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A novice to do Er keywords Shanghai dragon love Shanghai first summary

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Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon is not analyzed, Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon of the word is not competitive, and the search volume is not high, not what Shanghai Longfeng optimization value, that today I will talk about the optimization steps of keywords Hunan Shanghai dragon, I think the most important work in the Shanghai Dragon Foundation, grasping the key points and rules step by step implementation. I believe your keywords to optimize the row to the first page only need a little bit of time.

Hunan Shanghai dragon blog, I early because of the knowledge limit, I go to pick up the authority of the site, do not copy will take over, we can learn from his point of view and thinking in the organization, the article has been the novice Shanghai dragon most headache problem, this is a direct result of new Shanghai dragon live an important reason for a month. Here is Hunan Shanghai dragon recommend a main mode of writing: 5 W and 1 H, Who-When-Where-How-Why-What. There is a content update must have the law, actively cultivate the spider crawl rules is of great help to the website.


2 site chain to high quality, only the high quality of the chain to let search engine to get in by every opening, let your popularity rise.

1 web content to be high quality, only high quality content to attract the attention of search engines, to get the user’s Pro gaze.

when the content of our website promotion, our content and competitors are almost the same, how to more than competitors? We have to mention the chain construction site here. We can see a lot of sites and get good rankings because of the powerful outside chain, the chain has been the Shanghai dragon Er effort, can the BBS and QQ group to see the chain resources > all kinds of high quality of the day

three months ago, the Hangzhou rental house built in Hunan Shanghai Dragon – Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon blog, was made by Shanghai dragon targeted Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon and Hunan Shanghai dragon do Shanghai first love. Three months later, the two goals are achieved in today. This is a great encouragement to me. Today I will share as a novice web site keywords do love Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai home first experience.

Hunan Shanghai dragon, the Hunan region for the Shanghai Phoenix keywords, Volume 1 million 400 thousand index fell in love with the sea, love Shanghai 80 index, the competitiveness is relatively small, from my preparation site, in a step by step optimization of the situation, I can be a half to Hunan Shanghai dragon word optimization to the first page, because I was not fully prepared before the site exaggeration, so I am here to remind you webmaster website, only perfect details and ready to be officially launched, or due to the instability and the changes will affect the site optimization schedule. The Hunan Shanghai dragon on several examples of optimization points for your reference.

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