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YAHOO Bing search engine downtime or to update by code

informed sources said that in the downtime, Microsoft rollback (roll-back) program fails, forced the company to close the connection server group, to return to the state before the smooth service downtime. After the problem is resolved, it is hard to handle a large number of YAHOO search backlog request.

on Friday afternoon, the user will see an error message during a visit to the search.yahoo贵族宝贝 website, said that YAHOO engineers is to solve this problem. YAHOO search seems to be late on Friday to restore service.


to confirm the outage, said the problem has been repaired.

informed sources said that the downtime is not due to external attack. According to Microsoft and YAHOO in 2009 reached a cooperation agreement for a period of 10 years, will be the search engine to provide technical support for YAHOO search.


YAHOO, Bing search engine downtime

[TechWeb] reported on January 3rd news, according to Reuters, informed sources said, Microsoft push a bad code update, YAHOO and Bing search engine on Friday appeared temporary downtime. Then Microsoft efforts to restore the system to push the state before the code.

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