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Lu Songsong why Shanghai Longfeng effect is not obvious

why? Because it is beyond peer too much, my worry. But this way, the result may be made after a few months, although there are occasional flow over, but the company did not have an order, this is why? Why the search engine optimization effect will be so poor? This paper will explore the next.

causes a misunderstanding of the search engine,

many enterprises, especially the traditional enterprises were forced to embark on the road of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The reason is that they see more and more of their competitors in the search engine, mistakenly believe that competitors have obtained a large number of customers in this area, then hurriedly embarked on search engine optimization path. Or find the optimization company, Shanghai dragon or recruitment personnel, regardless of the way, there is a similar requirement, is in a short period of time to do.

second, and not arbitrary keywords show will produce results, even if we can meet the needs of most users. Maybe some friends will say, as long as the keywords of the flow rate, there will be a large number of users in the row up, customers do a. This idea in the previous traditional media like can sense, but on the Internet platform, this kind of thinking is obviously not desirable.

has a lot of friends, especially the traditional business owners think, as long as the keyword rankings have effect, but one or two weeks can improve the rankings, but not so.

way, keywords ranking need time, unless it is on the search engine advertising, it’s impossible to get ranked in a short period of time. Because the search engine optimization is obtained by ranking certain cycles to the. This is the biggest cost of search engine optimization: the human cost and time cost. This is like two people get married, don’t know you can marry. We must first understand love, then, got to know each other and develop slowly, after a period of time, in order to marry.

is not the first, keywords ranking will have effect. Because each time a user searches, represents a demand. The user is to find information, so search. That is to say when a user searches for a keyword, if our website can get priority display, and we describe the title, attractive enough, then the user will have access to our website. If our website can solve the problem of users, to meet their needs, then he is likely to look at our products, and thus it is likely to produce transaction.

secondly, not what keywords are likely to produce a transaction. CCTV2’s "law and economics" program was talking about the love of Shanghai bidding topic, in the show there is a traditional enterprise boss said: "I do bronze in this industry, I will consider bronze as a keyword". This is a great misunderstanding. The "bronze" as key words although the index is very high, but it is possible to search the main counterparts. But in this case, we can produce the deal? Is obviously impossible. This is the "

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