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How to do web site optimization reference data and analysis data

access source website can effectively help us to get outside the chain layout, although we can use the method of domain:+ domain name in the search engine to search outside the chain, but the chain search is down a lot of uncertainty, and through the analysis to source website chain can let us grasp the initiative, we think about you the user can enter your site through other sites, this is not representative of your website has been recognized by the other website? I suggest that when we use this website source function is best to do the following:

through the figure we can see the source URL, search term, population surveyed page, page, I think this is not a simple statistical tool, which contains a lot of elements in the Shanghai dragon, when our website optimization is also very necessary to install love sea statistics, because many of these data we need to reference and use, let me talk about my views:


second, enter a search term must straighten out the

2, recorded by the website we can go to intensify propaganda again, because the user recognition of our behavior on other sites.

, the first access source website must clear

now love Shanghai statistics function is very powerful, a little statistical tools can help us a lot before not to complete things, such as the user is from where, what were the words into the search, love Shanghai can provide the detailed statistical data

in the website operation and user experience in reality is not the same, such as weight loss of the word is slimming products, we are likely to do, but the user in the search of the general search is "what kind of diet products have a good effect."

We think of

1, the source web site using TXT or excel record.

our website a lot of time in the process of operation is to rely on the user’s search term and profit, the user in the search keywords represents the user input when the engine input box idea, if you are doing postgraduate examination site, then the user may enter the graduate exam what this word. And if the user through the word into your website, it will be able to describe your site has unfolded in front of the users through the keywords, so we must consolidate the word effect, you can see the picture of the search word, that is my website was established, at present has not been included, every day is my own search engine using the word input observation site, and in the real site operation we have to prepare a small book, through the use of notebook Let us take the method compared with the reality, so for a long time the key of our website naturally can follow it through, for example:

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