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Six months from rookie to Shanghai Dragon Master money

3. to set up a simple blog, Shanghai dragon feeling experience.

third months

fifth months

if you think you are a rookie, give up the idea of making money within 6 months. Take steps to learn, or do you have the opportunity to start to get a steady income in fourth months, please follow me to see it:

your mind open, select the appropriate network promotion products.

fourth months

1. of Shanghai dragon thinking, familiar with the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

you should have from your project to make money, may not have much money, but you should already know the Shanghai dragon feeling. At the same time, do you know how to copy this small success. So, you begin to open new sites, waiting for the birth of another profit machine.

rookie many friends have this feeling, Shanghai dragon several months at a point, all don’t know what to do, or feel very confused. In fact, everyone is from rookie to. A year ago I was, what also don’t understand, also have this feeling. I think the key point is: "precipitation". Because we have a dream, so we want to settle down, have a problem to solve a problem, every day to give yourself a little target. As long as this stick, the right direction, can harvest.

you have to a website to bring success, may you have a site like 4-5. Income has gradually stabilized! You have for the future open >

1. with you to establish a good blog, improve your skills in Shanghai dragon.

in front of you have quite clearly the "product key word" learning phase, so this month was formally to do a project! Is a specific website! Which you choose several columns to the keyword and distribution on this website.


before a product stand ranking success. The more important is: you have been through the first three months of the cognitive and accumulation of network project, Shanghai dragon builds your thinking, if no accident, you project at that time and thought very much. You have to do is to think of a project and a realization.


sixth months

second months

3. is suitable for network promotion product selection key.

in the first month of

do stand is to your competitors website copy this process is very troublesome, when you succeed in imitation of a website, you will feel a sense of accomplishment! At the same time in the process, you can go to think about what the project can do

2. to study keywords, know what keywords to what keywords to.

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