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How on the chain optimization in the new algorithm love Shanghai

second, the rational distribution of keywords. There are two main types of construction within the chain usually, one is in the chain through the key words, the other is in the chain by way of context. Which is the best way to link through keywords, such as love Shanghai entries, many entries are related through the link to transfer to the corresponding entry in the directory, so easy to find and use with the user. For the construction site within the chain, using the anchor text keywords, can allow users to quickly locate relevant content, and the correlation between the content, but also love Shanghai for an important requirement of website optimization.

, that is to say, just outside the chain of construction capital investment for high quality, this completely don’t have to put a lot of effort to do a forum, blog free link, which is often put a lot of time, but did not reach the expected optimization effect, it is The loss outweighs the gain.

first, construct the three-dimensional structure reasonable. The chain optimization is mainly based on a reasonable structure, usually three-dimensional structure mainly includes two links and physical structure. The physical structure is divided into two tree structure and flat structure. For the former, usually used in large sites, and ordinary small and medium-sized sites is the use of a flat structure. If the integrated portal, often will be the integration of tree structure and flat structure, which can construct the convenient chain. The chain is the role of the physical structure of woven into a three-dimensional network through a link, whether it is love of spiders in Shanghai starting from one point to the site, are able to quickly traverse the entire site, the optimization effect of such structure can be reflected.

use the keywords within the chain, usually in the first paragraph of the article, or a small title, this allows users to quickly access, help to improve the degree of user experience. Of course, in the layout of the key when we must pay attention to a piece of content, can only have a keyword anchor text link, other keywords cannot link, while the number can not be too much, only where necessary to be able to appear keywords, otherwise it is easy to make the key words a pile of problems, then not only good.

actually love Shanghai intelligent algorithm with the continuous improvement of the level of importance in the chain optimization, began to become more and more important, here from several aspects to discuss how to optimize the internal chain, which helps to enhance the user experience of the website and Shanghai love satisfaction, so as to enhance the website ranking and lay a solid foundation.

now many owners are very focused on the optimization of the chain, but in the love Shanghai algorithm updates the environment, the importance of the optimization of the chain began to be weakened, but many owners are thinking accordingly, or will be a lot of effort in the construction of the chain, and this kind of work is not the advantage of concentrating our forces in key areas, but in a relatively minor place. Because in the new intelligent love Shanghai algorithm, only need to pay attention to the quality of the construction of the chain to the construction of the chain.

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