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How to improve the content of enterprise website optimization and the chain

update can be search engine friendly, how in the enterprise website constantly add original content, you can add a column on the website home page, such as the business enterprise news announcement, the latest information and so on. In this section, add new articles every day can not only make the search engine more easily included in your site, improve the keywords ranking, it will not affect the layout of the page, more can let the customer know the latest information to the enterprise.

of the chain in many ways, the basic summary: soft.

2. enterprise website need to update the original content

1. Links, Links is a good way to increase the import link. In exchange Links when we should pay attention to: try to establish a link with PR high site, PR high to some extent is high weight, and the weight of the high site exchange can drive the weight of this website; and try not to be K website links, this will reduce the trust of the search engine on the web site collected; regularly check the exchange links, if the right to be reduced or not included in the website found, should be deleted Links immediately.


chain for the website there is no doubt about the importance of enterprise website, is no exception, the chain ranking for enterprise site keywords also is of crucial significance

The original content of

two: enterprise site outside the chain to improve

as a professional Shanghai dragon ER, when making the enterprise website, also check the website content error: such as pictures can open the picture, add the ALT attribute, namely the picture description; whether each page can be opened, the existence of dead links; even if there are typos also need immediate change in some detail on the optimization of the website, can improve the cognition on the website of the search engine.

The increase of

in the article we introduce the structure of Web site optimization reorganization of enterprises, the enterprise website content and we talk about how to improve the

: enterprise web content added

enterprise website to do good, there must be a complete website content quality. For example: company information, product information, promotional information, contact information and so on. A lack of content of the corporate Web site, it is difficult to meet the needs of customers, it is difficult to improve the conversion rate. The best content of refining, but also a comprehensive introduction. Not only that, professional content is also very important, if there are a large number of unrelated website content on the website such as jokes, common sense of life, although can bring entertainment effect, but also greatly reduce the site’s authority and professionalism. The enterprise website must be able to reflect your enterprise quality, website content on behalf of your products, professional content will let users believe that the products and services and professional enough.


3. reduces the website content error

1. the integrity of the content of professional

2. or through the soft link chain increased

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