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Share experience to promote Shanghai know sex

3. questions. For the problem of the title, the more novel is more able to attract users to click to view the curiosity.

2. props. To do the task, which not only give experience rewards, but also give props reward, which will have double experience card items, as long as well, so the side by saying.

, a preparation for

is a web site, even if the promotion is done more, better, if not the same content to keep the user, this promotion is in vain. A site regardless of how rich content, high quality, can be widely and if there is no retreat, then also not users visit. Therefore, a website operation, not only to do, to do more promotion. When it comes to promotion, the author made a study of Shanghai know love, and I share with you how to love Shanghai, how to make the show more of the search results page.

first wants to make love Shanghai know promotion, its essential is to know the account, because the love of Shanghai know is mainly carried out by question and answer. As for the higher level of the account, the number of the question and answer is more, so more conducive to the promotion of know. Knowing the account level rose to three after the upgrade the experience span gradually, so I speak a lot of account to raise to three after put into question and answer them. How to upgrade faster

Question ?

3. sign. In each problem on the right side of the page are a sign of columns, every day as long as just one click, if the continuous sign, but the experience is very rich.


2. position. People are accustomed to reading from left to right, and the love of Shanghai focus on user experience, so more on its keywords assigned more weight.

1. Title length. For the love of Shanghai know, the shorter the title the weight becomes more concentrated, good score cake principle, the more people share the less natural. To avoid this problem too short title is not very good, we can add in the description.

for a problem in question after the love of Shanghai according to the heat and the questions and give some weight. The question has been mentioned above. As for the heat is mainly composed of browsing number >

1. task. For the account of the upgrade, do the task is a shortcut. To answer the questions more efficient blind.



in Shanghai know love ask and answer promotion, the question is one of the most. A good question is affecting the promotion effect. The question should pay attention to what the problem?


two, the problem


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