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By 20 close to the Shanghai forum The forum dragon operation difficulty

to close the forum micro-blog started to borrow in light of the teacher level, "the forum will be closed in October 20th after. Many of the reasons for the closure, the main content of the post is not high quality, online forum waste too much, do not want to add a ", from here we can see, as the Shanghai Dragon Technology Forum light-years and analysis leader who will be shut down, visible Shanghai dragon forum is aggressive garbage content; and Shanghai Longfeng forum faced difficulty then is, a lot of people are coming to Shanghai to Phoenix forums rather than to the chain, so there are lots of garbage, the garbage content including but not limited to, hidden links, including color, malicious reprint of spam, spam, and so on; remember A5, when the midnight time, there will always be" * * "posts, also shows that a lot of people is the value of such a point, while no one audit posts Son, and a large number of illegal information released, this is the forum in Shanghai Longfeng It is often seen.


this situation I believe many people know, in order to chain a simple signature, and quick reply, I believe the so-called soy sauce also only so so; indeed many times, most is nothing more than appear in the forum, "top", "support", "main building right" "good, learning", "passing through, thank you for sharing, simple comments and so on, these for the entire forum is the impact of too much, in the Shanghai dragon forum, because everybody is the webmaster, most are outside the chain and to come, so this situation is particularly much, the non Shanghai dragon is.

recently in Shanghai Longfeng group said in the forum in 20, light years to close, had to sigh about, since those years know in teacher, know the original Shanghai dragon can use science to analyze and understand that there is a dragon in Shanghai, but when I know the forum to light close, still can not help feeling, even have to shut down the Shanghai dragon light, Shanghai dragon forum in the end how to go ah, this article, combining some understanding for the Shanghai dragon forum Shanghai forum. The Dragon operation yourself.


second: Shanghai dragon forum profit model is not clear

forum is the first point: Shanghai Longfeng waste first

and most of the time, we in order to obtain the chain enough, a large number of replies, 10 posts can be recovered within 2 minutes of every post, whether good or bad is a skip, as shown below, in a forum can often be seen, as shown in figure

if someone asks you, "what is the Shanghai dragon forum" profitable way? Maybe you will say, I use advertising, I used to click, I show, I use turnover, even in my window, etc. the advertising alliance, but your heart.

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