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Optimization of website page ultimate score

as the enterprise website is the most important thing is the core of what? We through a web site to specify:

, what is the page score

two, web page score based operation

A point The

for the whole station page score standard operation, many partners is not profound understanding. As long as the standard to optimize, as long as do the chain on the line. That is a lot of people are doing, writing ah hair outside the chain, then do not think what to do. In fact, this is in a big misunderstanding, if everyone is the same, so what you have to row up this website? We want to know the essence of the so-called ranking, ranking is nothing more than a sequence of numbers can be ordered only. Like the two students who score well, essentially comparing the two students’ exam results. Then the search engine is based on this reason, the various manifestations of the site into a score, add up the scores, get the quality score of a page, which is called weight. The website credentials weights ranging from high to low, this is the essence of ranking.

many website product pages actually do is not very perfect, a picture of that sentence. On the other hand, you are a user you will pay for this product? The answer is self-evident, this page itself score is not high, no competitive advantage. A product page must have at least 4-6 of different images, it is very good to show the details of the products. Then the user cares about the price and quality.

page is actually score search engine gives the site of the current page credit rating, one of the most basic point is the current page to be received. Then the web content value, external voting, the related recommendation links and other factors are calculated, so as to promote the current page ranking. The page score is at the page as the unit, and not the website. To obtain the overall ranking, the overall quality is comprehensive.

look at this column, honor and success stories, sales network, online message these pages from search engine’s point of view is not important page, but also do not need to have the high score of the page, or even do not need to say that included. So the enterprise website is on the page score, the most important is the core. For example, ask the product page page, news and technology users demand information page. But even if the ultimate answer to do, it is always belongs to the flow of the page. The product page is not the same, it is meant to transform. This page is used to impress users, this will be the conversion rate. So here you can see a page of the website, the product page than any one page. Just think, enterprise station is nothing more than to profit by selling products, products are sold, the successful case, then we do this fancy contact page is useless.


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