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The chain using a search engine you believe it

is now using search engines to do the chain

using the search engines to do outside the chain, you do not believe it? But please listen to me slowly, but you have to change your thinking, it is possible, but very simple. Shanghai Longfeng do for a long time, imperceptibly and will form a Shanghai dragon thinking. I am now a network company, is mainly in the Shanghai dragon website optimization work. The time before Shanghai dragon, don’t care too much about the chain, research on that aspect is also less, then the boss asked me to do when the chain, the result is committed. In an accident, I suddenly found a very simple, but we did not think of the method, and the effects are good, let me tell you slowly

Shanghai dragon thinking is really good, my mind began to diverge. With love I love Shanghai, the search is over, Shanghai can search Google certainly can find. Then open the Google search results, also found that many, and found there are many different forums, it is not to increase the resources of our chain it? This is really wonderful.

also note on the forum of Bangui oh


and myself, was a lot of in the spider, the articles are soon to be loved by Shanghai. I remember when the check, the fastest.


a registered forum post, suddenly noticed that a lot of can have the hair of the chain forum basically called spider or is the chain zone, this is to prevent hair and do advertising in the forum.

used to do outside the chain often are used to do with the forum, and then went to Shanghai to find a lot of love the high weight forum, then prepared a good soft Wen, I began the forum with the chain. The time, I had a lot of problems: some of the forum is simply not to let some of the forum registration invitation code is required, some registered wait a long time to publish, need long time online or to post what need points.

and his whim, can search through the search engine spider to find some forums outside the chain? When I put the spider from the search engine results is not very ideal found only a few is not what the forum also some forum, world of Warcraft Raiders spider. So I want to put some keywords again to the accurate positioning, and then search the forum spider, the result has been very satisfactory, is the forum spider ah, but also the front row in the search engine of the forum, the weight will not be too low. Then I thought that since these can be found, coupled with a long tail, and then add a chain, the results still found a lot, but this is not the accurate. This may be related with the search engine algorithm. So when we choose the long tail must choose those words accurately.

had previously been found outside the chain of

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