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Shanghai Longfeng calm mindset to avoid excessive optimization

in the title of the relevant keywords is acceptable, but the same keywords appear two times have keywords accumulation suspect. For example, we also appear "Shanghai dragon forum" and "Shanghai dragon tutorial" this is possible. And if in the beginning and end of the title of a "Shanghai dragon forum" this is excessive optimization performance. My friend is such a situation.

2. the chain anchor text over a single

is mainly prone to excessive optimization. By buying high weight links, the chain to make the chain assault spike will be the formation of excessive optimization. The solution is to optimize the excessive optimization". The original performance optimization too perfect right away some control in the search.

3. all point to the chain home page

The chain of

I hope

friends will be the core of the web site keywords do up as soon as possible, so do the word chain to do a lot of "Jiangsu University forum" in the early stage, very few other words but do. This approach will make the chain too single. Search engines use the chain as one of the factors is the search engine rankings, hope to describe or vote on our website through the external website. And a more normal vote should come from a variety of different types of websites, our description should also be different. The chain is not a natural search engine will be suspected of cheating. According to the author’s experience, the proportion of single chain anchor text keywords we do best not more than 30%, must not exceed 60%.

The effect of

we do in Shanghai Longfeng shows has often lagged behind. Shanghai dragon itself is not easy. Some webmaster friends want to quickly show the effect of Shanghai dragon, but it is not realistic. It is also such a hasty attitude, so that we make the site prone to some excessive optimization. Moved to help a friend recently analyzed a stand, it is the case.

1. in the title of the core keywords repeated

excessive optimization is in the optimization of the webmaster can place all perfectly as far as possible, to achieve the ultimate, counterproductive. This friend is moved to a campus forum, made more than two months. Last month, the ranking has been maintained in eleventh. Moved to this kind of situation, basic sure this is to belong to optimize excessive phenomenon. Then touched earnest analysis about his website, confirmed the speculation moved. This site excessive optimization is mainly manifested in the following situations:

The three point above

normal and natural is not all point to a web page. High home page weight in Shanghai algorithm, which also makes the home often can get good rankings. So many owners as soon as possible in order to get ranked in the text, all of the anchor chain construction will point to the home page. While the normal links should we use high quality content to attract more external links, such links will point to the inside pages of our time.

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