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An article for the Taobao customer Shanghai dragon a positioning

What is the Shanghai dragon

1.The birth of

2. Shanghai

spider love

to 1994-1997 by the Shanghai dragon English Search Engine Optimization abbreviation, Chinese translation for "search engine optimization (site optimization technology). Shanghai dragon refers to the natural search results and process of site traffic, is the basis of natural ranking in understanding the mechanism of search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site, improve the site in the search engine keywords ranking, get more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website marketing and brand building. It is defined as the Guan Jian word ranking, optimization, improve the traffic effectively, therefore referred to as the Shanghai dragon. (from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love)

what is the search engine ranking optimization, the ranking optimization is the main site keywords ranking to the major search engines to go home, optimization methods are also very much, there are also ranking optimization techniques and formal optimization cheating today, as we explain the optimization of the website ranking optimization article, a positioning for search engine rankings this article will according to the latest Shanghai love algorithms to perform optimization methods, eliminated a few years ago optimization means even invalid, I always think of a Shanghai dragon optimization the first must learn to understand their love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon network skills can learn but not rely on, ask the witness to believe, today I will I understand some of Shanghai dragon, also hope that peers can give some advice.

love Shanghai spider is a program like Shanghai independently developed by the company, it is similar to the Internet as reptiles crawl over included effective and can meet the needs of users with high quality ", which is now the net search results, Shanghai love spiders from a link each page climbed to another a link through the love of spiders in Shanghai downloaded page on the supplementary data, through various calculation procedures after in the retrieval area, will form a stable ranking, so that if things can be downloaded through the instructions found, additional data is not stable, there may be a variety of calculation process to K off, search the data ranking is relatively stable, the current Shanghai love is a combination of caching and supplementary data, is to change the data, which is currently Love Shanghai included the reasons for the difficulties, the reason is a lot of sites today to K tomorrow and put out. Shanghai love all the connections in the calculation of the spider from the home page after landing grab page after scheduling will be returned to the love of spiders in Shanghai for the next step of grasping the list of connections, the love of spiders in Shanghai and then the next step grab link address is to provide a direction to grasp about love love Shanghai spiders. The Shanghai spiders to crawl the main page, how to let the love of spiders in Shanghai knows that page is an important page? Through the connection to achieve the objective, the more page pointing to the page, pointing to the web page, the page pointing vice can increase the weight of the page, link to another as.

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