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To obtain the high quality of the chain 6 to improve website ranking do not worry

forum and blog chain here speak a few points:

(4), on the soft plate to be relevant.

(3), the post article length should also pay attention to, not too short.

2, blog and forum platform, of course is the best forum to some weight high. One is the theme of the hair to the chain, the other is to reply or guide the chain to the site, the signature can be, now forum for the emergence of a function of a signature to, it is possible to use, post and reply to posts that compared to recommendations to the post, because through my observation post, included high probability, if you go to the post reply, this post was collected, it is generally difficult to be included in.

(2), the anchor text link if the fear of being deleted, it is best to put on a little.

. < >

1, the encyclopedia, can use this method to certain professional knowledge and literary talent, if you can edit an entry with a chain in this entry, this is very powerful, my friend said, this site a chain is equivalent to a single PR4, really is the gold chain.

(1), for the text, the text bold.

conditions: website original content, update frequency, domain name age, included quantity, noble baby PR value, flow rate, Links number. The specific reasons, please pay attention to my site, I will update, or stay in the mailbox, I sent my actual documents to you.

5, classified information, this is very important, and the 58 city, people network, ganji贵族宝贝, Alibaba, Chinese manufacturing network, Chinese supplier, business network, Huitong network, HC and so on many such sites high weight, big ganji贵族宝贝 flow.

two updateThe

6, Q & a platform, such as: love Shanghai know, and Sina search, Tianya quiz quiz platform, the interactive platform has a lot of interaction and communication, to find their general in the platform site related questions, to help others to answer the question of nature to join our website link to he added a chain, so as to help them solve problems. The question answering system many websites to collect the release, you publish a web site by many station will go to the collection, so it is the chain resources countless.

4, Links. The chain for the emperor, content is king, you might know this sentence, but it is not absolute, of course not. For example Links, it brought to the site is good, but there are also disadvantages, good Links can bring you the weight, rankings, bad Links will support you back, reduce the weight of your site, and even make the risk your site is down right so love Shanghai. Everyone in the exchange Links must look at each other web content, not to be fascinated by the appearance.

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