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Prepared by FFWPU USA Dr Bo Hi Pak born Aug 18

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU USADr. Bo Hi Pak, (born Aug 18, 1930), 36 Couples, ascended January 12, 2019, 7:30 a.m. The Seonghwa ceremony and rites will be held Tuesday, January 15, 2019May our Heavenly Parent welcome the spirit of Dr. Bo Hi Pak into the core of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. Our sincere condolences and prayers for Dr. Pak’s family and clan.Dr. Pak truly lived a rich life, but now he joins Mrs. Pak and True Father in spirit world. Among the many early disciples, Dr. Pak brought a unique set of accomplishments and victories. He lived the life of service, as translator, and as the voice and mouthpiece for True Parents for decades. He helped to frame and implement a multifaceted strategy to lift the U.S. and the democratic world to defeat communism, with CAUSA International and subsidiaries during the final years of the Cold War.Dr. Pak brought real-world leaders to sit together with True Parents and make foundations for multiple endeavors in the future building of the Cheon Il Guk. He defined and built art and culture as an important means to build the Ideal society. He raised a leadership of “TOP GUNS” that went on to build and create great things for the future kingdom.He was our mentor, a true father figure for all of us who had the honor and privilege to be among his intimate disciples. He will be welcomed into the original home of God with the same degree of enthusiasm that he put into his life of service to God and our True Parents and humanity.Dr. Pak was born on August 18, 1930 in Chung Nam Province (100 miles south of Seoul), Korea. On June 1, 1950, he entered the Korean Military Academy as a cadet. The war broke out twenty-five days later. Later in life he drew on that experience when he shared how the devastation of war had been seared into his heart and mind. He would tell us that he was surprised and even impressed by the ferocity and loyalty of the North Korean soldiers only to find out that they were chained to their posts and had no alternative but to fight or to die.Dr. Pak was a lieutenant colonel in the Korean army when he joined the church in the 1950s. He and Ki Sook Yoon were blessed by Father and Mother in the 36 Couples Blessing (March 1, 1961). Dr. Pak (in the early years he was affectionately known as Col. Pak) served our True Father selflessly was often called Father’s “right-hand man” or “top deputy.”Dr. Pak’s faith, intelligence and charisma impacted the leading providential projects, particularly in the media, including World Media Association, News World, Noticias del Mundo, Ultimas Noticias (Uruguay) and most especially the movement’s flagship, The Washington Times.In the fight against communism, it was Dr. Pak who was given the responsibility to lead the charge. He personally shaped CAUSA International to counter attack Marxism-Leninism, first in Latin America and then in the United States. In the mid-1980s, CAUSA lectures were taught around the world catching the attention of opinion-makers, and religious and political leaders. And no matter the language, the culture or the ideological setting, Dr. Pak won the hearts of everyone. Time after time, “Truth is My Sword” was shown at conferences about his experience dealing with Congressman Donald Fraser. There was never a dry eye in the house as he stood and said: “I am a proud Korean – a proud Moonie – and a dedicated anti-Communist and I intend to remain so the rest of my life.”Of his many legacies, the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea is at the top of the list. This extraordinary gift to the world by our True Parents was personally guided by Dr. Pak’s innate sense of beauty and charm. In 2010, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, Dr. Pak brought the Little Angels to the 22 nations that extended aid to Korea, either military, medical or other support, and to thank the surviving veterans and their families. Each morning he spoke to the children, not as an illustrious leader but as a grandfather and as a former soldier who personally knew that Korea’s existence was thanks to the unselfish sacrifices of so many.Dr. Pak served as president of The Summit Council for World Peace, the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA), and the International Security Council and through these high-level organizations, he was able to bring royalty, presidents, heads of government and prime ministers and the key shakers of society to our True Parents.No matter the circumstances, Dr. Pak always testified to the True Parents. That was his purpose in life and True Parents always looked forward to Dr. Pak’s testimony at the breakfast table in East Garden. When the movie “Rocky” came out in the 1970s, he brought a large blow up photo of the boxer but with True Father’s face. True Parents laughed with unbridled joy. Dr. Pak always brought love and affection to our True Parents and to the members when he translated Father’s words on Sunday mornings. Dr. Pak testified to True Parents about the members!He was the President of the Universal Ballet Foundation, which included the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. and launched the Panda Motors Corporation in the United States, Hong Kong, and China. It was Dr. Pak who played an instrumental role in the breakthrough providential events including meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow and Kim Il Sung in North Korea.In 2004, Dr. Pak fell victim to a scam and, unable to repay his debts, had to serve 2 years and 3 ½ months in prison. Upon his release, he wrote a letter to the members giving an account of his experiences in prison. In the letter he recalled the mission of John the Baptist who came with the mission to testify about Jesus but ended up dying in prison. Dr. Pak said he would be willing to die in prison if it could indemnify the failure of the first John the Baptist. Such was Dr. Pak’s resolute determination to live his faith and attend our True Parents.No memoriam can fully give credit to Dr. Pak and honor the many deeds, accomplishments and the many lives, who were touched by his love and ability to bear witness to our True Parents.We truly thank Dr. Pak for a life well served to the providence and pray for the family and clan.Since the announcement of his passing, accolades and testimonies are pouring into Facebook, including:“Col. Pak, your place in our hearts cannot be fully expressed. Your deep voice and boundless enthusiasm seemed to flow out of you as if it came from True Father or from a mystic mountain. You are Heaven’s gain today. Please keep us in your thoughts!”“Thank you for your tireless efforts.”“Great man. Great memories.”“Dr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak were both born for a great purpose. We all want to celebrate the fulfillment of that purpose and support your transition as good spirits and a BCF. We pray for a peaceful transition and a great welcome from all of our brothers and sisters. Thank you. Thank your family.”“THANK YOU SIR!!!”“Praying for your peaceful ascension. Congratulations to a life well lived! Thank you.”“Dr. Bo Hi Pak, we pray for a smooth and safe transition as you are making your way to our HP and True Father in the spirit world.”last_img

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