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Shanghai dragon has excellent inventory optimization webmaster growth process what

no one can Everything is going smoothly. on this road, Shanghai dragon on the optimization of the website ranking and flow to the boundless plain, soaring, the face of love Shanghai the changing of search engine, we optimize the process in daily website will certainly encounter some difficulties, especially with the new owners just engaged in website optimization, though some beginners into the optimization of industry has been very cautious, but inevitably there will be own headaches, however, the rate of Tianjin website construction technology Xiaobian feel new into the optimization industry encountered seven problems following is a common thing, but also is the test of a novice.

3, not high quality professional editing articles

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should be clear, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization cannot do without writing, this is the Shanghai dragon optimization based, but it often makes novice webmaster very awkward, some people can only edit some very ordinary articles, for some Shanghai Longfeng articles with strong professional without knowledge, often belly ink, eventually desperately reproduced pseudo original submission to like A5 the webmaster, as can be imagined. Here, the construction site in Tianjin – the rate of science and technology for the novice, to improve their writing skills, writing clear goals and direction of their writing, by constantly reading and writing practice in the course of time will improve.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only to learn to write a professional, high quality of the original article, and this.

to your site has good ranking in the search engine, it must win the search engine’s favorite, and this is also the key factor to maintain website ranking stable, although many webmaster all know, but really can do is not much. In fact, want to improve website ranking, the main need to keep the number of white hat by means of optimization to constantly improve the site traffic, to win the love of Shanghai trust by the number of users, slowly let your website become a brand website, so naturally trust can be maintained, and then make the website ranked first.

between the black hat and white hat.

1, not a very good grasp of the scale

4 of the industry, thorough understanding of

2, do not know how to maintain and search engine friendly relations

with the construction site popularity, increasing number of Internet sites, so that the current Shanghai dragon holding enterprise optimization industry very hot, and then attract many novice to join Shanghai dragon optimization ranks. The Shanghai dragon optimization we all know, the current search engine optimization white hat optimization optimization to occupy the mainstream, but many novice due to lack of experience, patience is limited, sometimes have excessive optimization but not knowing, you know, Shanghai dragon optimization is a protracted war, the need to adhere to, especially for beginners, we must pay attention to some Shanghai dragon in details, remember don’t understand the problem act with undue haste, remember to ask.

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