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The actual details of the site optimization optimization

two, station optimization

so we should understand a problem that is the template used more or less, is new or old, this does not affect the performance of the above web site in the search engine. The reason that this is because, after a lot of people think that template is too much used, search engine will be avoided.

three, set

is through the Internet between page and page links, and the spider crawling website is a link to the next page crawling. So we are now the site are generally recommended, popular reading etc.. Especially the link page will change, so as to let the spider crawling the web content as much as possible in the limited time.


four, the content of touch

many sites are to enrich their website through the acquisition of other site content. Now the search engine is more and more exclusive collection site conditions, this road is very difficult to walk. So what can be a little decoration? After all we don’t own so much content. But what I do is add the contents of the article, or a reasonable combination of some articles so as to achieve the effect of dilution of keywords. Because I personally feel that there is a search engine index database according to the key words to build a database to detect the contents of the article is repeated by keywords then, which may be a combination of several keywords and database to retrieve articles are repeated. This is just my guess, so I often add some of their content in the head and tail, or the appropriate combination of the article, so as to achieve the ultimate goal.

Shanghai dragon in more and more known under the condition of Shanghai Dragon technology begins to emerge. Shanghai, the threshold is relatively low, so the entry requirements is not high, it seems isn’t a technology. However, I personally feel that there are quite a skill to be tapped, of course, if it is not in-depth, we generally discuss the scope of the. Here I come with you to understand the search engine and how to optimize the site.

search engines work mode is to collect information on the Internet through the release of spider or robot, and then the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users.

The We know that

Bridge type

Shanghai has a love of word segmentation, so we need to do further target keyword optimization, try to do the optimization target keywords, so as to further enhance the keyword ranking. For example, search engine optimization, our target keywords search engine optimization, but without adding other labels under the condition that the search engine technology can be differentiated into the word search engine and the optimization of two words. So we should enhance the target key should make good use of bold or the title tag.

, a search engine

consists of a bar code > play

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