the host server and the Shanghai dragon had to say about read more

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Optimization of website page ultimate score

as the enterprise website is the most important thing is the core of what? We through a web site to specify:

, what is the page score

two, web page score based operation

A point The

for the whole station page score standard operation, many partners is not profound understanding. As long as the standard to optimize, as long as do the chain on the line. That is a lot of people are doing, writing ah hair outside the chain, then do not think what to do. In fact, this is in a big misunderstanding, if everyone is the same, so what you have to row up this website? We want to know the essence of the so-called ranking, ranking is nothing more than a sequence of numbers can be ordered only. Like the two students who score well, essentially comparing the two students’ exam results. Then the search engine is based on this reason, the various manifestations of the site into a score, add up the scores, get the quality score of a page, which is called weight. The website credentials weights ranging from high to low, this is the essence of ranking. read more

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n those years we were chasing the nternet brand publicity

Who is visitsHow is the Compared with

brand, the title is the most important way to

second: the brand names, the most important embodiment of

brand power where? In the noble baby, the way is to use the sitelinkl to display the difference between the sign of a unique website, and in the love of Shanghai, but under the framework of the brand mark, with only ICO mark to distinguish, this difference between the two is possible, but this did not stop us the pursuit of brand road, some small thinking about is the author. read more

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Love Shanghai Web2 0 anti spam Raiders against spam pages

do not know whether to conform to the trend, or learn to follow suit, after Shanghai launched the love Panda algorithm and the algorithm of penguins in Google, also launched its own set of fighting spam pages algorithm, mainly for some use and enlarge some open source CMS, Web2.0 in the development of BBS, there are loopholes in BLOG procedures such as cheating group spam some suggestions and methods, although there is little good feeling, but if the update algorithm is able to perform well, is very helpful for the white hat Shanghai Longfeng technology promotion. read more

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Love has no effect on the website of Shanghai statistics

5, quantum statistics. Quantum statistics, formerly known as YAHOO, has been committed to individual owners, individual bloggers, web site managers, third party statistics provide website traffic monitoring, statistical analysis, and other professional services, for the Alibaba’s powerful website statistics accurate products.

( I want is a statistical procedure to provide free website traffic statistics, perfect function and humanized service for webmasters analysis.

3, I want to read more

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How to improve the content of enterprise website optimization and the chain

update can be search engine friendly, how in the enterprise website constantly add original content, you can add a column on the website home page, such as the business enterprise news announcement, the latest information and so on. In this section, add new articles every day can not only make the search engine more easily included in your site, improve the keywords ranking, it will not affect the layout of the page, more can let the customer know the latest information to the enterprise.

of the chain in many ways, the basic summary: soft. read more

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How to make love Shanghai fast included website page

is said to continue on the line, as long as every regular update high quality articles get love Shanghai’s favor, the chain to the home page and inside pages to do, it is best to find some specific sites to do outside the chain, down the long time love Shanghai spiders will every day to come to your site the index, another is to do well in the chain, to provide a channel for collection of spiders, such as recommended articles, random articles, reading these! I agree, especially the optimization technique of the original for a web site is also very important, love Shanghai love junk content copied. Others agree, and when it comes down to a day long time will spider web index this problem, in fact, as long as you have some of the chain, Shanghai will love every day to your site index, weight high would be more than a few times, even exists for a long time. Some words are basically no weight once a day, but only to index only, not necessarily will grab included your page. read more

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To obtain the high quality of the chain 6 to improve website ranking do not worry

forum and blog chain here speak a few points:

(4), on the soft plate to be relevant.

(3), the post article length should also pay attention to, not too short.

2, blog and forum platform, of course is the best forum to some weight high. One is the theme of the hair to the chain, the other is to reply or guide the chain to the site, the signature can be, now forum for the emergence of a function of a signature to, it is possible to use, post and reply to posts that compared to recommendations to the post, because through my observation post, included high probability, if you go to the post reply, this post was collected, it is generally difficult to be included in. read more

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YAHOO Bing search engine downtime or to update by code

informed sources said that in the downtime, Microsoft rollback (roll-back) program fails, forced the company to close the connection server group, to return to the state before the smooth service downtime. After the problem is resolved, it is hard to handle a large number of YAHOO search backlog request.

on Friday afternoon, the user will see an error message during a visit to the search.yahoo贵族宝贝 website, said that YAHOO engineers is to solve this problem. YAHOO search seems to be late on Friday to restore service. read more

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Lu Songsong why Shanghai Longfeng effect is not obvious

why? Because it is beyond peer too much, my worry. But this way, the result may be made after a few months, although there are occasional flow over, but the company did not have an order, this is why? Why the search engine optimization effect will be so poor? This paper will explore the next.

causes a misunderstanding of the search engine,

many enterprises, especially the traditional enterprises were forced to embark on the road of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The reason is that they see more and more of their competitors in the search engine, mistakenly believe that competitors have obtained a large number of customers in this area, then hurriedly embarked on search engine optimization path. Or find the optimization company, Shanghai dragon or recruitment personnel, regardless of the way, there is a similar requirement, is in a short period of time to do. read more