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Rookie Shanghai dragon Er on content is king the chain for the emperor

two: the chain for the emperor

: content is king

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this sentence from the beginning of the website, we Shanghai dragon Er put this sentence in the Bible, but nowadays, it has so much power? Today the way pony their views, hope to make everyone in Shanghai Longfeng some help.

these four words pony quite agree, it seems that no matter where all feel so appropriate, the search engine is concerned, if you are yourself original, and very valuable, and your choice of Title correlation are very fit, then the search engine will love your site, because you are friendly the search engine, in this premise, your site update frequency is very fast, the search engine will often visit your site, because it can collect new things every day, then your website will have a good ranking. The search engine for our website, it is a visitor, but is the first to our visitors, it can also be our site audit, if our website content is very exciting, it is through the green card, on the other hand, booked, heavy, red.


users, if our content is really attractive to them, so they often reside in our website, click again and again, finally bring profit to our users, for our web site, is a taster, if our food is delicious, so he will often visit, and do as a sign of our propaganda, on the other hand, permanently lose the customer, while the hotel closed.

now the chain is so large and powerful? Or 55? Or that: content is king, the chain for the emperor? Not >

some people will want to pony is not much to write a question mark, not, this question mark is the pony to express the meaning of the Internet, not popularized, is relatively simple to do Shanghai dragon, then as long as Title can be modified and the site ranked Shanghai dragon, or do, that is the chain. It is a chain, remember last heard an interview teacher ZAC, teacher ZAC said in 2001 when he registered his website, the website is ranked by the chain, tens of thousands of the Links, and every link of friendship on behalf of the other site cast a vote for your website at that time, and the search engine development is not perfect, as long as the number of links that website weight is high, so that the ranking is relatively easy to do.


content is king, said very accurate, but not a pseudo original, but not that a large number of plagiarism, as a result it is self-evident, punishment is only a matter of time, like a person’s inner content, we make friends, do business, most of the time is to see this person, if it is reliable, then you must be we become good friends, good partners, if this sinister sleek, we will stay away.

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