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Love Shanghai Web2 0 anti spam Raiders against spam pages

do not know whether to conform to the trend, or learn to follow suit, after Shanghai launched the love Panda algorithm and the algorithm of penguins in Google, also launched its own set of fighting spam pages algorithm, mainly for some use and enlarge some open source CMS, Web2.0 in the development of BBS, there are loopholes in BLOG procedures such as cheating group spam some suggestions and methods, although there is little good feeling, but if the update algorithm is able to perform well, is very helpful for the white hat Shanghai Longfeng technology promotion.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The most afraid of Shanghai dragon in the industry is the search engine algorithm to adjust, because once we need to adjust algorithm to search engine algorithm adjust timely to make changes, then the search engine algorithm adjustment is also the real use of Shanghai Dragon technology do website promotion work of the gospel, because of the adjustment of the algorithm is to search result quality adjustment. According to the constraints for the Shanghai dragon cheating, as long as we make good use of the white hat Shanghai dragon means no spam pages, search engines will only help us adjust the regular work of Shanghai dragon.

content sites is very important that we are talking about, but not aroused much attention, on the one hand, probably because many of the formal operation of the Shanghai dragon, do it all the time, and those guys are using Web2.0 vulnerability.

, 1 for content correlation

in order to improve the quality of search results, enhance the user search experience, first of all to know what page is defined as search engine spam pages. Love the Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam Raiders with a lot of space on the trash content page, which is mainly divided into five aspects: 1, with the site or forum theme does not match the content; 2, to deceive the search engine users; 3, accounting fraud site swindle type advertisement income content 4, the use of Web2.0; malicious website promotion, for their own benefit; 5, adverse information law and regulations, such as fraud, false winning contact telephone number, bad information. Each gave the detailed examples, I believe we have seen these examples will be very touching. I think a few helpful examples for our work: Shanghai dragon

The correlation between

white hat Shanghai dragon is about to do the user experience of the website, there are two main aspects, one is for the search engine, is to make search results more high quality, meet the needs of users, the two is for the user, allowing users through the search to find the information they want to know. But because there are loopholes in most Web2.0 station system, capture technology with low cost, low price and mass software, easy to use cheating, produce a lot of junk information, with the help of these high weight Web2.0 site, illegal access to search engine natural flow, influence search result quality, affect the search user experience.

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