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See the difference love Shanghai from other search engine ranking

search engine algorithm is not the same, so that Shanghai dragon ER was doing keyword optimization, often find the keyword of the website in the search engine ranking is a very. Today Xuzhou ewang with examples to guess the difference, love Shanghai search engine and other search engines, I think, not only here that different algorithms, but each search engine " strategy; " above problem.


(a search engine)

(Google search engine)

in order to better reflect the differences of love Shanghai search engine, today with a simple example (Xuzhou Haircut which good www.twsxl贵族宝贝) to do that, check ranking. The above:


, " Xuzhou Haircut which good keywords " this looks very simple, in the five major search engine performance is very good. However, it is reflected in the love of Shanghai on the search engine just passable ~~

reference < Maiguai; > " a classic, also is the search engine, why the gap so big? " Xuzhou ewang bold speculation is that:


second, Shanghai love of punishment, and the resumption of the review period compared to other search engines, more long. (Web site server problem )


(search engine 360)

first, love Shanghai as a search engine like " big boss, in which good words; " on the question of strict audit work.



first, we quote love Shanghai encyclopedia on the " search engine; " algorithm; the authoritative interpretation: access to web pages, to establish a database and query system, we can call it a search engine. The search engine is to rely on a database called "network robot (crawlers)" or "web spider (Spider)" software, automatic access to a large number of web pages through various links on the network, and analyzed according to certain rules of the form. In order to better serve the network search, analysis of search engine collation — search engine algorithm change.

We can see from the above

(search search engine)


(Bing search engine)

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