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Nintendo planning own Loot Cratelike subscription box

first_imgWe are big fans of Loot Crate as our regular coverage attests. A box delivered ever month full of collectible and fun goodies is always welcome, and has turned out to be extremely popular. Games, gadgets, even Japanese candy has had subscription box services created for them. And now we have a serious contender entering the ring in the form of Nintendo.Everyone’s favorite games company has apparently decided to start offering its very own official Loot Crate-like subscription box. Before you get too excited about the potential for such a box, be aware that (for now) it’s only going to be offered in the UK through the Nintendo online store. It will be called the N-Box and is expected to include a mix of ” toys, clothes and other merchandise inspired by and branded with Nintendo icons.”You may remember Loot Crate did its own Amiibo crate, maybe we can expect something similar from Nintendo?As is typical, a monthly subscription will be offered, or you can sign up for 3, 6, or 12-months in advance and hopefully save a bit of cash. What we don’t know, it just how good the swag inside these boxes will be and just as importantly, how much Nintendo intends to charge for them.The N-Box certainly offers a great opportunity for Nintendo to establish a subscription service with thousands, if not tens of thousands of regular subscribers. If they include the occasional gem, for example, an exclusive plush, Amiibo, or retro collectible, then Nintendo fans will throw money at the service. Don’t forget, the Nintendo online store already offers a wide range of key rings, wallets, hats, bags, figures, t-shirts, and even game guides. It wouldn’t be hard to throw some of these into a box every month alongside some exclusive stuff.It’s also an opportunity to promote the 3DS and (especially) the Wii U. They could even offer substantial discounts on games, or even free games if you subscribe for an extended period of time.For now, the N-Box is all potential and no details. Let’s hope that translates into a must-have monthly box which Nintendo can’t help but expand to the US due to its success.last_img

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