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Web site keywords lingers webmaster how to deal with

Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to make your own website keywords in the search engine, to a very good position, so that more people can see their own website, and get more traffic, more orders; either now or before, there are many webmaster love shortcuts, such as past keywords accumulation, hidden links, bridge, door leaf, the now popular station group means, blog sprocket can quickly realize the website ranking, but if for the operation of this technology is limited, or your site is a long-term operation of the site, or don’t touch those methods, once found, will be severely the punishment.


So every day in addition to the construction of the

first, I think we should take to make an analysis on their website, after all keywords row not up for a reason, analysis of their content quality, the quality of the chain, the competitor’s website analysis, others outside the chain is very powerful and very large number of search engines, there is no reason to put our website good position, when the site does not have other conditions, we should strive to the content and the chain for their site work, be able to row up to believe that some day in the future.

finished these or return to their own website, recently received a customer enterprise station, is a site construction site, the original site architecture looks less ideal, in the optimization of the site before a big operation, the original flash page to delete and modify instead of beautiful pictures, in addition to the navigation and the layout of the page is modified, the effect is also good, keywords immediately played a good effect, but from the requirements of customers and a little distance, has been insisting for weeks without what effect, customers also worry that our technology is so. They are the keywords ranking position.

third is to coax the customer, the customer is our job, stop all cooperation cooperation will end, when >

content on the site and the chain, also need to have a good communication and customer a good customer is the key to stop once the customer to cooperate with us, then this site will be the rest of the money can not give up halfway, the end, the most perfect cooperation with customers, of course, is that we can keywords row up, it can receive the customer’s money. In this case, I believe that many owners have encountered, so when the website keywords dawdled, webmaster how to deal with

is waiting for the second, the update cycle of many sites have a relatively long time, once we send out a chain has not been calculated that a search engine will not count the chain we made every day, even if the hair more, not outside the chain of quality good, only slowly waiting for a the time when the snapshot update or the chain increased obviously, maybe the keywords ranking will go up; in addition we certainly have to consider from the search engine algorithm change, love Shanghai often convulsions is as everyone knows, only learn to endure loneliness.

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