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Every Shanghai dragon websites need a conversion page

conversion rate when the page into a return on investment analysis and the current form, our industry has been doing better, "

may be a lot of people think that only do you need to do a bidding auction page, some people think that the conversion rate of the page does not comply with the Shanghai dragon and can’t even think. This time I was the conversion of this question, the optimization is not what big problem, each website ranking steadily improve, flow also step up in. But the conversion rate did not keep up, you know the flow more, good keywords ranking does not translate you still do not eat. So recently has been thinking about this problem, the conversion rate of three of the most important factors is in turn, accurate flow – page display – customer service. We can do Shanghai dragon to control the first two, I think the first thing I did.

do in fact of optimization will be to promote the role, if your conversion page is consistent with the user experience, user on your site for a long stay, out of little, but also enhance the user experience. But you can’t get some of the user does not value things, let the user looks very attractive, but does not solve what substantive issues. Users see this page to understand the basic situation of the second time after you won’t bother, I think in this regard, many people have a misunderstanding when doing conversion page. When the conversion rate of the page to emphasize the strength of the company, I hope the user quick turnover, do not allow users to get the real value of something.

in a few years for the old Shanghai dragon’s ranking is not the most difficult, the most difficult is how to improve the site’s conversion. This difficulty is the real difficulty, because of the technical aspects of Shanghai Longfeng do a few years to a certain extent, although the search engine changes constantly, after all, the range is limited, the old bird can easily find out the rules. But this may be related to the transformation of a headache for everyone, this is related to many outside of Shanghai Dragon technology. With the customer about your product, you have to understand, to understand your customers, understand your industry, understand the needs of users. The only way to design a good page, the page layout factors etc.. Of course, today is not tell us about the conversion rate, to talk with you is every web site optimization need to do a conversion page.

The design of

is the key to this second points, in fact there is a point with optimal bidding conflict, few people can use this relationship between the two do very harmonious. A marketing website is not good to do the optimization, optimization of the difficulty will increase. Well optimized without marketing, visual impact is not so tough, not allow users to immediately purchase impulse, or the art show, the total can not give people the atmosphere, the strength of the official. I think in this regard may only take a compromise, that is in the optimization of the site to hang a page as the page conversion rate, so as to enhance the conversion rate. Make a picture link on the front page of the more prominent position, the conversion rate of the page chain.

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