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Network game player to tell you why Shanghai dragon is very important a

fourth, time for long: the traditional Internet advertising, PPC and competitive ranking as soon as you stop running, then the flow will decrease sharply, commonly used some time marketing and the topic of speculation will be with the passing of time and forgotten. But Shanghai dragon is different, your keywords ranking once do go up, can maintain a relatively long time, the basic flow is also very stable, if not cheating, the effect is very good. Compared with direct advertising, Shanghai dragon effective slower, but a stable, for many people it is absolutely first webmaster.

third, scalability: Shanghai dragon is a gradual process, and has strong expansibility in this process, because we can always add relevant content according to the needs of the market, can also according to their own industry use keywords to develop tools to exploit, but also to attract more traffic with long tail keywords large, extended this is Shanghai dragon, can at any time according to the need to insert the corresponding content.

many webmaster do in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon may know some benefits, but not necessarily in a larger perspective to the interpretation of Shanghai dragon, today the MID network game player will come and share the why do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon what is important. Website nothing more than selling products, and provide some information service, so most of the site or hope to have more traffic to your site to reveal more value. While traffic can depend on many means for the site, but it is undeniable that the Shanghai dragon is the best way, from several aspects according to their experience and share why Shanghai dragon is the best method. If have a wrong place, also hope everybody.

second, cost-effective: here to give you a lot of people thought correct, in fact, Shanghai dragon is not free, are not cheap. It takes time and manpower cost is very high, especially for small and medium-sized webmaster, every day of the boring repetitive work, every day the ranking mood, continue to adhere to the hair of the chain, back to the post, has been updated blog, all the work efforts, so, Shanghai dragon is not free and cheap. However, compared with the ad auction and pay for advertising, low price and low Shanghai Longfeng, many. So, it is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and most of the individual owners.

here, through the flow of high quality, cost-effective, scalable and for long time four aspects and share the why Shanghai dragon is very important, I believe it will increase you Shanghai dragon >

first, the flow of high quality: as we all know, search keywords user is searching for certain information, so our website by the user process of discovery is a passive process, not our initiative to advertise to attract him, but the users themselves to search. This goal is very accurate, and a general conversion rate is very high. If the owners in the structure arrangement, layout design, detail optimization purchase flow, then the volume will be greater.

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