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The site is down right to recover in 20 days

But before the 1W



included many articles in which I feel is not before the excessive optimization, after careful examination found many problems, really the content of the web site, such as the original articles were collected after the pseudo original title and paragraph, serious confusion, stand inside the article is not readable. A bold, I put before the article deleted, and then in the IIS set to 404 error page, website title and keywords was modified, repeat word changes, the section of the web site also re arrange the structure, all ready, is to make the site reincluding the. The method I use is to write the original article, after all, content is king, now every day I write basic 2-5 original articles on the website to register the A5 Adsense website ID, Sina opened a blog, push 28 forum and other industries more well-known sites. Release the new daily articles will be sent to the blog, sometimes individuals feel better to talk about this in the A5 submission, submission to A5, the success rate is not high, because they audit strictly, the quality is not high it is difficult to be approved, it is proposed to find novel writing themes. Innovative, readable, not just to remember the article included writing, or in order to soothe the hearts of readers. To improve the success rate of the audit, the articles are carefully prepared, collect a lot of relevant subjects and combining his personal opinion and it is the essence of.

in effect is not obvious, the amount collected before also slowly decreased, at this time, don’t lose heart, stick to. Slowly, through the submission and a large number of articles were reprinted, website exposure rate increase, the new articles included slowly. The chain also increased, on the evening of May 26th, as usual I have written the article published, then check the rankings found just send the article was included. On the day I immediately released an article titled: " today found the website seconds " articles. You can check at second days, the site keywords ranking also slowly back, behind in tenth place, but also good! Here to remind, keywords is stable in the ranking is not, this time must maintain a site not what the problem is. Such as: the stability of the server, update. So in May 30th, today is the basic, ranking back. Here is a screenshot of the

today and everyone.

Ten days before the

today and share with you, the site is down right after 20 days to restore ranking is how to do? I hope the following share can help is the site is down right to worry about the webmaster. The earliest discovered site is down right is at the beginning of May, Shanghai ranked weight love all gone! Home key ranking is the first original now 100 outside, suddenly all cleared, before a few years of hard business station, overnight returned to liberation.

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