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Paris France – Reported by Elite Traveler the pr

first_imgParis, France – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineTo commemorate 35 years of delighting palettes with its tailored confections, La Maison du Chocolat has given Atelier Hapax carte blanche to create one‑of‑a‑kind pieces with the products of this iconic chocolatier. La Maison du Chocolat invites chocolate lovers the world over to discover Atelier Hapax’s sculptural creations, immerse themselves in the ephemeral world of chocolate and briefly forget the function of its emblematic Coffret Maison. During the month of October, Atelier Hapax’s theatrical window displays and limited-edition items will be available in 11 select boutiques around the world.With a contemporary and elegant twist on recycling, Atelier Hapax has ignited, perforated, braided, sewn, glued and cut up La Maison du Chocolat’s iconic brown packaging. The reinvented items – fashioned from ribbons, coffrets, shopping bags and boxes – are marked by finesse, craftsmanship and elegance. Through this partnership, Atelier Hapax delights in the packaging of La Maison du Chocolat as much as in its delicacies.The inspiration for the collection was “nothing is lost, nothing is created, all is transformed,” words by the French father of modern chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier. Atelier Hapax, by revisiting ancient weaving, embroidery and origami techniques, completely transforms La Maison’s finished packaging products into objects with an entirely different design and function.During the month of October 2012, La Maison du Chocolat will hand over the design of their window displays to Atelier Hapax in 11 of their boutiques worldwide: François 1er, La Madeleine and Faubourg Saint‑Honoré in Paris, Piccadilly in London, Rockefeller Center in New York, Marunouchi in Tokyo and all the boutiques in Hong Kong. There will be two designs elegantly reinterpreting new uses for the signature ribbons and coffrets.During this period, an exquisite collection of Atelier Hapax products exclusively made for La Maison du Chocolat will be available for purchase in participating boutiques in five countries, including New York’s Rockefeller Center. As an ode to the delicate variations in the tastes and sensibilities of every customer, each piece is numbered and unique. These pieces will include small ribbon pouches, sculptural lamps, belts and handbags, among others.La Maison du Chocolat will participate in the second edition of Paris Design Week, an exhibition dedicated to innovation and design, which will be open to the public from September 10 through 16. During which, Atelier Hapax will unveil their vision of chocolate with creations for La Maison and host demonstrations in the boutique on rue François 1er in Paris. www.lamaisonduchocolat.comlast_img

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