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Back in 2013 with the Bing ranking factors influence the noble baby

two, anti chain effect, but still ranked

in 2013 the famous search engine analysis website Searchmetrics were released on the influence of nobility baby search engine ranking factors and influence factors of Bing search engine ranking 2 data. The 2 reports are on the top 300 thousand websites were studied, and then, from the social factors of reverse link, the page page technology, content and other aspects index lists the nobility baby and Bing search ranking factors.

, the social factors accounted for the highest


report we can better Bing and noble baby search rankings, Shanghai Longfeng wood will affect the noble baby and the Bing search engine ranking factors into a map, in accordance with the order of noble baby ranking factors from high to low to the Bing (figure not from high ranking factors low). Red represents the social graph of ranking factors, blue represents the reverse link ranking factors, yellow represents the page ranking factors, green represents the page content ranking factors, the corresponding light influence ranking factors Bing.

three, the page content is always website based on

data show that the effect in the noble baby and Bing search results ranking of key factors, social factors accounted for the highest, the greatest influence in the noble baby top eight noble baby, Facebook sharing, reverse link number, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook related comments, like Pinterest, Tweets, and the the ranking of factors including seven social in the top eight in the Bing, the seven is in the top ten. And you can see the baby in the noble and Bing two in the highest degree of influence of the search platform is aristocracy in the noble baby baby, the correlation coefficient was 0.4, in the Bing platform for 0.34.


page content factor of the income coefficient is not high not low, large.

can be seen from the chart and the factors affecting the nobility baby Bing rankings are very different, the proportion of each are not identical, and if in accordance with the influence factors will be ranked from high to low, there are a lot of Google is not, in this figure is in accordance with the Google ranking order, so there is no Bing ranking factors in the above. But overall, the general direction of noble baby and is consistent with Bing.

don’t put the chain and the chain confused, can be seen from the chart the reverse link is a special index, outside chain when the page content in return. Now the chain effect although compared with the previous decline, but still in the front row, after basically social factors is the reverse link, and a number of factors which links directly in the noble baby ranked third in importance as can be imagined.

In order to compare the

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