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SEM whether we should put their own brand word

1, the natural search company website brand word love Shanghai ranked first. This situation, you should also put these brands. However, you should compare the traffic statistics, before and after the promotion of website promotion, in these words flow there is no increase? What is the amount of increase? According to the transformation of these keywords, calculate the increment of these words to bring company profits. In this way, the boss asked you this, no need to say too much, a report handed in, the boss will not say what.

A look at the

2 or above 1. Even those words did not increase, or should continue to put the brand word, however, change the way of matching. Shanghai Longfeng brand will not make every word especially ranked first long tail brand word, ranking first, is always a few brand core words. Through the delivery of these core brand word, may be matched to some unexpected brand search terms, this is the promotion of the credit. In a word, all the results, the increments will continue; no, stop.

Ceng Penghui SEM blog friends morning and I talked about some of the SEM stuff, there are two problems are very common, have the opportunity, I will write out, when the right to join the near friend some reference. Finally he asked such a question: I found that there are people in this business words, words necessary to do? It resonated with me today to talk about, for their own brand, whether we should put.

is a resonance, I think when I first started doing this project. At that time, the overall environment of the company is: SEM and SM doesn’t know, everything about SEM to my sermon. Want to do projects together, is the result of the hard truth — this is so in any company. But I found that the project has a certain brand effect, so the limited money invested in the brand, because at that time only opened Adwords, the flow is not much, but ROI is good (of course). Many people, including the boss, I have to put the brand word was very puzzled: our website has been ranked the first, why put their own brand word? This is not the money thrown away? I did not explain too fine — explain more, no significance — the report my boss, OK, continue to make money. Later for sex Shanghai promotion, boss see search results: the first screen is full of our promotion — but competitive word in investment. I am in "competitive word delivery strategy" mentioned, competitive word, is a group of words conversion effect is good, a lot of people love investment promotion, what’s more, nobody came to them, without typical white cast. As for how people will vote with the boss explained our brand word, not to mention, in the process of the project, like too many things.

is back to the theme, in the SEM process, we should put our brand word? This problem can be divided into the following several cases, separately:

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