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Shanghai Longfeng no quick method for efficient execution is the key



every morning to open the computer to do is check the progress of all aspects of their site, for example, the snapshot is updated, included whether there is increased, whether the chain changes, and this is the keyword ranking, floating, Links is right down or removed by K and so on, are must be careful to.

efficient execution mainly several aspects of

The first thing

2, unremittingly released outside the chain of

3, Links daily maintenance

chain is a very complicated thing, not to say that the OK, sometimes made a big half results to be deleted, to do every day to steadily increase the construction of the chain can have more patience, blog, forum, soft…… We really know very much, the chain area is very wide, but really want to every day by yourself, you will feel very boring, and sat for a long time the computer will feel backache, can overcome all the difficulties, the first column each day’s schedule, and adhere to the daily schedule to complete.

fact, webmaster friends know what kind of website search engine love, love what kind of articles, but really want to practice, you can not do it, everyone wants to relax and do the best station, a site collection can have good ranking, the idea that each stationmaster should exist, but still no way to become a reality.

content is king, every day the update many articles must every day to do, not because for some reason to delay the update, such as lovelorn bad mood, sick body uncomfortable and other reasons, even if not to do, have to ask for help to update, in addition to the original is very difficult, but the effect is very good every webmaster, all know this, but the implementation of it is very difficult to write original articles, don’t need to spend a lot of mental labor, but also quite a waste of time, one day can not write a few good articles, in order to make our web site development, can make full use of time to do the work. In addition, the pseudo original, also need to have patience, can make the article update better timing quantitative update can let the spider to grab a regular.

Shanghai, there is no shortcut, everyone wants to quickly put keywords optimization up, but this does not become a reality, only do station can be the last laugh, a customer asked me yesterday, can you use the fastest method, the key words do go up, but also to maintain a long time to the first row and this idea is indeed very good, but really want to become a reality is difficult to achieve, although there are many "shortcut" can quickly achieve good keywords ranking, but also there is no guarantee that this method can be provided for a long time, the heart hanging lamps is inevitable, Shanghai dragon can quickly make up, it is also called the Shanghai Dragon:

1, timing quantitative update website



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