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n those years we were chasing the nternet brand publicity

Who is visitsHow is the Compared with

brand, the title is the most important way to

second: the brand names, the most important embodiment of

brand power where? In the noble baby, the way is to use the sitelinkl to display the difference between the sign of a unique website, and in the love of Shanghai, but under the framework of the brand mark, with only ICO mark to distinguish, this difference between the two is possible, but this did not stop us the pursuit of brand road, some small thinking about is the author.

The first point: the

blog visits up? After Lu Songsong constantly through visits to get a number of user name recognition and enhancement, a lot of friends in the brush comments continuously, this comment is to let more people remember his name, but.

, who is in love with the eyes of Shanghai laid a brand of two words, in our internet life shed brand charm; love always focus on the Internet, we all know that love Shanghai adjustment, noble baby also continue to strengthen the brand of propaganda, with sitelink the way, but love Shanghai sitelink brand in a few days before the frame, but love the brand of Shanghai is always there, this article, about the search promotion, those of US Internet brand propaganda way.

the strength of the brand, in the premise, let us feel the love between Shanghai and noble baby for the brand difference, as shown below, search Youku after we see a screenshot of the

your site has such a brand consciousness? If so, Congratulations, you have to slowly build their own users, looking for their users to become a member of their own brand, appear in the title is a very common way, this is the use of a lot of people. If there is no wrong, now search for these brand keywords are certainly many people, and if you can search it is generally the most loyal customers for these websites, and for the love of Shanghai, if these loyal users cannot reach the website they want it, love is not a good user experience in search of Shanghai

, we have been accustomed to such propaganda yourself, yes, when you use a good original content, it is easy to see what this blog, as now A5 Shanghai Longfeng Yunnan friends, although I don’t know your name, but has been Yunnan Shanghai dragon many people remember, this is a strengthening of the brand, and in the blog, when to click through traffic, you will feel that it is a friend, Title The title once again allow the user to remember your name, this is the meaning of.



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