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The host server and the Shanghai dragon had to say something

server settings should be conducive to the search engine spider crawling smoothly, some services will stop the search engine spiders crawling and crawling, so it is not conducive to the server to do the webmaster of Shanghai dragon. The stability of the server and that the server set has the same great support, is an unstable server will cause spiders cannot normally crawl, cause your website long-term not update, to the last is the search engine to forget.

What about the

you understand the webmaster, web sites are attached to the server hardware, a host, website space is the survival of their homes, so the performance of the server will affect us Shanghai Longfeng effect? Server and virtual host is how to influence the operation process and result of the small Shanghai dragon? Today one for you to explain the host server and the Shanghai dragon had to say about

from the user experience of the word, the speed of server also accounted for a large proportion, because an ordinary Internet users to visit your website to find your site open speed is slower than a snail, like this site will have the user viscosity, the answer is no.. From our point of view, although we can design websites locally, but some small code changes, basically should be carried out in the server, and the daily maintenance of website security processing is carried out in the server, the server opens our own speed is not smooth, not smooth it will also lead to our webmaster aversion attitude, so that the server is not suitable for the webmaster.

website now mostly adopt CMS system, equipped with a variety of database. The server supports URL rewriting is also a key point, we all know the static web pages easier to do site optimization, so the dynamic URL is static, this is also the majority of owners need to consider one of the factors. The cost and type of server selection, these problems are some Adsense may It differs from man to man., ability to withstand high, capital is relatively abundant, some owners of limited funds, but also want to make good use of the server, Xiao Bian here to remind you, not for the sake of a little cheaper, but rent some junk server, like this to the end I regret that you.


we need to know is the impact of the most serious, for our webmaster, web site K optimization is undoubtedly one of the most reluctant to see the phenomenon. We concluded that the web server and the IP search engine is the most severe punishment. Although this kind of phenomenon is less and less, but we still need some understanding, for later encounter this kind of situation, to take timely remedial measures. The general situation is the black hat webmaster rented an entire server, his cheating sites are on the same server, it will lead to the IP server and uprooted. When this occurs, only the timely replacement of the host and the IP so as to save the site.

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