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Summary webmaster Shanghai dragon but the program has nothing to do with technology

The selection and extraction of

said "Shanghai dragon but the program has nothing to do with technology"? The author summarizes the following views:

7. log: there are still many Shanghai dragon ER will only pay attention to the keywords ranking and the number of the chain and the amount collected at present, they seldom pay attention to the website, the search engine included rate >


6. chain: many web site optimization team will have the chain construction specialist, enterprises will have a relevant specialist extrapolation. As long as we quantify in Shanghai Longfeng scheme in the construction of the chain the number of personnel, extrapolation direction, and then combined with a series of performance appraisal can achieve good effect of the chain.

4. website: website content is more to the construction of the user, as Shanghai dragon ER we can only provide some advice on writing the title to attract users of editors. The content of the article is more of creating value for users, if the content is in Shanghai Longfeng built it lost the value of the site’s content.

1. site technician thing: for most of the Shanghai dragon ER technology a slightly insufficient expenditure can understand, technicians very straightforward in this website structure of Shanghai Longfeng block, do not write a decent code and architecture. The basic structure of the Shanghai dragon ER on the site this one can only give the corresponding framework scheme, the rest is technician problem.

2. key words: when we mention the right keywords is to borrow some more keyword analysis tool to select keywords, and then according to their own experience to judge these keywords competition degree, and some have even given the keyword tool reference data keywords competition size.

The basic architecture of the

after a long time struggle to determine the controversial title, contact Shanghai dragon also has more than two years. In the beginning I also believe that the Shanghai dragon is a very advanced technology, after all, this is the outsider very cow X. Outside people only see the website ranking effect and the flow effect, but did not see the Shanghai dragon staff pay, did not see the Shanghai dragon ER in the middle of the night struggling and relatively high correlation between the scene of the forum administrator.

3. layout: when we choose good keywords, next is the key layout of the work. Keywords how to layout we should combine the basic framework of keyword analysis related data of this one and then combined with the site layout, as long as our plan clearly pointed out that web developers can according to our plan to cloth.

Why The analysis of The construction of

5. in the construction of the chain: the chain construction good stability very good website ranking, the chain construction is the need for more keywords and internal chain correlation we reflected in the layout of the program. According to our editorial staff polymerization solution to the internal anchor text and content labels and related content, and then the construction of chain to achieve the effect of.

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