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How to make love Shanghai fast included website page

is said to continue on the line, as long as every regular update high quality articles get love Shanghai’s favor, the chain to the home page and inside pages to do, it is best to find some specific sites to do outside the chain, down the long time love Shanghai spiders will every day to come to your site the index, another is to do well in the chain, to provide a channel for collection of spiders, such as recommended articles, random articles, reading these! I agree, especially the optimization technique of the original for a web site is also very important, love Shanghai love junk content copied. Others agree, and when it comes down to a day long time will spider web index this problem, in fact, as long as you have some of the chain, Shanghai will love every day to your site index, weight high would be more than a few times, even exists for a long time. Some words are basically no weight once a day, but only to index only, not necessarily will grab included your page.

framework The inside pages of a web site

also said to increase the site map can let love Shanghai website pages normal, I do believe that over a period of time the Shanghai dragon Er all know that the site map can let love Shanghai better to crawl pages to index. But if there is no good content even if the spider crawling to the page, see are some garbage content words don’t grab. There is released inside pages outside the chain, this is used to guide the spider, can not let him normal included inside pages. Zhang Shoujin believes in the map to the site to do the time should also consider the quality of.


included in the site itself is very important, not only can be included in the page so that it can be displayed on the website itself fell in love with the sea, can also increase the weight. As Shanghai dragon can not ignore the inside pages of the home page. I believe there have been a lot of people have tried in the optimization process, a new station on the line, love Shanghai included the home page, and the page but not included, even some months are not included in the page. Of course, I also encountered such a situation, then we should be how to love Shanghai quickly included in the page us? Let’s look at what others say

sometimes we need the website framework for certain processing, especially the individual owners often use some open source CMS system, while the template words are directly on the site to download to apply, and in the peer sites have been in use, but also relative to the collection of good. The most important is your website name or other content and relatively consistent with. Therefore only included the home page, but not included in the page. There is another factor, that is the new site generally included are relatively slow, the reason is the title of your novel enough, the original degree is relatively low. So the advice for a good.

website (the good)

to update the high quality articles

site map

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