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The site was K 6 reasons and Solutions

some Shanghai Longfeng novice or those who don’t understand the Shanghai dragon may hold the title of the site is title tags is very long, and write to a large number of keywords, and also the key words in the keyword and description tags in the stack has nothing to do with the site, one of the important reasons for this website stack keywords meaningless behavior is search engine K.


CSS code words hidden, or put the key color settings and background color. This user is invisible, but the search engine can "see" to see, the search engine will think this is a keyword or anchor text links. Now the search engine can easily check out this kind of cheating, there is the report that is punished by search engine.

website is search engine K out generally refers to the related information to find your site in the search engine, you can search engine in the site web site, to see if there is no show with their web information. If there is no show related information, it means that your web site is K. But the premise is before your website is indexed by search engines, after not being included and included page search engine delete. The new station just submitted over a period of time can be included.

solution: replace the site, and then submitted to the search engine, wait for

solution: to set reasonable keywords in the META title, keyword, description tags.

according to my experience, summed up the site is K the main reasons are as follows.

solution: remove the hidden text, and then to Google and Shanghai’s love for them, reincluding.

5, website link station was closed.

3, hidden text


when we exchange Links, to always check Links >

solutions do not appear is the site in the search engine of the taboo of the information, such as se, gambling, politically sensitive topic, and website content is not entirely is collected, content updates regularly.

2, Guan Jianci deliberately stack

group: external links the site in a short time a large increase, and the anchor text of the chain is the same. Qunjian: in addition to mass and the same judgment, there is one point, IP often is the same.

4 mass information


1, the content of the website: in general, as a politically sensitive issue with beautiful pictures, containing pornographic content, the website is easy to delete search engine. In addition, if your site content basically is collected, it is also very easy to be K off.

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