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What type of Links is high quality

three, the same type of link importance

we’d better check each link exchange domain name registration time, because the search engines, they are very love to register the domain name a long time, so give weight will be improved, so now why so many webmaster love with the old domain or in a few years has registered the domain name to the station, and the weight and included are the old domain this is very good. "

, check whether normal search engines

we must first check the Links site in the search engine, we can love Shanghai and Google to check, because we mainly rely on the love of Shanghai and Google to get traffic, other search engines can be ignored, we choose the site is the best site included more than 500 pages of the site. Of course, the higher the better, but preferably not less than this number.

found that many webmaster do require the same home page, the inside pages of non similar, the owners also know a little similar to the importance of the site, but I still want to remind, it is good for the same site, but to understand each other’s quality problems, as long as the high quality of the site, even if it is not the same. Welcome to exchange with you home, the reason is very simple: love Shanghai and you are not the same, if you want to love Shanghai and exchange home page and you can not change? The most important is the quality of the site to see each other to decide whether to exchange home with him.

four, avoid some illegal advertising and content

when we check Links should also pay attention to the contents of the other site whether there is some illegal or illegal content, if the content we try not to exchange links with them, because they all belong to the edge ball website, once punished and seized it, so your site will have joint measures, there are some other advertising content on the site, some network advertisement content with advertising content, some violent emotion, Se trojan virus, which we will resolutely avoid the.

two, Links site inspection

Friends of the chain of

although we exchange Links check each other’s site quality, the quality of link it with other sites but we also note that, because there is a chain of punishment measures in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so we avoid being rather baffling site punishment and drop right we have to carefully check the website for us all the threat to the lowest point.


five, domain name registration time

Links is an important factor for our webmaster, an excellent website in exchange for Links on certain under a lot of effort, so Links in Shanghai Longfeng also has a key role to optimize, today we will talk about what type of Links is called high quality links so, to give you a webmaster exchange Links standard.

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