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From the three design ugly huge flow of website of Shanghai Dragon

2, Open the

this is a cattle station, had done or concerned about QQ non mainstream site, should know to this website, web design can be said that ugly and scary, people know the truth can be said this is what rookie do stand. Indeed, ugly, mess, seemingly not what powerful website, but a look at rankings and flow is scary, at present to the Alexa and Alexa reference ranked 8523, up to 106800 of the traffic, the real traffic obviously much higher than this, traffic rank more than 8000 more than so little.


after rumors of this station page is pure handmade, this news is true can make nothing of it, but no matter how ugly this website looks so low-key high-profile live, flavorfully overlooking many looks gorgeous but no traffic to the website.

3, old man

high is the second half of last year to know the site, can be said afterwards, later once the analysis of this super rubbish station of Shanghai Longfeng means many people try to, but basically there is no result, it is currently in Shanghai is included in the amount of love 615000, Alexa ranked 22193, from the flow of Alexa display 72000, the flow rate may be lower than the actual.

webmaster in website, often tangled problem is how to design the website more fancy, spent a lot of time in the program and the graphic on the website, but ultimately did not recover, not what the big development. In some groups often find that some people spend the day in study of what CMS is good, but no sense of running a website, at the same time in the Shanghai dragon, many people also believe that the more complex the better, how it? Today Gao Liangjiu from three simple but functional design ugly huge traffic to the site we analyze what Shanghai dragon in the website operation to occupy what position. These three websites believe most Adsense all know, so in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, said the site name, did not provide the URL, interested friends can go to search. At the same time, this paper gives three examples of this website, thanks to the three station.

Dynasty network, you can find the page is very simple, no fancy art design, the content page is simple to believe, but also a source of all content from other places to collect, the so-called pseudo original original here are the clouds, but no matter how, is included so alarming, the so-called Shanghai Dragon principle for everyday people see, here are not applicable. This makes many people envy, but helpless.

, 1 Dynasty network

when I first opened the old man website, then you want to turn off immediately, but in the spirit of love psychology research website webmaster, I continue to look for a period of time. This website can be ugly and to compete, it can be said.

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