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Four simple steps to improve enterprise site keyword selection

four: love Shanghai index

love Shanghai index is one of the important channels for us to get the key words, we can find the general related keyword search volume in recent Shanghai index on love. At the same time we can also through the love of Shanghai index found recently that keyword search times are on the rise. We can use the keywords >


for the choice of keywords, the first is a simple method that is through the analysis of the competition site. We can directly see the site of the first page of the source code. See Title, description, keywords and other related information element. Keywords analysis of competitors use. To own brand keywords, keywords to create their own business site. Of course, we should not copy the keywords of competitors. Because the competitor has a certain advantage in these words, if you copy will only add more work for yourself.


a keyword in the search results, the bottom column of the page is a relevant search plate. We can choose a keyword belongs to our industry is relatively difficult to optimize the search, then we in the relevant search column can see this one of the words derived from the relevant keywords. These words are a certain amount of search will be displayed in the. So a method here is that we grab the key words. As the web games site,



love Shanghai

: analysis of the site

two: brainstorm your enterprise site keywords

method requires you to have some understanding of their own enterprise and industry. According to the actual situation of their own enterprises, to the point of view of the visitors to imagine what visitors will use the keyword search.

is not very clear of people may think optimization work is nothing more than published articles, send the chain, chain etc.. I do not think this is a completely wrong ideas, in fact, if your site is some small sites, but as long as the optimization in these areas a little effort can be effective, but the effect will be very unstable, remittent. If this optimization approach in the enterprise on the site, then your business site will be doomed to fail, because for most enterprise site is seeking a stable ranking. Keywords and plays a vital role in an optimized process selection. What then are the simple way to do our keyword selection. Today I’ll share a few of their small method.

Optimization of the

three: check the relevant search column

When we love Shanghai

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