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Understand site optimization is only three core elements

1, website real-time module

yes! It is the site of the number of characters, if the search engine spider long time to grab the same number of characters in the course of time, the search engine will reduce the number of the site visit, and the website real-time module is let the digital change, real-time module can be called the latest articles or random articles.

is the best search engine friendly website program, and the search engine also shows a short URL to the search engine spider crawling on the market, and to meet the requirements of the PHP program, like "DEDECMS, WORDPRESS" website program is very easy to use.


the words used in the website template is most appropriate, why so many people are willing to pay a high price for programmers to design a website template, because of the scarcity of the template, a technician design website template and download the free template to compare, search engines will be more love designed by the technical staff website template.


tree structure to optimize

is best suited to their own

1, rare

website optimization has been a hot topic in the controversial, some webmaster friends will think site optimization is nothing more than content optimization and the chain, but it is really the core site optimization is to optimize the internal structure, as the saying goes: to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools, to optimize the internal structure of the site, so start site optimization is redoubled.

, a program selection

in the early time of each big search engine shows that the tree structure to search engine spiders crawl, and now free website templates for beautiful and most of them do not cater to the tastes of the search engine spiders, in fact, for this problem, I can only say to try to cater to the search engine.

for the web application is the same, even if the program is strong, they do not understand, are not familiar with is no good for it, but the website program function is simple, but it is well known for their own, easy to use, that is they should choose the website program.

2, website related recommendation plate

in all kinds of large and small sites, you will find.

three procedures and mechanisms

program language to comply with the search engine

heard a master said only a short while ago website optimization, website each page must have the latest updates or random plate, this helps to optimize the site, in fact, this sentence is based, if you often watch the web log of the webmaster friends, then you will notice that every time the search engine spiders visit website that will be the emergence of a "composed of multibit digital digital

two program template


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