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Love has no effect on the website of Shanghai statistics

5, quantum statistics. Quantum statistics, formerly known as YAHOO, has been committed to individual owners, individual bloggers, web site managers, third party statistics provide website traffic monitoring, statistical analysis, and other professional services, for the Alibaba’s powerful website statistics accurate products.

( I want is a statistical procedure to provide free website traffic statistics, perfect function and humanized service for webmasters analysis.

3, I want to

can help us understand the site traffic, traffic, through these data, can grasp the website promotion effect, reduce the blindness;

have a website we need to understand our website, one of the site’s webmaster flow is very concerned, so the website statistics also appeared, the use of a good website statistics also makes us more aware of our website:

website statistics, the use of which is good, this will require a combination of demand and its own website to analyze statistics, choose the most suitable for their own site to install one, which in the domestic market share in the search for love in Shanghai is relatively large, as a webmaster to worry will use love Shanghai statistics on our website I have no effect, combined with their own website to talk about his own views.

2, love Shanghai statistics. Love is love Shanghai statistics Shanghai launched a free professional website traffic analysis tool, the user can tell visitors is how to find and browse the website.

1, noble baby statistics. Analytics Analytics is a noble noble baby baby baby aristocratic famous Internet Co website provides the data service. You can access the data statistics and analysis of the target site, and provide a variety of parameters for site owners use.

4, CNZZ China webmaster. CNZZ is a network technology services company of famous international venture capitalists IDG investment, is currently the most influential Internet China.

can also help us to understand the behavior of some visitors, let we have a good user experience

as a webmaster, fell in love with the sea to our great impact, if there is a good love Shanghai ranking has great relation to our flow, this paper mainly analyze the statistics of Shanghai love has no effect on our website, what is the effect of

end users can understand the environment configuration, more targeted web design.

then can know the web site visits, to improve the optimization of the site is very helpful;

know the love of Shanghai search engine, artificial.


First, What are the

may also have many other functions, different people may have different experience, it is necessary to install a Statistics website that. One of the more famous are the following:

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