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The difference between love and noble nofollow baby of Shanghai

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this article should be the summary of the above, the previous three articles focus that anchor text, links, the weights of the relationship, and then these want to say today what to do, complement each other above relations, promote the progress of the website and improve the weights of the nofollow, this article. What about the nofollow’s own understanding, because recently seen too much about nofollow, thinking he should think of this in the end is what kind of explanation is the best, I remember reading a book before the book says we should not do, but no more specific why shouldn’t be doing this. It seems that, in the University is often directly said, as the conclusion, and we are now in the Shanghai dragon, do not say the specific matters, the final conclusion. Everyone, about nofollow, that is to say, the nofollow will be how, but to specific analysis, it is our business.

remember here indicates the nobility baby, baby noble won’t send these links in PR or location text, here refers to the weight of PR. But this noble separated from the opposite baby, think the role of the anchor text is the weight of the transmission and the location of the text, please see the article about the role of the anchor text, there are some that the transport properties of the anchor text has two kinds, remember in the end, also said, "the way of handling other search engines the nofollow may be slightly different," Phil feel this sentence should be for the love of Shanghai, ha ha, look at love Shanghai official answer "< meta name=" robots" content=" nofollow" > do not follow the link, do not pass.

"normally, we will not follow these links. That is to say, the baby does not send PageRank or noble positioning text of these links. In essence, the use of nofollow will enable us to give up the corresponding target link in the entire network. However, if there are links to other sites without the use of nofollow to the target page or the target web site is submitted to the noble baby through the site map, the target page may still appear in our index. In addition, it is worth noting that the possible ways of other search engines on the treatment of nofollow is slightly different."

first posted on the role of nofollow, nofollow has been supporting the noble baby, has also been very accurate description of the nofollow, "said the world will not track" noble baby how to deal with the use of nofollow has been linked to

nofollow label represents what it,


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