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Shanghai Longfeng philosophy you heard Talk about the Shanghai dragon in the schools of Philosophy

then we go back to the beginning, talk about philosophy.

is the first to talk about philosophy.

empirical value experience, through repeated tests and practice, summarize a lot of experience, this experience can be used to explain all kinds of phenomenon, also can be used to guide future behavior, even according to the prediction results of experience.

in the eighteenth Century, empiricism and rationalism are two important philosophical schools.

PhilosophyThe original

then, let us look at the Shanghai dragon philosophy.

the beginning of philosophy, which are represented by Newton Descartes as the representative of empiricism and rationalism.

in my opinion, Shanghai dragon has two schools of philosophy, the philosophy is, according to this idea, to carry out the practical operation of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon also has two schools, of course, I am here mainly refers to the white hat Shanghai dragon. The same is the empiricism and rationalism.

rationalist view that all things are running a fundamental rule, this rule is not change with time and as a person, but the person is constantly and understanding of this law.

empiricism and rationalism two schools will.

The fork in the The basic point is the importance of

has been in the school of rationalism after love Shanghai algorithm, in their eyes, the love of Shanghai have a set of algorithms, including Google, this algorithm of keywords ranking. So, Shanghai dragon Er should go to grope with this algorithm, this algorithm is probably at least understand the operation rule. In the view of rationalism, as long as there is love Shanghai algorithm, Shanghai dragon work seems to sleep without any anxiety. But it’s doubtful case?.

experience of Shanghai Dragon School, Shanghai Longfeng work need to constantly test and practice, and find out the rules from the Shanghai dragon, keyword optimization according to these rules and methods. Hold this philosophy of Shanghai dragon Er is not in the minority, so many to sum up the experience form the post, can always get many workers in hot pursuit of Shanghai dragon. For example, the "Lu Songsong blog", the main is a summary of Shanghai Longfeng experience, but the amount of reading can reach tens of thousands of people daily.

of the two schools of PhilosophyThere are two schools of modern

of the Shanghai Dragon School of Philosophy

and Russell said, what is philosophy? Philosophy is between theology and science. The fuzzy definition of said amounts to nothing. It seems that philosophy is not accurately defined, but the source and purpose of philosophy is very clear. In my opinion, Shanghai dragon and philosophy is very similar to what is Shanghai dragon? How to achieve Shanghai dragon? For this class of problems, is like asking what is philosophy? How to understand the philosophy. Different schools of different philosophical understandings of the same, different genres of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon understanding is different.

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