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How to use fishbone analysis to improve website ranking

highlights the value of eye-catching title,

user needs in the process of changing, the construction and development of the site to cater to the change. The establishment of the website analysis system, on the one hand clutching the old users, in order to prevent the loss, on the other hand, broaden the user interface, welcome more new users, improve the comprehensive traffic. Using the website statistics, such as the thermodynamic diagram, variable > included, snapshots, bounce rate etc.

analysis system, induced by natural click

site title should be innovative, reasonable arrangement, to the user to retrieve keywords matching, show its value. Keyword search users in the first, what is the reason to give up other competitors click on your website, not because of your title attracted him? Empathy, every day we will search a lot of information through the network, the input keywords jumped out of the page, the title of the site is the most eye-catching. In this innovative and fashionable era, how to make your title cater to most people’s taste, it is worthy of studying. The author believes that the title should be combined and now popular network users, adding some harmonics caused by the user’s or connotation, curiosity and interest. In the eyeball economy era, let your title triggered at any moment.

with the advance of the Internet, love Shanghai in the audit keyword ranking is becoming more detailed. The webmaster friends and I reflected in this situation: the morning ranked very front, is happy when the afternoon suddenly found the ranking back, or after a few days back to the origin. Webmaster 100 think not the solution of a green hand. I remind you that this is love in Shanghai to review your site.

does not do "title party", to avoid the drop right risk

The establishment of

an article or a post title is very attractive, causing the user’s curiosity, want to find out. Some go in after it was found that the content is not one thing, disappointment. Such behavior is called "title party", users do not love the title of the party. The contents mentioned in the title, the site must exist, and there is high quality. The risk of the title of the party is too large, even with increased traffic, once the complaint or love in Shanghai found that the bounce rate is also high, the search engine will give drop right, but this The loss outweighs the gain. The search engine will analyze the natural site traffic, natural hits higher website ranking will be better, the website more valuable, the audience, the trust will enhance the search engine.

fishbone analysis method is a major causal analysis tool, from another perspective, increase site traffic, improve the keywords ranking is that we want the "fruit", and "cause" is what we should take measures. Reverse thinking, what is the "cause" can really lead to the "fruit"? Draw a countermeasure of fishbone diagram, on "how to improve the site keywords ranking as the head, the rest of the author depicts the fishbone.

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