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Add the beloved Shanghai home let website immediately borrow or function

want to know a thing in the future, we must first seek the products of the past. This product is the original intention of birth, we need to understand why love Shanghai will do such a thing first. That is because the entrance. When the love of Shanghai to the price of fifty million to buy the biggest China navigation site hao123. At that time, the Shanghai market share today is not love so much, this web site navigation to twenty percent of the flow of love kelp. This is very important for the development of love in Shanghai, but now the reality has been broken. It was

Love is always the trend of

Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er research direction, recently love Shanghai and big moves, that is to appear in some famous website add beloved Shanghai home. I love this action in Shanghai will determine the emergence of a situation that is extreme polarization. Excellent web site more excellent, more garbage garbage sites. Mean flow site will be more, less and less site traffic. You may ask the beloved Shanghai home will add so powerful? Yes, yes, because it will make the merits of the sites clearly displayed.

who broke it?

remember one two years ago when Robin Li proposed Shanghai CEO love love Shanghai conference is the world? In fact, he was raised two points, the first is the love of Shanghai is a media, second is a world. The change of media is as long as you love Shanghai account landing will show the hot news, and one world refers to the personalized navigation. Just at that time we did not pay attention, and really let everyone pay attention to it is of course this time in the search results appear to add beloved Shanghai home.

is the 360 web site navigation break, now the largest China navigation web site is no longer hao123, but 360 navigation. This is a sign of love in Shanghai feel the crisis, remember some time ago Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said to love the way Shanghai challenge love Shanghai, but there is about love Shanghai to search weak in terminal. So Sogou to seize more terminal, the so-called three rocket’s success is the success of the terminal, a little bit of love of Shanghai is very clear.

loves Shanghai this one world, add a beloved Shanghai home is to create a personalized navigation. Said so much, we are more concerned about the impact on Shanghai is certainly the dragon. The influence of Shanghai dragon talk now, I think this is certainly not a direct impact. Should have a significant and indirect effect on Shanghai Longfeng, this initiative will make excellent website becomes more outstanding, because it will make excellent sites and garbage sites clearly placed under a magnifying glass, let the search engines look crystal clear. You want the user who will put a garbage site, a worthless site in their own personalized navigation in? The only good, useful on its own, they need long-term access to the site will be included in the own of navigation ah, this information is very easy to love Shanghai.

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